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Army & Air Force Exchange Service

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  • Address:  3911 South Walton Walker Boulevard, Dallas, TX, United States 75236
  • Phone Number: 214-312-2011
  • Fax Number: 214-312-3000
  • Email: socialmedia@aafes.com
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    Number of Employees: 35,200 
  • Established: 1895
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Tom Shull (CEO & Director)

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Army & Air Force Exchange Service Headquarters Executive Team



Michael P. Howard

President and Chief Operating Officer

Jim Jordan

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

Marggie Burgess

Senior Vice President of Sales Directorate

Michael Immler

Chief Strategy Officer, Executive Vice President and Deputy Director

About Army & Air Force Exchange Service, History and Headquarters Information


Aafes was founded in the year 1895. The organisation has been operational for almost more than 120 years now. The army camps were set up during the French and Indian as well as the Revolutionary Wars too. Therefore, even before the post exchange system was created, the travelling merchants used to help the American soldiers with services and goods during the war.

During the first 45 years of operation, the exchanges only operated with the help and direction of each post’s commanding officers. After World War I and leading up to the events of World War II, the organisation planned to improve its exchange services, so that it can serve on a large scale. In the year 1941, the AES or the Army Exchange Services were formed. Seven years later in 1948, the organisation was renamed to Army & Air Force Exchange Service. The exchange has been responsible for serving the American army during World War II, Vietnam and Korean operations, Panama operations, etcetera, as well as other disaster and humanitarian relief operations.

He​​​​adquarters Info

The headquarters of the company is based in 3911 South Walton Walker Boulevard. The name of the place is Dallas, while the state name is Texas, USA. The area pin code is 75236.


Army and Air Force Exchange Service or commonly known as AAFES is an American organisation that is tasked with the job to provide not only services but also quality merchandises and convenience to customers at affordable prices, along with the task to generate revenue for the American army, Navy, Air Force, etcetera. The organisation has more than 2,700 facilities in around 30 different countries, 50 USA states along with five USA territories as well. As of the year 2017, the revenue generated by the organisation is more than $8.6 billion. The current number of employees working in the organisation is more than 35,000.


The primary services provided by the organisation include allowing customers to have not only the best services but also quality merchandises at low prices. The organisation is also responsible for raising sales revenue for the American army divisions, welfare as well as various recreation or MWR programs.

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  • Tom Huber says:

    Donna Cuellar will retire from the Goodfellow AFB Main Exchange on Friday 07/14/2023 after 31 years of continual service. Donna has been an exemplary employee and exceptional coworker with her peers, doing whatever asked to meet customer satisfaction goals. As a long term Goodfellow BX shopper, I want to publicly thank Donna, wish her well in her retirement and hope AAFES HQ was aware of her impact. She is loved by many & will be missed by all. Respectfully submitted,

  • Phillip W Hoffeld says:

    Good luck getting someone to help you. I don’t believe anyone actually works at the corporate office.

  • Rich Smith says:

    I would like to speak to someone about having my book placed for sale at ghe PX and clothiong sales stores, It is a bool written for the military and theior families.

  • Stanley Humpert says:

    I recently purchased a television online from my Exchange. After many hours of talking to Samsung and my cable company which includes having a cable technician come to my home and myself going to the cable company to get a new cable box it was determined the television is defective. I have contacted my exchange Representatives many times and I have been lied to and given the runaround on how to get a return packing slip. I was even told they would physically mail the packing slip to me. I was also told they would email the packing slip to me, but I have not received anything except an invoice of purchase. All I want from my Exchange is a return packing slip. It’s too bad I had to contact headquarters to have this problem resolved. Thank you

  • Stephen Pederson says:

    I am having an issue with the Lackland AAFES store charging our school for items not received with multiple documented errors. Julia Suan is providing no help in resolving our issue. We ordered $55,000 in merchandise and is the first year such an issue existed.

  • Jace says:

    I submitted a return request for an item mid-July. Welds so back, I could not assemble the items without the bolts starting to strip or not going in all the way. Well, it is mid-Sept and the item(s) is still sitting in my garage. AAFES doesn’t know why the item hasn’t been picked up. FragilePak (the most incompetent shipping company in the States) states a request has not been submitted. Talked to AAFES 4 times, each time being assured a request for pick-up had been submitted. During today’s call, was told a request was submitted just last week. When I questioned why it was just recently submitted, I received no response. When I asked what the ticked/request number was, no response. Recorded the conversation today. Still, not goig to hold my breath.

