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  • Address: 1000 AAA Drive, Heathrow, Florida, United States

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  • Number of Employees: 40,000

  • Established: March 4, 1902

  • Key People: Valerie Daniels-Carter

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Tim Condon

President & CEO

Osh O’Crowley

Chief Sales Officer

Kamili Moreland

Chief Legal & People Officer

Laura Zeigler

Chief Marketing Officer

Todd Burger

Chief Experience Officer

Bruce Burroughs

Chief Technology Officer

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  • robo says:

    I have my AAA card that states my membership is good through April 15, 2026. The clowns at AAA keep billing me and say that my membership is only good through April 15, 2024. I have NEVER heard a good word about AAA.

  • Karen Paige says:

    P.S. When I reached someone the next day, an agent told me that AAA no longer provides services but contracts for them! This system is obviously not working out for your customers.

  • Karen Paige says:

    I had the same problems as the people below complained about. I had a dead battery when I left an appointment mid-afternoon. The automated system was terrible to try to use. I kept entering that I needed my battery jumped but received no message that my request was received. There was no submit or send button to click. I kept researching AAA and finally found a number that let me speak to a person. I was promised someone would come jump my battery but that the repair guy had a long list of people in front of me. I kept checking back and was finally told 15 minutes. A half hour after that, still nothing. The owner of the business was closing up at 7 p.m. ; she very sweetly called her husband to come jump my car.
    I’ve had AAA for almost 50 years but I’m not renewing my membership.

  • Wayne Olsen says:

    Your service is horrible and Southwest Florida person shouldn’t have to wait hours to get a response. But your corporation has no problem taking the money out when you’re due.

  • Wayne Olsen says:

    The service you provide is horrible in southwest Florida but you have no problem taking the money out on renewal.

  • Steve Creech says:

    I called at 5:30 pm with a dead battery in a shopping center parking lot. Keep getting recorded calls say I was in the queue. I received a call at 8:00am the next morning wanting to mow the address of where I was. 14 1/2 hours later. This past summer I had a flat on I-75 and waited 1 1/2 hours for a repair truck. I’ve been a member for 31 years and I will not renew again.
    Everything is automated, you can’t talk to a real person.

  • Debbie says:

    I have been a AAA premium plus member for over 28 years. I called AAA on January 2, 2024 needing assistance to get a battery as mine was dead. I was told at 10:30 a.m. that someone would be at my home to help in 146 minutes (2 1/2 hours). By 1:30 no one had showed up. I tried calling back again and at that time was told that someone would be at my home in 186 minutes (3 hours), even with talking to someone live, I couldn’t get a straight answer. Now lets keep in mind that I told them that I was an elderly single woman who needed to get to work and to appointments. I then kept calling them back to see when I would get any type of assistance and was told that someone would be out to help. By 6:00 that evening I called again as I still needed the assistance and they told me that they could send someone out to give me a jump start – REALLY – at 6:45 they told me that someone was 6 minutes away – at 8:00 still a NO SHOW. Then they told me that the battery truck only operates from 7 am to 7 pm and I promptly told them I called at 10:30 a.m. They then told me again that I could get my car jump started. I promptly told them “what am I supposed to do, keep it running all night”. I then started receiving calls at 10:00 in evening telling me that someone can come out at 10:30 p.m. – we are now 12 hours from my initial call, to again jump start me. I ended up taking the battery out myself, calling a uber to drive me to get a new battery and then putting it back in myself the next day. as of today, they have NEVER followed up with me to see if I needed any assistance. I was like I didn’t even exist. So much for paying top dollar for their membership. I told them that they needed to reimburse me for my lost wages and missed doctors appointments because I was being charged and they again just said sorry. Well in my book sorry just doesn’t cut it when you are paying for a service. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED.

  • Adler Brutus says:


    I am writing at this time to express my disappointment with AAA regarding a recent Roadside service experience I had.

    On Monday December 18, I was returning from a trip taken with friends. Upon returning to my car where I parked, I realized I had locked my keys in the car. I contacted AAA through the app and received a notification that the driver would arrive within 5 minutes. I was initially impressed with the response time until I realized 30 minutes later that the status in the app never changed.

    I called AAA for a follow-up and was told that they would contact the dispatcher and I would be receiving a call shortly. However, I received no call nor did the status in the app change.

    Over the next hour, I contacted AAA on three additional separate occasions and I was told each time by a representative that a dispatcher would contact me from the service station. Nobody ever did.

    It was not until a full 2-1/2 hours after my initial call that a driver showed up and unlocked my car within seconds. The driver proceeded to tell me that although he was indeed in the area at the time of my initial service call, his dispatcher had him cover other calls first, which was out of my area.

    I am thoroughly disappointed because I specifically booked my return time earlier than my companions so that I would be able to be home for my daughter’s chorus concert. However, as a result of this whole process, not only was I forced to stand out in the cold with no updates or accurate time when the service driver would arrive, by the time the driver actually did show up, it was now rush hour and it took me almost an hour and a half to get home therefore forcing me to miss my daughters chorus concert.

    As an 11-year member of AAA, I had an expectation of better customer service. I rarely if ever used the roadside assistance before, however, the one time I REALLY needed it, AAA dropped the ball on me. This is NOT what I pay AAA for, and I am thoroughly disappointed. Seeing the disappointment on my daughter’s face is something that is ingrained in my head, and I am not only disappointed but angry by this chain of events and how I was treated.

    Why wouldn’t the AAA representative give me the name and service station phone number so that I could call myself? Had I known the driver would have been so late, I could have called an Uber home and not missed my daughter’s concert. Why didn’t any of the four AAA representatives I spoke through throughout this period call the service station directly themselves directly to get status information for me instead of saying “someone will contact me?” Obviously, none of them cared enough about a customer and it made me feel small, unimportant, and insignificant.

    I’ve already expressed my experience to my family members and friends directly as well as on my social media. People need to be aware that this is what CAN happen using the service. I will never forget this experience and am already seeking alternative options when my subscription runs out. I also wanted to express my experience to someone directly in AAA Member Relations department and am also writing directly to Tim Condon, CEO and Todd Burger, Chief Experience Officer in the Corporate Office. I am not sure how often this happens, but as a 11-year loyal and paying AAA customer, my experience is not one that is acceptable.

  • Matthew cochran says:

    I applied for a roadside assistance tech here in Naples Florida upon going to my interview the hr said we only hire Hispanics and you do not qualify to work here his name is Vidal I took offense to that and now since there is a discrimination law in effect I will be taking this to the public and making known that AAA discriminates against white people working a tow truck driver and that I was told by the hr of Naples that we do not hire white people thats discrimination

  • Kaitlyn says:

    I was hit by a AAA customer and have nothing but absolute hell from the AAA claims team. Harassed while in the hospital, lies, hanging up on us, refusal to assign us to someone that has any ounce of customer service. Literally the worst experience of my life.

  • sharon a collins says:

    I am a recovering from cancer and needed my car to get to the doctor…I found I had a flat called AAA for help. I knew I had a good spare because it was check by the dealership in Oct. The help that came was more interested in the date of the spare. I know what the law is now but I explained the tire was checked and still had new tire nubs on it and I only had to go a little over 2 miles to get a new tire. When he showed up he told me he had called AAA and they said no. This was before he even saw my tire. I blew
    up as a 47 year member to be treated like this. I told him to go away I would try to change the tire with a 100 stitch scar on my chest So he left but he offered to put air in the tire or call a tow I knew I could do that myself I just told me to go. There is more to this issue and before I put anything public I would like a phone call.

    All I can say now is thank God for my friends and not AAA.

  • Jay Laperriere says:

    I was in Georgia on Friday night October 20th had car trouble called AAA at 7:00 said they’d have somebody out there at 8:30 with battery trouble call back at 9:30 nobody responds call back at 10:00 said they can’t get a hold of the maintenance people said corporate call had to replace a battery in my own car corporate finally called me back at 3:00 on the 20th in the evening and told him I had the problem fixed very disappointed in AAA been a member for 20 years and services just getting terrible

  • Christopher Sheets says:

    Submitted for IDP in August 2023, check cleared in August, have not received IDP Mid-October currently overseas, requesting email contact to verify status of IDP.

  • Greg Patalano says:

    Need to speak to corporate customer care

  • Robert Kelly - Michigan says:

    Worst insurance I’ve paid for. I’ve been waiting over three hours with multiple phone calls, spoke with multiple managers to find out 3 hours later, they still didn’t have anyone on there way. I paid for a service that was no provided.
    I will be calling for a full refund.
    Your ex-customer

  • Deb Henry says:

    How do you guys stay in business when your people here in Florida don’t do there job, all the do is lie about coming to tow my vehicle. They tell us a time three times and they still don’t show up. This has happen twice in two years. I need my dang truck told I paid you guys for three years so is this false advertisement. Do I need to get a lawyer and sue you. I’m sick of the lies.

  • Nuntavan Smith says:

    I have been a “gold” member for 20 years, but on Friday 09/01 @ 5:56pm (EST) I requested tow service that did not come until 05pm the following day (Saturday). Every time I called to check on the service, they kept telling me “we don’t have anyone in your area”. It seems that your company should work on getting more help. This is not what I expect from a service provider. I called in 7 different times and got the same “company” answer. What made this even more frustrating is I was sick and had to continuously go back and forth to the establishment (where my vehicle was), to make sure they didn’t tow my car for being there without authorization. Then, I received a survey after the tow was complete (at least the guy that finally came was very professional and nice).

  • Laura J. says:

    Why is it so difficult to change agents?

  • Kellie Stoner says:

    Would love to upload a video of your customer relations rep Dominique treating his customer with respect. 15 + year member who is disgusted with the treatment provided by so-called supervisors. AAA is not the company I thought they were for so long. I would be happy to provide the video but I’m sure no one really cares given that they allow there team of employees to treat customers with such disrespect. This service is not worth the money. What their employees tell you should go in one ear and out the other. No one really cares about you, your safety or your property.