  • Sam says:

    I’m a retired MSgt at Robins Afb GA. I’m looking for an email address or something that I can ask question about cigarette price here in Middle ga. The shopette (express) is now charging 9.35 a pack. Why is this when down town u can get them for 5.45 to 6.oo. I asked the manager and her reply was that’s what they said to charge. She is horrible boss to her employees. Any help would be appreciated on where i can file a complaint. Thanks

    • JRM says:

      Gee, sam, get a clue. They charge more on base so you idiots might think about quitting. And what does the price of cigarettes have to do with the manager?

      Jace, MSgt, Ret
      RCS, RVS, CCT

  • DeShawn Wilson says:

    I’m a Veteran owned company trying to speak with someone at AAFES HQ and constantly gets sent to a voice Mail or the system hangs up. How do speak with someone?

  • John Doe says:

    Hi I`m an employee for the last 5+ years at Fort Buchanan here in Puerto Rico and sadly the cost of living just keeps going up. Here is PR we have more problems besides those; we just got a 16.8% raise in the charge of light/power; Gas, water …everything is going up but our salaries. Cost of living over here is 13 % higher, utilities 85% higher and grocery 22.7% (and growing). I know the company does an anual survey but many employees are very frustrated with what is offered. Please take these facts as consideration. Thank you.

  • Treated like Crap!! says:

    Company is a good company manager’s at Andrew AFB and Fort Meade in Security are horrible bosses if they don’t like you they will belittle you talk to the regional about you and then you will get belittle even more and cursed at.They won’t respond to emails and alot of time they won’t even call you back when you have an issue. Reviews lol are a joke if the manager doesn’t like you he will say anything negative about you regional will take their word and you can’t do anything about it. Sent many responses about my reviews manager never ever got back to me. If, you want to be respected and treated fairly in security don’t work at those’s bases or under the regional manager you will regret it.

  • Oscar Zapata says:

    Why are gas prices higher that our local neighbor hood Walmart? At Kuoma Express, Fort Hood, Tx. Regular unleaded sells for $2.69 a gallon Whi,le at Walmart less than 2city blocks away sell for $2.65 We are definitely not getting the best price, for our Military/Retired Veterans. Why does Kuoma display the Valero gas sign? Are we paying for this ?

  • Dustin says:

    To whom may read this. Mrs. Kathleen Litterer needs to be recognized for her commitment to service. I contacted the PX at West Point to see if the 2020 alternate jersey was available. She kindly replied saying they were a limited number, and they no longer had them in stock. Today West Point announced the jersey for this year’s Army Navy game jersey had became available for purchase. I had not talked to her for about 2 weeks and didn’t think I would. I was very wrong. Almost at the same time as the uniforms were announced she contacted me to let me know they had them for purchase. 3 shirts, and 3 jerseys later I have a son, brother, and myself that is very impatiently waiting for them to show up. Mrs. Kathleen Litterer deserves to be recognized for her customer service. I don’t think she understands just how much happiness she is bringing a Retired soldier, and a future soldier.

  • Franklin L. Gilmore SGM US Army Retired says:

    My name is Franklin L. Gilmore. I am a Veteran of the US Army with 30 years and 16 days of service. My complaint is about a beverage item in the Class VI store at Fort Hood, TX (St. Pauli Non Alcoholic Beer).
    At one time it was at the store at Fort Hood. It was discontinued. The Manager at the store tried to make a special order at least twice with no results. This is why I am making this inquiry to see if this item could be put back in the Class VI Store at Fort Hood, TX. I’ve talked to numerous people by telephone with no results. One person would refer me to another person and that person would refer me to another person. I tried calling HQ of AAFES. Same results. I get the run arounds. One person I talked to said there was no way they could go up the chain of command to talk to about my concern and that this was the only method to get to someone in reference to my concern. Please respond ASAP.

  • Azimi says:

    This is shamsuddin azimi.fram Afghanistan.
    Full name shamsuddin.
    Last name Azimi .
    Position cashier.
    Budge number 99341
    I worked for AAFES Px Exchange
    camp Eggers camp phoinex for 4 years I need a verification employment form headquarters or humans resources hr department of AAFES PX

  • DAN W CAWTHON says:

    Update my personal cell phone number to 214-681-0874 from 214-551-2358.

  • Richard Kauahi says:

    Aloha Mr. Michael P. Howard,

    I am a veteran and enjoying shopping online, “thankyou very much for thinking about our veterans”. Although we aren’t allowed to shop in the PX in our local area. I work on post and was wandering why we aren’t allowed to shop at the PX, but we’re allowed to shop online, any possibilities of veterans shopping at the PX?

  • >