  • Sonja E Strom says:

    65 years with AA. According to you I have a stellar record. I have one 25 yo vehicle, minimum coverage. Drive 1500 miles per year. Renewal cost $911 annual. That is $1.66 per mile. Outrageous. 65 yrs counts for nothing, nor record, nor low risk. Time to move on. Used to be proud of long relationship, no more recommendations from me. Completely disgusted.

  • Jerome says:

    Please unsubscribe me from ALL EMAILS! You sell crap that I don’t need or want.

  • Lesa Allen says:

    Yes I would like to file a complaint as a member

    • Barbara LaLonde says:

      8/29/23 called for roadside assistance at approximately 4:45 AM was told driver would be there shortly. Then it was moved to 7:00, then 8:00 then 11:00. What is the point of having this service if your company can’t be depended on? I pay big money every month for AAA and this is the service I get? No excuse. Repeatedly tried calling and kept getting put off. So I guess it’s ok to sit with the car, miss work for approximately 6+ hours because AAA is NOT RELIABLE!!! I will definitely rethink who I’ll get my insurance through when it’s renewal time. Your service sucks!

  • Tannisha Samuel says:

    Hello. Your driver F37 here in Charlotte, NC took his vehicle and blocked our neighborhood street. He stood outside with a neighbor chatting with the guy for a while and refused to move his vehicle. When asked he told others to drive on the side walk to get around him. This is so disrespectful and rude. I understand he has a job to do but to block the street and people are trying to get home is rude. He stood there with his arm on another vehicle chatting like he didn’t care. Rude!

  • Roy Babbit says:

    I am making special effort to inform you, that your Facility in Asheville, North Carolina,
    IS THE BEST SHOP I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH IN MY LIFE! I’m 59 years old, and because of the mechanics, office staff and supervisor, I WILL PROMOTE AAA TO EVERYONE I KNOW, in person, through social media and in general conversations. That location gave me superior service in all departments. If there is an annual award given to your locations, this one should receive it. Expert Service through out the entire staff! THEY SOLD ME!
    I drove an extra five hours, just to have this location fix my vehicle!
    Hats off to you and everyone at AAA!


    AAA owes me $500 for a travel refund. This was due since Feb 2023. Someone needs to issue me this refund. Ray Powers of AAA in Greenwood Village Colorado was given his requested notarized documentation at that time. It is August 21, 2023. THIS IS CRIMINAL ACTIVITY ON THE PART OF AAA.

  • M.A. Grogan says:

    On 13AUG, I called for a battery replacement on my vehicle. They company that AAA sent out (United Towing and Transport) charged me twice on my credit card. I can’t seem to speak to someone that will assist me in getting the second charge off. AAA said that United Towing is responsible for the billing of the battery which I understand, but AAA hired this company to represent them! I’ve been with AAA for 37 years and this is ridiculous!!!

  • F.M. Luna says:

    Reported my accident to AAA on April 3, 2023. After waiting 2 months on information for their recommended repair shops, I finally took it to a Repair Shop I was recommend to. (June 22, 2023) Getting approval on the claim has been a nightmare!! On July 11th!, I get a call from an appraiser asking for my address to appraise my car. My car had been in the shop for 1 month already! He went out to the shop to “appraise” the damage and they still didn’t approve the claim!! After 3 months they finally approved the claim for repairs. My car has been at the shop for 2 months now and on August 15th, I get a text telling me they have assigned a new Appraiser to my case!! Their communication and customer service is unbelievable! We’re now ending August and I still don’t have my car! Going on 5 months with nobody caring about my situation. I’m definitely not going to continue with their coverage!!

  • Cliff Davis says:

    You guys literally are not worth the money. Horrible experience and I will be switching to State Farm roadside assistance. Already left a review on BBB and will with google and yelp. I never leave reviews unless the person was helpful and their company required it you guys are straight trash. I will be telling everyone I know and I have already started and I’m gonna blow the internet up with a warning to even thinking about using you. It may make a difference it may not, but I’m going to do my best to warn everyone to stay away from your scam of a service.

  • Pamela and David Hooper says:

    I’m writing to a complaint I have with your roadside service. I called for a tow at 7am today. I had a repair appointment at 10am. I waited till 2:30 pm and still no tow. I pay my fee faithfully every month and have for 13 years. I’m very disappointed that I had to pay $150.00 out of pocket to have my vehicle towed. And now can’t get it repaired until the mechanic has an opening on Friday.

    • Cliff Davis says:

      Same thing happened here and it will continue to happen. Just let people know how bad their service really is.

  • Rosalind Blackmon says:

    Very Disappointed in my service? I called for battery service on August 7.2023. I received a text message stating they are in route (No one showed up or called). August 8-same thing, August 9 – same thing, August 10 – same thing. Today August 11, I called again, after a whole week of calling and complaining someone finally showed up. They jumped started my truck and told me I needed a battery which was clearly the reason for my call. The technician did not have a battery becasue the order was put in as a battery CHECK ONLY. Please help me understand why a replacement battery was not available. The very nice gentleman (Tyrone) that showed up jumped my car off and followed me to auto zone to get my battery replaced. Cudos to Tyrone. I pay for a service that was not provided for me and I am very disappointed about it. My parents swear by AAA and encouraged us to get it. I think this was a huge mistake. I dont think I will be renewing my membership and neither will my family members. Your follow up is terrible and the communication between your staff is as well. This is definitely not the service my parents and grandparents are used to.

    • Pamela and David Hooper says:

      The service is horrible. I called for a tow at 7:am this morning as of 2:30 pm no show. I have to wait until Friday for an opening with the mechanic. I also had to pay $150 for the tow the AAA roadside service I’d the worse

      • Rosalind Blackmon says:

        I will not be renewing my membership. Im wondering if AAA is even reading these comments because I dont see where they have responded to anybody’s complaints. Just horrible.

  • Stacy Armstrong says:

    Booked and paid for a cruise with airline tickets. $41,000. 2 flights did not get paid by AAA and were therefore cancelled. We had to scramble and pay for additional tickets. Local Aiken SC office that booked everything will not address the issue. Going to contact a lawyer next.

  • Lawrence says:

    Your Tucson office seems to be out of control. People who answer phones quickly hang up rather than trying to be helpful. Person assigned to car buying service doesn’t answer in the first place and has full mail box. Not the AAA I’m used to dealing with.

  • Silvia Arredondo says:

    I had reached out about an incident I had n was told someone will call but nobody has
    My name is Silvia Arredondo my number 5306468736

  • Barbara Gagnon says:

    I was sorely disappointed with AAA service July 16th 2023 when I called for towing. I called approximately 3:15 in the afternoon and they did not get a tow truck to me until after 1:30 in the morning. I had to call an Uber to get my passengers to our destination while I waited.Even after calling them several times and telling them I still had all their much needed medications and formula for tube feeding a mentally handicapped girl with me and they needed them, it seemed to make no difference to them. When the tow truck driver finally arrived, he told me they had just called him and that he had been available all day/night. I feel AAA would have been responsible had anything happened to either of those people because of their negligence.

  • Denise says:

    The worse service ever….. the agents are low budget and very unprofessional triple are thieves, if you don’t use your service calls, you just lose them they don’t roll over. Like what is the real perk of being a triple a customer especially me, since 1998…. Last call it took almost 6 hours now today 7/25/23 we were at the 2 hour mark. This is disgusting

  • It wouldn't matter you don't care to begin with. says:

    I called AAA because I was broke down on the side of the road on a highway in the middle of the night with my children mind you I’m a single mother I purchased AAA roadside assistance so that I would never had to worry about being broke down on the side of the highway or anywhere knowing I would have somebody that would be able to come help me or tow me when needed however I was wrong because I was told not once not twice but three times that I needed to just sit there until 7:00 a.m. because they didn’t have anybody available or I could pay out of pocket and they would reimburse me which would be 6 to 8 weeks later. So I set on the side of the highway and a not very good town and waited I’m still waiting because this happened tonight I have nowhere conditioning my car won’t start and it’s 90° out My children are upset crying there’s nothing around us so I can’t even take them somewhere to put them in the AC or to get them food or drinks. Never in my life have I ever been so appalled AAA is supposed to be there to save me, instead they failed and here I sit, too scared to get out of my vehicle because I don’t know the town I’m in, too scared to walk anywhere and fear of somebody hitting me in my children So thank you AAA You’re absolutely worthless. I would have been better off sticking a thumb out and trying to hitch a ride and taking my chances then sitting here praying that nobody hits us or we don’t get killed way to make us feel safe.

  • Lorraine Reder says:

    I called for roadside assistance for a flat tire 7/17 at 5:45 pm. Initially I did not have my cell phone with me, but the person whose phone I used said it was ok for triple A to call back on their number. I was told someone would be out to help me within about an hour. I had my brother bring me my cell phone, and told him I was waiting for triple A. After waiting over an hour I called triple A again, told them I now had my phone, and where was my assistance. They said they would call back with an eta. They never called. I called again after another hour and was transferred to a supervisor. After waiting over 2 hours they had not contacted anyone to help me. Im a senior citizen, it was over 90 degrees out, and before darkness fell I knocked on doors to ask if someone could help me change a flat tire. A super nice guy tried to help, but couldn’t get one lug nut off. I did leave my car with the flat tire in someone’s driveway and got a ride home. I could have done the same thing if triple a had just told me they didn’t have anyone available to help me, 3 hours sooner, without roasting in 99 degree heat waiting for triple a, who was never going to come or call. I am beyond disappointed in your service, furious you would treat a customer with so much disregard.

  • Z. Hunter says:

    Hi Nicci,

    I would like to request another Claim Representative to review my claim. Tyneka is very dismissive and inconsistent with her behavior.

    Issue #1: When I first spoke with her 7/5 at the beginning of our conversation I was explaining what happened. Her initial reaction is as she’s handling a personal matter. She begins to tell me why I am wrong and starts to throw out all of these Texas laws and codes. I was taken back because she didn’t even prepare for our conversation by looking at the images. Therefore, her assumptions of what I did was based on her own ignorance.

    Issue #2: She then decides that we should record my statement. We complete my recording and she then says, “Based on what you said it does seem like he is in the wrong and he side swiped you.” Which one is it Tyneka because you just had a different attitude and unknowlegable opinion?

    Issue #3: The communication was horrible I had to call AllState for them to tell me the decision of the claim. Even though I pay expensive insurance with AAA every month and requested for you’ll to be my mediator. You’ll told me NOTHING nor was I kept abreast of all matters.

    Issue #4: I hear from Tyneka yesterday, ironically after my Mom spoke with you. She tells me based on the police report I am at fault. I am currently working with HPD to request a supplemental report because it does have discrepancies. Tyneka said that she basically had to pull a round table to ask other adjustors, and in her words they immediately said, “They are at fault”. Also, I requested that some else be my Claim Representative and she said, “No we don’t do that”. I’m not sure what Tyneka and her round table is looking at but the evidence shows I’m down the street but no one said why did the officer draw her in the driveway? (MAJOR SIDE-EYE)

    Nicci, I am looking forward to hearing back from you about productive next steps.

  • Nathan huber says:

    I’ve been a customer for a long time your services were great till last week my motorcycle broke down needed towed was told they had nobody to call back later very unhappy with your service right now that’s why I paid to have my motorcycle covered my membership is up in 2 months not sure I want to be a member anymore thank you

  • Linda R. Maturo says:

    I want to thank Irene Ramos for all her help, kindness and understanding. She made a very stressful night bearable.
    Ms Ramos is a valued asset to your organization. Her Customer Service and Support was/is greatly appreciated. She went out of her way to ensure that roadside assistance was notified and her “take charge” attitude kept things on track. Thank you Irene Ramos and AAA!

  • Larry says:

    I think AAA has the worst adds on tv, they are mindless, on a scale from 1-10 you have a 0. Make a commercial intelligent people not morons

  • B. Centre says:

    Your commercials are among the worst on television. That you are unaware, or don’t care that they are repellent leads me to wonder why my wife and I have been a member of AAA for some 30 years.

    I can’t get an email address for your head of Marketing, and your chatbot wants me to pay $1.00 to ask the question of a human rep?? SERIOUSLY??!!

    I’m going to reconsider wether I’m going forward with you people.

  • Renee A says:

    TRAVEL: ,Hello as member I expected to be given all the necessary information on my day trip on my wedding anniversary we drove LONG BEACH from hemet . To board a boat waiting in line and was told AAA had blackout days also I had no reservations which I thought was a AAA perk . we couldn’t ride drove back to hemet called AAA branch hemet ca. Spoke with Nicole at 11:15 am she said she would get back to me it’s now 2hr later almost $200 embarrassing ,frustrating ,very disappointed

  • Pamela Gahler says:

    I have been trying to have a paper enrollment form sent to me so I can resubscribe to AAA by check. I cancelled my membership a few years ago when you autorenewed me without my consent. It finally took my filing a complaint with my credit card company to resove it.. My contacts with your “helpline” have not been helpful. Why do you make it so difficult? All I want is a membership app MAILED to me. I was told that is not possible.

  • Chris L. says:

    I filled a claim with AAA at the start of June. We scheduled a drop off for an inspector on 6/19/23. The adjuster was there the next morning. I have sense called several time ‘s to my adjuster Kimiko left voicemails and have not heard back other than one call from her that i missed. I called her back within an hour that day and voicemail again. I used their text service two times as of now to get a response, and once again nothing. I have 7 policies with AAA and up until now the service has been great. I left a message for her Supervisor and well see if he calls back. With 40,000 employees you would think one person can call/ text you an update. I have also never had an insurance claim, and i have been with them for two years. Their mission statement is “fair, effective, efficient and economical methods of dispute resolution through education, technology, and solutions-oriented service.” Some how I doubt that this is true with my first hand experience thus far with them. I would give this experience a 0 out of 5. I cant wait for the survey they will send once this claim is done. If it ever gets done.

  • vera pretto says:

    Complaint: been a member since 1985. Maybe used roadside assistance a handful of times in that span. Called last week 6/21/23 at 9:30 a.m. from a parking lot because my car would not turn over at all. Everything on the dash going nuts. I am in Florida, temperature was 87, I am 83 years old. The response after being on hold 10 minutes: ETA for assistance would be 2:30 pm. 5 hours! Unacceptable service for which I pay over $100! I waited for about 3 hrs in the heat and finally took matters into my own hands and found someone in the parking lot to assist me to jump start the car. This is not service. You can be sure I will not be renewing my membership unless I am assured this is not the norm for AAA. Tried to make the compaint on the phone and waited 10 for a live person and that never happened. Very very upset with AAA.

  • Joy Budner says:

    First call I waited 2 hours with no ETA with frequent call backs and long hold times to get more info. Called local towing office to directly and they advissed AAA never put in a request. I had to uber home and leave my car. Came back the next day and did the same scenereo and no call back at all. I finally had to call another tow company. I ended up paying for an expensive Uber ride for 30 miles back home late at night and paying another towing company. I will be cancellling my service as it does not work at all so what is the point to have it. They used to be a pretty good company with decent service. I am not sure what changed.

  • Robert says:

    I personally think all your AAA commercials suck big time and because of your commercials I will never get AAA because your commercials make absolutely no sense you’re stupid that’s my opinion

  • Andrea Hill says:


  • Lorrie says:

    Your towing service wait time is deplorable in the New England area! I used to be a proud member of triple A but when we needed your services both in and out of area networks dropped the ball.
    I have asked family and friends their experience with triple A services over the last few years and we all agree triple A is the worst service provider in the area.
    I needed an emergency tow and making people wait three hours on the side of the road after an accident is not customer satisfaction.
    I have been a member for 22 years but with the service I didn’t get recently I’m looking into other options. How many members have you lost from extreme wait time frames?
    From all the comments I see this company has gone down hill. Social Media is a great tool to help businesses with poor customer service go out of business!

  • John H says:

    On 7/13 my AAA car battery(currently under warranty) exploded when trying to start the vehicle in the morning. We called AAA and they refused to even come and look at the battery. They told us we had to have one of their affiliate mechanics run an electrical diagnostic. We complied. AAA proceeded to send the wrong tow truck at 2:30pm. They needed a truck to move a car stuck in neutral with the electronic brake on. At 10:00 pm we were informed the 2nd tow truck was never called. 8:30 am on 7/14 AAA again sent the wrong tow truck, but this time the driver dragged the car up onto the flatbed. The diagnostic was then run showing the battery was faulty. We were unable to get to the “supervisor” needed to resolve the issue until I gave up and called member services and they had to finally track down a supervisor on 7/15 at 6:30 pm. They said conflict resolution would contact us to fix the issue. We began trying to get the resolution manager on the phone at 3:30pm on 7/16, finally getting the rudest resolution specialist on the phone 2 hours later. They still will not honor the battery warranty and as of right now the vehicle is still sitting at the AAA affiliate mechanic’s shop. Although I have tried to send the diagnostic report ,as well as, tried to get AAA to contact the affiliate directly, I apparently had the wrong supervisor on the phone until today 7/16. Now they have decided there is a “Process” and they need paperwork from their affiliate before they do anything, then it may take 4 to 7 days.(Part of AAA’s process)
    DON’T OFFER A WARRANTY IF YOU HAVE NO INTENTION OF HONORING IT. My car is now stuck with the mechanic over the weekend because AAA has to deliver a battery , which they are refusing to do. So, I’m going to have to pay: $89 for the diagnostic, $142 to clean all the battery acid off the engine and battery compartment, $ 20 to install the new battery that AAA still won’t give us, and now I am going to incur a storage fee from the mechanic. AAA’s fabulous supervisor is doing us a favor by “Trying to help us with our alleged damage.”
    Yes that is what she said and emailed us. Now I’m going to have to buy a battery to get my car. If AAA would have just said we dont care up front I would not be out
    $251 + apparently the new battery I have to buy, because AAA does not honor their warranties, even after their requested diagnostic showed the battery was defective. But remember…they are doing me a favor and trying to help.
    Never trust such a poorly run company like this.
    Remember, a fish stinks from the head down, so this treatment of a customer is not a one off, this is how the company is run from top to bottom. Stay away from AAA.

  • Cecilia Hart says:

    Been with AAA over 40 years.
    Needed tow from home, husband and I are seniors and I’m his caregiver, he is 96 with debilitating concerns.
    Representative emphasized that either ride with driver or follow driver or no tow. Explained not an option, needed exception make exception.
    Manager agreed with representative and no tow.
    Very disappointed that my particular circumstance wasn’t considered.
    I called USAA and they said no such rule in place and they towed the car.

    40 years..used to feel good with service but I’m very disappointed that you refused to bend.

  • Jean McCann says:

    I’m a AAA Plus member for years and was stranded and needed battery service. Called for service 06/11/23 @ 5 pm and kept getting recorded calls and texts they were behind due to high volume. Two hours later called again and the rep said she would dispatch right away. Nobody came and the recorded calls continued. I had to go through the neighborhood to find someone to jump my car because I needed to get home. My last recorded call was at 8:30 pm. I never heard anything from a driver for service. AAA. Is big company and you expect better service for your membership.

  • Dwayne I says:

    I have a complaint with AAA I never experienced service like this with them before, first of all AAA refers me to a body shop that I don’t know how they are AAA certified because this body shop and my adjuster or the worse people I have ever dealt with I only had minor damage to my vehicle and was told that my vehicle would be complete the end of November now fast forward it’s now a new year my vehicle went to the shop 11/6/22 now it’s 1/ 24/23 and I still haven’t received my vehicle ,from November until now the body shop has told me lies I had to drive back and forth to the body shop more lies that my vehicle will be done by this date and when the date comes nothing AAA needs to do a better job this is ridiculous.

  • Tammy Henley says:

    This is by far the worst company in the world to have dealings with. They are a complete rip off super unprofessional and the people they hire lack the knowledge of their product. Please stay away from buying auto insurance from this company.

  • walker says:

    I had home owners insurance on 1 of my properties been haven it for a few as I and my mortage company thought. Had to contact AAA do to the cold weather we come bake home from our family reunion to busted pipes. Contacted AAA and was told my insurance was cancelled a month after I got it, but no letter sent to me nor my morgtage company no refund for the year payment. They claim the insurance was canelled because there was not inspection which they found that to be untrue they where able to located the inspection report. Even after the verfied all the information that was needed I still can’t get 1 person to return my call at this point I’m reaching out to Tim Condon are Osh O’crowley.

  • Steve Guzman says:

    AAA is no good any more. This is the not the AAA in know to treat me like sh**. And give me the run around on getting my car repaired. I pay a lot money to AAA every year. This new AAA way is so wrong in how you take care of your customers. So Disappointment.
    Steve Guzman

  • Steve Guzman says:

    Very upset and disappointed in the service I have received from AAA ins. I am long time and loyal customer to AAA for many years.
    I car was hit by another AAA ins.
    Customer and I am having the worst time in getting my car repaired and a rental car I need.
    It’s been about 2 weeks and still waiting and to top it off my car was hit and not my fault. I have also called a manager with AAA
    And got V/M. And still NO RETURN call to me. If this is the type of service AAA provides when your car is hit and not your fault I don’t want any part of a company like this. I have 3 cars full coverage ins. My house is also with AAA ins. I will be looking for a new ins. Company this week. Is very Obvious to me, AAA can care less about there loyal customers. I don’t recommend AAA insurance any longer.

  • Laurie says:

    I just called AAA to have my vehicle towed to my niece house from my daughters house where it broke down at. I had to return to WV to go to work and the car is in FL. The first lady that I talked to told me that they would do a courtesy tow and she transferred me to the FL office where they told me that they could not do that, I asked to speak to a manager and she was rude and told me they wouldn’t do the towing. When I asked to speak to someone else she hung up on me. I called back and spoke to a very nice lady named Vickie who set up the tow and it is being taken care of for me. Matter of fact the towing company already called me to confirm. To the manager that hung up on me, you really should find a job were you don’t have to deal with the public.

  • Karen Taylor says:

    I had your AAA credit card through Bank of America for at least 25 years. When it changed to Comenity OMG what a fiasco. I ended up closing my account with them (although even though I got a letter from them stating it was closed at customer request they have NOT actually closed it!) Comenity is by far the worst company you could ever associate your name with. You better rethink. Go on facebook and read all the complaints.

  • Deborah Little says:

    I’ve been a member of AAA since 1966…56 years. Several years ago I decided to get my Visa credit card through AAA. All was great until the change to Comenity Bank. I’d like to talk to someone about the problems my husband and I have had as a result of this change. While I’m maintaining AAA membership I’ll be canceling my Visa charge card and going to a traditional bank rather than Comenity which is a PO Box an online only.

  • Sandi Woody says:

    I use to LOVE AAA.. over ten year member..I’m a 100% DAV.. I use to never worry.. If I went out and some how broke down I knew AAA would get me and my car home.. 12/29/22 ,I spent ten hours waiting in my broke down vehicle, and ended up walking home 8 miles in the rain.. so exhausted I sat down and fell asleep in the 1st chair I sat down in.. Now it’s Friday nite and I still haven’t heard from AAA.. when I called AAA the lady was so rude and she hung up on me . I called back and she put me on hold for a long time and then hung up on me.. I’m in such pain from sitting so long waiting and then walking home and from falling asleep in a wood chair. My car is still not home.. Sandi

    • Kerri says:

      I am having the same experience. Waited 5 hours and when I called I was on hold to speak with a manager. It got disconnected. I called back and a gentleman answered and told them I was on hold waiting for a manager and that I had gotten disconnected. He got rude with me refused to reconnect me and then wondered why I got mad. He then hung up on me. I called back again supposedly going to be connected to a manager and got disconnected again. Their service sucks. I’m not really sure why I have it for my family. Obviously it is not putting my family in a position that is safe if their vehicle would break down.

    • B. Centre says:

      They don’t care. They stopped caring some time ago.

  • Gail says:

    I would like to know who I can contact about bad service from my local AAA.

  • Laura Stevens says:

    So you leave a disabled diabetic on oxygen on the side of the road while Georgia is experiencing subfreezing temperatures for over 10 hours to never show up at all, leaving him to limp his vehicle to a motel for the night because he was out of oxygen! You didn’t have a problem taking his money for the Gold membership for the last 20 years but the one time he needs you in a life or death situation…. shame on you!!!! I will make sure this gets all over the internet you rip offs!!!!

  • John says:

    I am a triple A member and I am a nurse in Toledo Ohio and have been calling AAA for the last 3 days for them to change my tire and to my dismay they are not able to help me saying that if you are home you ok and if you need service call someone else and present them with a receipt for a refund, what am I paying for, but I guess me being a nurse just isn’t a excuse to help me, but if they love one was hurt they would expect a person in my line of work to help them but they can’t help me…. Wow AAA maybe you need to get out of the business…

  • Vicki L Kiernan says:

    I have been a member of AAA for 50 years, and my father, before me. I have purchased memberships for my husband, my daughter, and my grandson, for years. I have two complaints – 1) The company has quit making triptiks. This has always been one of the main reasons I joined AAA in the first place.
    2) We are located in Ohio, and AAA has gotten rid of local towing companies, making it very difficult and very timely, getting our vehicles towed when needed.

  • Anthony Henderson says:

    My car was damaged at an AAA car wash in Cincinnati on 9.22.22 as of today 12.20.22 they still have not fixed my vehicle or contacted me about fixing it. They use day labor temp employees and one damaged my car. The manager filled out a claim report that day and sent me to a local shop for repairs, but no one has gotten back to me. While waiting for local shop, to respond I get an estimate from dealer; when I take estimate back to AAA I find manager is no longer employed there. I give estimate and copy of claim to regional manager. He never gets back with me, so I catch him in one day. He tells me AAA is a big company and I should contact corporate. I’ve been on phone today for 3 hrs trying to speak with someone at Corp and I’m being told to write a letter to corporate. All of this because a temporary day labor broke my electric seat at their car wash. Only AAA employees should have been allowed to handle customers vehicles.

  • Joseph Zinger says:

    Aaa has left me stranded twice this year once for 10 hours another time for 12 hours this is absolutely ridiculous called to complain and get accountability they gave me a credit for next year‘s membership and then two weeks later sent the letter canceling all her memberships that they just renewed absolutely despicable run don’t walk away from Aaa

  • Gary Shields says:

    It is time for a class action lawsuit against AAA

  • Gary Shields says:

    Been waiting for 12 hours for roadside assistance and have been lied to at least 15 time from the people at AAA

  • Lorraine Krisanda says:

    I have been trying to contact them about a refund check which was cashed by someone else. It has been six months spoke with several people no answer

  • Linda Rideout says:

    I’m currently sitting here waiting for AAA to send a tow truck. 5 hours since my initial call. Female alone, on the side of a dark highway, dangerous spot. Fire dept came and spoke to your reps not once but twice and told tour reps to get me moved as it’s dangerous and still 3 hours after they told you that, I’m still sitting here. I’m a PREMIERE member. You obviously don’t care about my life but you sure like my money. I’m on a mission to let EVERYBODY know about my experience

    • James Titzel says:

      I’ve been a member for 25 years. Says so on my gold card. But they refused to help me in Gainesville, while I was out of town, for 14 hours.

    • Joseph Zinger says:

      Absolutely disgusting they did the same thing to me …..x2 look at your situation if something happened to you it would be on them 100% but you know dang well Their legal team would try to get out of it every way they could Because they have no honor or integrity and ZERO accountability…. And it’s sad because it used to be a good company

  • Juliette Moon says:

    I’m having a very difficult time cancelling my auto insurance. I have a membership with AAA and I am rethinking my position.

  • Jasmine says:

    I have had the worst experience with AAA! There is know communication between them and workers! My truck was stuck for over 5 hours and I was stuck in the middle of a busy road!!!!

  • Thomas Raney says:

    AAA has gone completely to crap. Used to be a service oriented company but no more. Have been a premier member for many years and service is exponentially worse the last couple of years. My some sat on the side of the road for hours tonight waiting for AAA, who never showed up or even contacted him back. I finally had to go rescue him myself. Car sat there for 5 hours. Disgraceful service!

  • Elias Seife says:

    My Toyota Sienna van was damaged today by a technician trying to put on a spare tire. He was displaying a very poor attitude. He initially said he didn’t have the right size nut to dislodge my spare tire from my car. I mentioned I had never had any issues with a AAA not having the right nut to dislodge my spare tire. I asked him to please look again and then was able to find the right size nut. Visibly upset in a hurry to leave, he did take off the flat tire and put on the the spare, yet he was in such a hurry that he started squeezing the air gun while violently pushing the gun up and down until finally he broke off one of the 5 screws. I will now probably have to replace the whole wheel. I am now driving a car with a tire that is insecure. More importantly, my family’s safety is at risk. I’m going to Toyota tomorrow to find out how much it will cost. I am requesting that the cost to repair my car be completely covered by AAA as soon as possible. I did call to make a complaint, yet I was told someone will call me and was told there was no email to send by complaint, that I could only call to find out the status. I was given a Case number.

  • Clyde Dozier says:

    I have been with AAA for years and never experienced this problem on 2 separate occasions I called AAA for assistance 1st is to help pull a truck that was stuck and 2nd was to help put spare on tire. Both times I never received service (no show), waited several hours then I called back both times only to be told they’re waiting for someone to pickup order and respond. As of today I’m still waiting for someone to respond and I was on the side of a dark busy road. AAA is not reliable like they use to be, I wouldn’t recommend AAA to anyone unless you want to be on the side of the road over a week. I’m still waiting for AAA to respond and it’s been a week now without even a follow up call. Thankfully, I was able to have a private tow company assist me. Please be aware to not use AAA, listen to the comments or you will be in the same situations.

  • Twalters says:

    HELP I have been a member 25 plus years and I just called for a tow truck. She said 90 minutes maybe 2 hours, I call back 2 hours later and she says I have not been assigned yet because they are busy?!!? Ask for a supervisor and she says oh yeah you have been assigned it will take 2 hours!!! AAA SUCKS! Not sure what has happened to AAA but I hike they have gone woke… Time for a change…

  • Debbie Santos says:

    Problem with AAA services my friend called triple a for help to help him he is disabled in a wheelchair triple a said they were sending someone no one showed up I had to drive to Sarasota where he’s car broke down and bring him home he had to take he’s meds can someone from corporate office call 941-204-6888

  • Frederick Haley says:

    We have had AAA house insurance for ten years or more, autos for many years, we had roadside assistance for ten years then it lapsed so we are now shown as a 1 year member. I upgraded from the basic plan to the plus plan to cover our RV. I was told that the $66.00 would be charged to my credit card because I had automatic renewal. I called roadside assistance today and was told I only had the basic plan because I owed $66.00. In the many years we have been with AAA we have never had a claim on the house, zero claims on the autos and very few roadside assistance calls. Standing out beside the road for over an hour with no help, everyone needed to talk to a supervisor but no one solved the problem. The calls are recorded so when I upgraded the false info I was given will be recorded also. At this point we will not renew any accounts with AAA if this is how they treat their long term customers.


    AAA employee is encouraging my son and girlfriend to travel without an infant cause at breaking the law to meet a tow truck

  • Shawna Long says:

    I would like to discuss with someone my complaint with my service with AAA

  • Bill Wagner says:

    Received a promotional sales letter from T-mobile partnered with AAA being AAA member
    I trusted AAA to partner with a reputable company.
    Worst experience I’ve ever had with a phone company.
    I will be sending a detailed letter to Osh O’Crowley about my dealings with T-mobile

  • Mona Schinke says:

    I would like to file a complaint about the claims agent Alicia Garcia! Filed a claim on Monday. Got an email saying it was received. Did not hear anything called her number several times never called back! Called my local agent Friday morning he said to call the 24 hour number. I did. She answered said she was sorry but she had things going on herself. Took all my information said three different companies would be calling on Friday. No one called and she does not answer!!! My bathroom floor is getting worse!! Truly dangerous!!!! Please help!!!!!

  • Shirl says:

    AAA is charging people all this money and every time you call for service they have you waiting for hours and hours and never come! This is ridiculous. I’m from Miami and my son and his pregnant wife has been waiting on the highway for over four hours! How can we get our money back from the membership?

  • Steve says:

    In short. 1st try AAA auto service center.. initial hope cautiously optimistic. My call to shop went well. The rep listen“LIST” of troubles; probable cause to this point in time. Alternator, damaged battery, and tech said serpentine belt should be replaced. I said Yes absolutely. I will get you you updated to go over thorough, complete, systematic check list troubleshooting and testing. Honesty will a be addressed as well. Til then… Drizzle Drazzle …..

    • Shawna Long says:

      My problem started in September of this year and went down hill from there. I had car troubles while heading to vacation and I has them pick it up and take it to a car care center. It then started leaking oil so now it’s under warranty. I have had it at a ford garage waiting on it to get fixed. It has been almost 2 months now and as of this morning my car hasn’t even been started yet. I got no rental because I was told I couldn’t because of the warranty issue so I am trying to deal with making sure I can borrow a car from someone so I can get to work. I need my car back asap!

  • Steve says:

    My first time tow AAA and used one of their repair centers. I was holding my breath for competent, thorough, and almost above all honest… I will get back to on this

  • Kathleen Owen says:

    Been a Member since I was 16 years old now 70 was in Chicago to see grandchildren when in Michigan had a high wind storm. Lost power and came home to a puddle under refrigerator lost all my food in freezer and fridg. Call my local AAA to see if I could get $250 to replace my food and was told it’s not worth filling a clam because AAA will raise my premium! On a fixed income and the price of food has doubled. Very disappointed in AAA☹️

  • Katie Trombley says:

    In 2017 me and my wife were in a car accident. I was badly injured and it required several surgeries. AAA covered everything at first, both my rotator cuff surgeries all of my rehab, lost wages, in home care and pain clinic. Then all of the sudden while moving on to my next issue that stemmed from this accident which is my dental and back issues I was told that my case was being closed due to the fact that they re-evaluated my case and determined that all my injuries were due to a previous injury prior to my accident. Even though they already paid out that much. I haven’t been able to smile in years, they asked me to prove that my dental issues are from the accident and so I did, I was evaluated by several dentists and they all confirmed and wrote In a statement that all of my issues are in DIRECT EFFECT of my accident. When I submitted that they DISMISSED it completely!! I am still in pain clinic with back injuries. THIS IS ILLEGAL!!! And I am done!

  • Katie Trombley says:

    I am extremely hurt and physically effected by the mistreatment of my case with AAA. I need someone to contact me. The amount of hurt, mental, physical and emotional all combined is detrimental to my everyday life. It’s absolutely unacceptable and I’m tired of the suffering.

    • Joseph zinger says:

      Get a lawyer I’m ready to sue them as well what they put me through is beyond comprehendible left me stranded twice this year once for 10 hours and once for 12 hours got ate up by over 200 mosquito bites and then they canceled me because I called And complained and wanted accountability for their disgusting customer service

  • Mona Herman says:

    This is a follow up to my previous comment. It’s now been over three weeks. Cannot get an adjuster to call or email a response. We’ve made too many phone calls to count and sat on hold for hours.

  • Dick Runman says:

    Yesterday experience with AAA was a day from hell. I was at the Cape Canaveral post office for over 7 hours waiting for a AAA tow truck. The first guy from Get Hooked Towing was just plain incompetent. He left without helping at all. He was totally unfamiliar with how my car worked (Lincoln Continental, 2019) The 2nd company never did show up)
    I had to leave it and walk 1.3 miles home at midnight. The next day I got lucky and a driver from Reliable Towing got my car running by jump starting it with cables. I was able to drive it to Lincoln of Melbourne in Viera. The guy from Get Hooked said I needed a truck with a dolly. He was WRONG. AAA kept giving me different ETA’s until finally I locked the car and walked home. Very disappointed with AAA service when I really needed help. Will I renew with AAA after 29 loyal years?

  • Thelma Edgerton says:

    I been waiting for towing service 2days they been lying that he is coming yesterday I call at 2p.m. he’s supposed been here at 4,he call me back at 7, the place close where I want to take my car. So I cancel and told I see them in the morning I call at 6a.m. they say they be here at 8:30 still know show

  • Mike adkins says:

    Investigating the name Ben said he reported his his report over a week ago why and I have priority it’s been since October 2nd we’re like November 11th and it’s not a priority to them so when I asked what happened they said oh yeah we’re just waiting to get more information before we can move forward for this I’ve given in every detail they need to know and they’re still sitting on it telling me they need more information and before they can go forward what do you need to know my shoe size what kind of underwear I wear what do they need to know they know everything they even talk to two of my friends and talk to my dad to talk to me talk to you even have the peace report everything everything you need to have even the person who owned the people last talk to him so can you say nothing about lying lies and lies pay me my money I need to fix my car thank you thank you so much my dad bought me that car that’s what’s so messed up my dad you can get them for false advertisement you can get them for all kinds of things that I had to pay out of pocket to hire a lawyer just to get them to fix my car how sad is that worthless triple A

  • Mike adkins says:

    When you called ask for a supervisor the supervisor I called couple days ago the supervisors at 47 minutes to get on the phone I was already on the phone with the first day for 23 minutes and then I said I waited for the supervisor to get on the phone it took a 47 minutes to get on the phone and she answered about three questions and then the phone all of a sudden hung up and it didn’t call me back now so when I called them back and then they told me the supervisor wasn’t available at home for the day what kind of crap is that that’s AAA I would never use everybody to see me by using dumb you’re better off not even have insurance like you’re paying I paid for full coverage I have a perfect driving record no tickets no accidents and what do they do they do nothing for me and listen to the recording when you get put on hold forever champion somebody else so they can lie to you and not help you. Forget the worst company in the world

  • Mike adkins says:

    Somebody hits my car on October 2nd all I did was investigate me give me the runaround everything that you could possibly do to just not pay me not fix my car I had to park my car cuz I can’t afford to get it fixed I fixed what I could the windows cost me $477 a fixed the tired $120 to fix but it’s still in drivable I can’t afford to keep fixing it my sister bought me an Uber account my sister is paying my Uber account for me to get back and forth to work my sister my little sister

  • Mike adkins says:

    My car breaks down on the side of the freeway about 1:30 in the morning coming back from a concert in LA we live in Anaheim about a good hour away from home I called your boy to come help us and they never show up we sat on the side of the freeway me and my wife after a concert for 4 hours being text message is saying that they’re 10 to 15 minutes away 5 minutes away they never show up highway patrol calls a tow truck I pay $270 out of my own pocket and all I said was sorry and they said send them in the receipt and they reimburse me I’ve seen nothing from and it’s been over a year and it just keeps saying that they mailed me a check I even given my direct deposit they tried direct deposit but then it said we don’t do direct deposit but they can take money out of my bank account but they don’t do direct deposit to pay somebody yeah that’s nothing but lies the worst ever to leave me and my wife and my wife on the side of the road at 1:30 in the morning and never show up yeah I know I’ve canceled the policy my my grandpa over 30 years have been a member with your boy he’s canceled his service with them because I’ll discussing and aesthetic her company they are

  • Mike adkins says:

    Came out one morning after my friend passes away I come out to my car was destroyed obviously someone hit it did something to it I had full coverage insurance through AAA I call make a police report I can’t tell them they said okay fine to help me it’s been 3 months and even investigated me cuz they said it was a vandalism charge but then they changed your mind and it’s a hit and run and I’m still waiting I’ve had to cancel my call she had to cancel my rotate service cuz they’re the worst I’m still dealing with them all I keep telling me is they’re waiting for this department they just keep changing what person I need to talk to you back for it back forth and went down and gave it an interview in person recorded statement other than that and they’re still needing more information I had to do all the footwork myself and I’m still sitting here waiting for them to do but nothing s*** I call back you tell me my name my phone number my email my address all that just to get them back on the phone to understand what I need to do and then I shouldn’t I tell him they said oh you need to talk to this department and they give me the phone number for that department they don’t answer I want to do answer the conversation the phone hangs up extensions September 2nd we are in November 11th and I’m still getting stories and stories in the runaround and my car is still broken broken windows had to pay out of pocket to have the windows replaced the tire replaced so far I’ve done everything in the world and I pay for full coverage to trip away they are the worst

  • Mike adkins says:

    Every time I call AAA I’m on hold at least 20-25 minutes before they even get down to ask me what my problems is when I’m on the side of the road with my family two times they’ve never even showed up they just left me sitting there with my two dogs my wife on the side of the road and not even showed up I had to call a different tow truck company come help me I had to pay them out of my pocket and then wait two three months for AAA to reimburse me not even half my money back but I pay for that service and then I get involved in an accident if someone hits my car and runs I call them and then they investigate me for a vandalism but my priest report and the policeman came out took the report clear stage hit and run it’s been 3 months when a 4 months and they’re still telling me that they need more information as my car seats with broken windows flat tires and destroyed I have to take the bus but I pay them every month on time for the insurance for full coverage and what are they doing about my car nothing just telling me lies at the light and in there then when you ask more questions did you say that I have to talk to somebody else in a different apartment and when they transfer me the phone hangs up they don’t call me back and whenever I call them back I have to go through the same procedure again explaining myself telling me my membership time and I claim number tell him in my name

  • Renaldo j. says:

    You guys really need help I’ve been a aaa member for a few years now and I’m not perfect but enough is enough plain and simple what is so hard about getting help when you need it the most 11-3-22 waited an estimated time of 1-hour and a half for a flat tire assistance no one ever showed up and when I called to get updates they wanted me to start the whole process over when I asked what happened no one ever called me or texted stating no one was coming OMG ? How do y’all do that is it because of my race maybe my name was it because of the location I just wanted help that was promised you asked me if I was in a safe place it doesn’t make sense to me And I don’t know how AAA is still in business it really isn’t that complicated.

  • Rob says:

    AAA has totally ruined everything regarding this latest experience. Costal Towing shows me as cancelled by AAA (I just spoke with them) and I then called AAA and they said it shows that I have been towed. The truck is still in my driveway.

    I called Jaimes Towing in Cape Coral and they will tow my truck now at my expense. The lady at AAA said she is sending me reimbursement forms.

    Who will reimburse me for wasting my time and causing unnecessary frustration?

    Your systems do not work at all. They unnecessarily reroute calls and websites to incorrect ones. You need to rethink this.

    I have not heard from any management at AAA regarding previous emails. Communication is completely lacking. I can totally understand why some companies will not partner with AAA.

    It is very difficult to say anything positive about AAA.

  • John Hoerner says:

    Your app is miserable and worthless. In an emergency you want to find roadside service quickly and not scroll thru menus. The location finder does not work. I entered my address 4 times and it kept asking if Plano TX was correct. I am in Alabama. Totally frustrating. The phone was no better. 26 minute wait. Completely useless in an emergency. Have I been wasting my money for 24 years?

  • Roy Hassell says:

    I called for roadside service and the 15th and the 16th of this month and I was put off for hours and ended up having to come out of pocket 300.00 and now I can’t get anyone to assist me in any way to hear my complaints so I’m looking forward to reporting my situation to the BBB and maybe they can hear my case

  • Mona Herman says:

    Worst. Customer. Service. EVER.
    I had a serious crash 8 days ago. Other party cited and at fault. Thanks to my airbags, I’m ok. Police had car towed to a wrecker’s lot where it still sits waiting for instructions from my AAA insurance. Set up a claim number immediately upon my return from the emergency room. I’ve called AAA “customer service” probably 20 times over 8 days and sent an email. No response. I am entitled to a rental car but the adjuster has to authorize so I’ve been hitching rides from family and friends to get to work. This is unbelievable. I’m my wits end. Shameful. There is no excuse for this kind of abject disregard for policyholders in good standing. If my premium payment was 8 days late, AAA would cut me loose in a minute

  • LWW says:

    I ordered a tow around 11:30 and now it’s 5:30pm. Have I been called- NO
    Have I called- YES
    Explanation was the distance was 34 miles so I’m put last I. Line, this was about 3:30pm. The reason for distance is my car is hybrid and local dealership is closed due to hurricane. Besides that the tow company AAA called is farther out than the tow place?? Go figure that! This is not the first bad experience I’ve had. I have the premiere AAA but I guess that’s nothing to you. Does last in line keep changing as closer callers call in for tows or service?? Told twice the tow company would call me to let me know est. time. Like I said it’s 5:36 now and no call, no show! Most people get fired for that! Would like a explanation from corporate. LWW 941-763-2659

  • Patrick J Griffin says:

    What was AAA thinking with the switch from Bank of America to Comenity? I am sure it is all about money. Comenity has very poor reviews and I now understand why as they cannot seems to fix my inability to log onto the online portion of my account. No reason to keep my AAA Visa card if I cannot access my account. We’ll see how far I get with my complaint.

  • Elizabeth Tuccio-Hernandez says:

    I’ve been a member for 15 years now and the last two times I needed to use my membership services it was and continues to be an absolute nightmare! I called for a tow at about 4 Pm Oct 20 and almost 24 hours latery vehicle still hasn’t been towed! I wasn’t notified of the issue for about 5 hours after the initial tow ticket was started and the “customer advocate” Chrystal was rude and would say one thing and in the same breath contradict what she had just said. In a situation where I was reaching out for help she was the furthest from helpful you could get…. If I actually get towed today I will be cancelling my membership by the end of the business day today….. Extremely disappointed ☹️

  • Frank DeRosa says:

    Having a major issue with the switch from Bank of America to Comenity. The new bank can not handle their current business. They have a major lawsuit against them for poor customer service. Now our switch from Bank of America is leaving us in the same boat. Cards that will not activate and promises to send out new cards ina week. In the meantime we have unpaid automated bills, poor credit and no usable cards. I love AAA but this seems to be a major blunder.

  • Felecia Bryant says:

    Worst experience now with these third party there no more good service anymore.the wait is from 3 to 7 hours come on . Customer service and dispatch keep a better system no one communicating to one another

  • donna says:

    Apparently in Alabama AAA roadside services do not carry car or truck batteries?!!!!! Whats up with that Corporate? AAA use to be incredible but now your services are terrible. Whoever heard of roadside not carrying replacement batteries?

  • Bruce J. Ansell - Member says:

    I’ve been a member for 30+ years and this year i receive the worse service. I had an oil change on 6/15/2022 and when I returned home I noticed my front right tire sidewall had been sheared. Spoke to management… sorry!
    On the latest request for assistance with travel I spoke to an agent and she was to get back to me in 1-hour. It’s been 4-days and still no response! AAA what are you doing?


    A compliment for your employee, Ruth. She assisted me and was very professional and helpful.

  • Y Moore says:

    AAA Car service is in Manassas, VA the worst spot to EVER take you care. They serviced my vehicle for bushing and struts and it took over a week to get a strut part that they said they had. I have a Ford truck so it is not like they had to order from across the world. Then they didn’t wire the parts back together to my transmission. The manager called said my vehicle was ready, I went right away to get it and I started it up and I was pressing the gas but my vehicle would not move. I went back in to talk to the manager and the rep said “oh he is gone for today”. I said “he left that fast”. So the next day, I called the manager back and he gave me a friend of his transmission shop to go. I refused so he said we can towed it to a Ford dealership of your choice and they can look at it. Ford said someone took the wire out and didn’t wire them back. I had to pay Ford several hundreds. then I drove my truck home and notice that the same sound I took it to AAA for was still there. I called Ford and they told me to bring it back so they can check it. Ford said I need struts. I paid $1615 to AAA for strut one week before. They said bring it back so they can look at my truck. I looked at my account and AAA charge me an additional $122 separate charge, I called back and the rep said I will call you on Tuesday. I has been 2 weeks today and I have yet to hear from him. I am sent to his voicemail. My truck is still not working.

  • Barclay says:

    I had a bad experience in a AAA store and a manager called me back after I made a review about it. He did call me back a few days after I was told I would get a call back, but hey at least they called right? I was asked by the manager if I was offered a solution, I said no. I wasn’t offered a solution from the manager over the phone either. Although, I was asked what it is I wanted. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by this now. When the management can’t offer a solution to a problem, why should I expect a service adviser would. When management can’t offer a solution or offer anything, I would avoid this company. Take your money somewhere else where you will be valued as a customer.

  • Nora says:

    I also had moved from NC to CA. Have spent a lot of time on the phone trying to make a switch also. Been lied too, ignored, harrassed, yelled at, and put on hold for 45 minutes. Escalated the call to a supervisor, Rudy, and he lied too. Next day he canceled my account. I’ve been a member since 2008.😡 I will be contacting corporate to see what they have to say!

  • Cheryl says:

    I have been a AAA member for over 40 years. Today my daughter had a AAA tow truck driver put regular gas into her diesel truck. She did her request on line and asked for diesel. She and her husband caught it but still regular gas was put into their truck. Good thing they have not started up their truck but have been given a run around on how AAA will handle this mistake. They wanted to tow it to their pro and have the wrong gas siphoned out. Bad move. They wanted their truck towed to the dealer and have it dropped out. Finally got it to their dealer but they have no car for the weekend. AAA offered $25 for a rental. Who can get a rental for $25?
    Calls and emails to the service manager are not being answered! Very poor customer service. I will not renew my membership when this time comes. From reading these comments, nothing good has been said about AAA services for this past year. This is not good.

  • John Miley says:

    8 hours and dozens of phone calls. Still no tow. AAA Sucks.

  • James says:

    Pissed off at your company on service and damage on my vehicle. Been with AAA since 2015 and this how you treat customers. Been waiting 5 1/2 hrs and nothing

  • Diane sanchez says:

    I have been a member of AAA for 13 years and I have always had very positive experiences ! It provided reliable timely service. However I had a right rear tire blow out on a very busy major (Florida I75 land o lakes exit)on 9/4/22 so I called AAA numerous times for approximately 3 hours ( 6:15- 9:15) and they could not find a tower to respond to my location ! After 3 hours they suggested I call a private tower and submit for reimbursement! By that time it was dark and I was on this busy road side an extremely dangerous situation. Finally I was able to get a private towing company to tow my car. Wow! This is pathetic! The reason I have AAA is to assist when needed. Inexcusable horrible service . Allowing me to remain in a very dangerous situation .

  • Jesus Ferrera says:

    Stranded with flat tire needed the tire replaced with the spare. No one showed up.Call customer several several times and noone was available to help me.I was stranded 4.5 hours.All lies and bait and switch scam.AAA charging fees for membership and yet you offer no service. I am one pissed of consumer. People file a consumer complaint with the federal government and file with the Better Business Bureau.They are a a scan.

  • Cancer Patient says:

    Waited for 3 hours for a car battery charge, no one showed. Cancer Patient on a portal oxygen, which plugs into car. With dead battery oxygen ran out. After 30 plus years with AAA. Contacted headquarters in Michigan and as of yet no replay. I will make it my mission to to let everyone I know don’t use AAA. I have family that works in a large newspaper and get this put in the paper.

  • Minister Claudia Marie says:

    On August 19, 2022, I arrived at AAA Northeast office on Broadway, to Transfer the Title of an auto that was donated to a Church and I was told the wrong information to do the process. I came back on August 31 with the Certificate of Title all filled out as AAA said, and I was given more wrong information, which only caused the Title to not be transferred on that date. I go and make all the Copies they told me to make and I come back on 9/1/22 and then I am told AAA needs the Church ARTICLES and the cover page of DECLARATION OF A SELF-SUPPORTING MINISTRY. Then today, 9/2/22, i am told AAA is “not be able to process this transaction because AAA is a third party for DMV and we are limited for what we can do.” I have sustained hundreds of dollars of losses because AAA gave poor to incorrect information and the Certif. of Title now has to be re-ordered due to AAA not accepting the Transfer of Title. AAA never gave me the respect of being a Minister of a Church in telling me the truth about the process of transferring title to a non profit church.

    Also I renewed my AAA membership and the lady did not give me a receipt, which I told her about on my second visit. I believe because I made a complaint about traveling there three times, they refused to give me the correct information regarding a woman donating/transferring an auto to a NON PROFIT SSM Church. I believe Senior management should know of peoples financial losses. Just horrible!

  • Rainman says:

    Have tried to call corporate headquarters, but they don’t seem interested in talking to the consumer, simply to take your money while I try to reach Todd Burger, Experience officer, however how can he ever know about the experience the consumer is having when it’s impossible to get a hold of him?

  • A. Shield says:

    What the hell is wrong with you people. Waiting all day for a call back re my renewal. If you respond to distress calls like you do administrative calls you are not worth the yearly fee any more. Ps. I called the number for road help and no live person answered that either.

  • Carol irwin says:

    Had to cancel flight and hotel for sept 1-5 -22. Was informed that that we would receive a voucher for $800 less than we paid, and we had to use it thru you or the travel impressions that you use. Our flight was with sun country, had booked with them we would have received all but the cancellation fee. We were not informed of this when we booked with you, and since this is out first time(we are new members) we’re not aware. This seems like a scam to me – expected better service from your company – never again.!

  • Ivan batchkoff says:

    Worst help!
    Waited almost THREE HOURS! You should be ashamed of your company.

  • Mercedes Wagstaff says:

    I have had the worse experience with Triple AAA on 8/9/22 at 7:30 pm my son’s truck broke down near Wawas gas station on 1740 Dunlawton in Port Orange Florida , I called Triple AAA to get my son a membership his membership number is 4290147088666607, I paid 106$ for the membership then I was informed to pay an additional 55$ so we can utilize the membership benefits immediately if I didn’t pay the additional 55$ I was responsible to pay for the tow mileage over 5 miles , the service request number was 70475, at 10 pm Triple AAA sent out a battery test technician named Clayton , nice man , however I didn’t request that , I requested a tow , because of that I had to call Triple AAA again to request service for a tow which now would take longer that service number was 72087, by 12 am no one arrived so I ended up sending for an Uber and I was advised to do an unattended tow and was told that AA Accurate Truck and Tire Repair would be towing the truck however they never came either , 2 am I spoke to a Triple AAA manager that advised me that they would be arriving at 4 am , they never came either , I spoke to Triple AAA again at 4 am, 6 am, 730 am, 930am, 1130 am when finally they towed the truck at 1215 pm on 8/10/22, we’ll then I was threatened by the tow company that they are going to impound my son’s truck for failure to pay they tow , I explained that I was told that this was covered by triple AAA, Triple AAA did nothing to help they told me there was nothing they could do that it was my responsibility to pay 155$ tow fee, needles to say the tow guy and I worked it out amongst ourselves , very nice and professional young man, however Triple AAA took no accountability for their mistakes , their customer representatives misinformed me , I was lied to multiple times through out the night by their managers about the truck being towed , I use to swear by Triple AAA , I thought they were amazing , I’m 44 years old and I regret even paying for the membership because I don’t have faith in this company anymore , I have reported this to the Better Business Bureau , I have filed a claim against them , I even contacted my lawyer , they are an unsafe company , I understand things can happen but through the night they lied , gave false information, didn’t reach out to update me I constantly had to call them and at the end of it all I had to come out of my pocket even more dealing with this company ! I’m a registered nurse and I have a strong network I will tell my experience until I’m no longer on this earth because Triple AAA needs to be shut down immediately!

    • Maresa C Hudgins says:

      I had a bad experience as well involving my daughters car breaking down at a gas station and it took about 3 + hours to get a tow. Customer service gave us NO updates. The managers I spoke to were useless and rude. I wanted to file a complaint with AAA over the phone with a “supervisor”. She said she did, but didn’t. I’ll be finding another roadside service. Thats the story in a nutshell.

  • Debbi says:

    I have tried for almost a week to get AAA to come out to my home to replace a battery, I have the Premier, I have been lied to.. was told that someone with AAA was at my house this morning about 4:20 AM, which was not correct. Also was told they would tow my vehicle to the nearest AAA service location, which is about 50 miles but will not tow it back to my house. Have made several calls to them with no results. Have been with them since 2015.. but I am going to cancel my membership… what good are they when you need them and they lie to you.. and will not help you!!

  • Gary Groubert says:

    You better read this and respond!! Your about to get great advertisement!! For complete info to let you know my status, — my name is Gary Groubert, cell phone 262-337-4542. My membership number is 438-270-699949001-6. We have been members since 1969. You have records and can see we use AAA about once every 20 months on average. You were once a great company with concern for your members. You bow are not, — collecting money and not giving service. In my opinion you have become inept!! Let me explain my reasoning. Yesterday (8-5), my wife and four other ladies took a tubing tour down a Wisconsin River. When they finished and were to go home, the car would not start. They called AAA!! They said someone would be there in 45 minutes. After 90 minutes they called again and found out your corporate said they had the wrong address in file and would be there in 15 minutes, a driver on the way!! These five ladies are 64 to 74 in age and had to sit in the sun at 88 degrees waiting around 4PM to 6:50 PM. Long story short when they kept calling back, your message center kept apologizing and assuring someone was on the way. After 2 hours and 50 minutes a sheriff stopped to help, jumped them and they were on the way. I called the dispatcher and asked a manager to call me. No one ever did!! Two add insult to injury, your dispatch left a message at 1:35 AM the next morning saying they were working on the aid. In light of the incident, I am expecting a call from your corporate manager noting assurance and what is going to be done! If I do not hear back I’m going to start contacting the better business bureau, local TV stations, and some top media outlets. They would love to hear about a heroic story for the police help and great old businesses that today leave 5 64 to 74 year old ladies stranded in the hot sun while making excuses!! Maybe you can explain why your new initiative goals differ from your origin promises!!

    • A Concerned Client says:

      What a horrible thing to go through. They sure are fast to take our money but no one is around to oversee their employees are doing their jobs! Don’t wait to contact everyone. It’s obvious by the lack of leadership and not receiving a single call back or even an apology. These woman could of died. They are someone’s Mom, Sister, Wife, daughter, etc. What if this happened to one if your family members. Report and don’t stop!

      • Nora says:

        Right! That is why they need to send the new card with the bill! I will not pay them until that happens. Not going through that again, sending the wrong card, 3 times!!!

    • Annette Reinheimer says:

      Today I called Triple A at 4:30 PM they said they were going to send someone. I then called back in an hour to get the status only to be told there the provider could not come when in fact you do not have providers anymore. No one ever came and for all AAA knows is that I am still there waiting. I just spent over $200 for Premium for WHAT I ASK???? I SUGGEST YOU INVEST IN HIRING YOUR OWN TOW TRUCKS AND CREW OR REFUND EVERYONE. This is total BS. Your reps answering the phone prob work from home and could care less. If it were not for my brother helping me I don’t know what I would have done. I read a woman and her baby stuck on 95 no one came for 6 hours in the FL heat on 95 so inept. I suggest you refund everyone or invest in your own fleets of tow trucks create jobs for people by hiring tow truck drivers etc.

  • Richard McMenamin says:

    Do not join AAA!!!! They lulled me in with a credit card offer. Then when it was renewal time a letter came and the “premium” went way up. I was away and then ill and I contacted them before the renewal date and they said, “too bad. We charged your credit card. You cannot get your money back”. My credit card company is trying to help. They are horrible. The customer service person said she would not give me any superior because no one was going to be able to help me. What a terrible organization.

  • H. Smoak says:

    My battery died this morning and I called AAA. They were polite, professional and helpful. The employee they sent out “MARCUS” was knowledgeable, efficient and extremely polite. If I owned a company I would offer him a position and salary he could not refuse as customer service he displayed is almost impossible to find. I almost hope my new battery fails just so he will come back again. Thank You Marcus and AAA for making me glad I have your membership. Well worth the cost when needed.

  • Cdim says:

    We moved from NC to CA. Have spent a lot of time on phone ignore trying to make the switch. Are you sure you want to keep our account?

  • Ron Bender says:

    It just keeps getting worse please call me Ron 201-965-9424

  • Megan Manlovr says:

    My husband has been stranded in upstate New York since Friday July 29th. I added him to my membership on Saturday. We have been given the run around with getting him towed to our mechanics shop in Linwood PA for the past two days. He is an army combat medic vet. I drove 3 1/2 hours to put in a tow request for him yesterday 7/31 ( because he has to wait 7 days to have the same membership benefits as I do – which is a piss poor business model of you ask me), the first time I called I was told I didn’t have the long tow benefits when I know I did. Called again and raised hell to finally have someone help us. Got the tow scheduled, just to be called back and told that his car would not make it back to our mechanics shop for MAYABE another two days. I now I have to leave him stranded again in upstate New York because we have kids and I have to get back to them. After all of this run around and bullshit I will be cancelling my membership by the end of the day. AAA needs to do better for their customers!!!

    Feel free to call my husband and have this sorted out – his information is in our account.

  • Ron Bender says:

    Ron Bender to say your service is worthless is an understatement. I haven’t had to use you in years and a 6 hour wait never again there must be someone better.

  • Zachary Leas says:

    We live in Lady Lake Florida Are car stopped running on a very busy highway. First put on hazard lights, then called 911 so police could come to help with traffic and they were quick to respond. As soon as I finished 911 call I called triple A it was 3 pm in 100 degree heat. I asked for a tow truck and was told a service call had been sent out. After an hour called again a was told not sure when someone would be out. Called again and again and got the same song and dance. I explained it is 100 degrees and am sitting on a road in no shade. Didn’t matter same song and dance. Finally 5 hours later the tow truck came. My husband and I were dehydrated and cramping. We have been members for over 15 years. Can’t believe the service provided to the community of the villages who has a great deal of elderly and need response more quickly than 5 hours hopefully. This service is poorly handled. How about the CEO sit in a car and wait 5 hours for service in the heat. Need new people to manage. Triple A use to be the best and the service to have does not appear that way anymore.

    • Annette Reinheimer says:

      I believe this is a problem in FL since Covid. They need to either step up and create their own fleet of tow trucks and drivers or close up shop.

  • DARON Roberson says:

    I have been waiting over 6 hours now one person came out left know explanations still waiting been over 6 hours pay to much money for service to be like this bad service want to talk to someone in cooperation please thank you!

  • Treska Rodgers says:

    I have been a faithful client of AAA for a number of years and I have never had the type of service as I recieved since yesterday from July 24, 2022, 6 pm until this moment, July 25th. 5:30 am. I requested service and advised them I was not in a safe location and no one has picked up my vehicle nor contacted me to advise me of the status. My vehicle is still on the side of the road. I called 4 times and they told me they had no information on when my car would be towed. I am disappointed at the level of poor and unprofessional customer service I have received, and the manner I have been treated.

  • Zera says:

    They are so awful, not professional, I have proof of of many lies, Inconsiderate. Don’t get memberships with AAA NOT WORTH IT.

  • Randy Posvar says:

    I cannot believe what AAA has turned into! In April I sent my $20 check along with an application for my International Drivers Permit like I have done for 15 years. I live in Europe and AAA would send it out and I would get it in a month or so. Even during the pandemic. To my surprise one day I wake to an email from a Victoria Campos a Licensed Insurance Agent from the Florid office threatening me with legal action!!! She said the check was fraudulent! I of course was shocked by this…contacted my US bank and they said there was never a problem and that it cleared. Ms. Campos came back and said AAA’s bank said it never cleared! It was back to my bank again and they said that AAA was not being honest and something was wrong with AAA for saying such a thing. I have yet to receive my IDP as it was never sent out! They took my money twice! Because I believed there may have been a problem, so used my CC card. They not only did not send out the permit, but stole my money!! I cannot believe that this was done so easily and without shame. I will turn them into the BBB and take civil action against this petty business of low life personnel.

  • Adam Johnson says:

    Absolutely aweful. Vehicle was never picked up 12 hours later . Ended up calling tow company on my own and paying for the tow . AAA literally did nothing .AAA policy have to be with vehicle . I had my 3 year old son with me in 100 degree weather in the side of the road . After waiting 1.5 hours I got a ride home . AAA said I broke policy and needed to stay with the vehicle even in these conditions

  • Older and Wiser says:

    I have been a AAA member for years and years (over a decade). I only asked for help once during all that time (when my battery died) until January 31, 2022. I had flown out of town a week before that due to a parent’s death. I left my car parked at a regional airport; the weather was dry and there was no snow anywhere. During the week I was away, it snowed a lot – a freak storm that hadn’t been forecast before I left town moved in and dumped a lot of snow. My car was snowed in with probably a foot of snow behind the tires. I called AAA to get help digging out of the parking spot so I could leave. All I wanted was for someone to come with a shovel; I would have done the work! I explained this to the dispatcher, but she didn’t care. She explained that “they don’t do that” and I was on my own.

    Since then, I’ve wondered why I’ve paid nearly $150 a year (Gold Plus membership) to this company??? They didn’t help me! I needed roadside assistance, which they refused to give. Now I keep getting renewal reminder which tell me I’m “at risk of losing my benefits”… benefits I never got, so I don’t think I’m “losing” anything. i’m just not pouring $150 down a rathole.

    I do not recommend AAA if you’re hoping to secure roadside assistance.

    • Annette Reinheimer says:

      Class Action on the way. I think I am going to ask for a refund and tell my bank. Premium Service is means ZERO SERVICE

  • Gail Roselund says:

    These flatbeds for AAA are constantly speeding on our little cul-de-sac. Did not expect speeding trucks on a populated dead end St. I live in Glen BurnieMD. They are running a garage behind a bar. All trucks are marked GKS AAA.

  • Anitia says:

    Missed my July renewal date by 2 days. However, was sent a letter in May saying my membership will be canceled (I overlooked the letter), I asked for a copy but was told I couldn’t get one. When I tried to renew they told me I couldn’t . I’ve been a loyal customer for MANY years. They can’t tell me why I got the cancel letter a month before my renewal date nor the reason. And no explanation as to why I can’t renew. I’ve never been late nor abused my membership!!’

  • B says:

    I called for a wrecker around 1pm to take car to the shop. Was told 1 1/2 hours to wait. After 3 hours I called and was told wait a couple more hours. After 3 more hours I was told that the company they requested was not coming now and would start with new wrecker service. Just wait a few hours. By 9pm I was asked if it could wait until morning, I said no get a different wrecker to come. They said they did not know how long it would take. After waiting up until 3am I went to sleep and around 8am they were called again and finally got a wrecker to come. 17 hours is a long time to wait for AAA service.

    I will not renew this service and would not recommend anyone to pay them because their service is sketchy and their customer service is terrible.

  • Herbert Williams says:

    My name is Herbert Williams, I live in Camdenton Missouri. I and my wife spoke with a guy named Kenny Brent, which she introduced me to coming home from work after speaking with her, and he stated that he could give us lower price on full coverage insurance. Like $56 and $75. Come to find out it was incorrect what he had stated to me so he called me today which is the 18th of July, around 11:30am and started cussing me out Calling me bitch ass niggers, and that he went through all that to help us save money on car insurance when I’m with State Farm. That I only pay $107.44 a month for full coverage. He recently called and asked if I got my refund back with State Farm and I told him that I decided to stay with State Farm and he started calling me out of my name as if he was from some type of bootlegg ghetto home calling me calling me bitch ass niggers hoe ass nigger, he’s in Kansas Missouri come up there and he would fuck me up! I don’t take threats too kindly If your company is hiring people in such fashion, I think it’s VERY DANGEROUS TO DO SO! I recommend that you interview and evaluate the people that y’all hire to work for your company!

  • Mark Deavers says:

    1st contacted AAA @1AM it is now 7:30AM No one has shown up. I Called back in several times, & was told that dispatch still didn’t have anyone. This is unacceptable. Not the AAA of the past. The App really sucks. Location (pinned)service also sucks. I want my money back.

  • Judith McDonnell says:

    Who do I contact in corporate office for some issues with a trip I booked a year ago.

  • Deborah L Peoples says:

    Dear AAA Relations,

    I am writing to you regarding your endorsement of the AAA Visa Card. I recently discovered as I was planning my vacation for August 2022, that my rewards were not showing based on the $13,000 of travel charges I put on this card. After charging all the travel on the card, I went to the Rewards tab and noticed that the only rewards that were there were my existing awards of $690.00+ that had been there waiting for me to apply the awards to my bill. I then noticed that AAA Visa was no longer rewarding awards. So, on June 29th I went into the awards folder again and applied the balance to my credit card balance. I then wrote to the Cardmember Services that I was furious that I was not rewarded my rewards. On June 30th, I requested that my card be cancelled due not honoring my rewards, which they did.
    On July 5th, I noticed I had not been credited with $690+ so I wrote again. That same day, they wrote back that account was closed and they were not able to process any redemptions.
    On July7th, I wrote again stating that I did indeed apply for the rewards to be credited to my account before I closed the account and a refund was due. They wrote back that their records showed that I had not applied for reward credit since October, 2021. THIS IS A BLANTANT LIE. Conveniently, I can no longer access the awards tab.
    I am requesting that all my reward balance before closing this card be refunded to me immediately and action be taken to the consideration of rewarding me the awards for the $13,000 of travel, I put on the account This could allow that the account be restored to an active account for this purpose.

  • Duane Thomas says:

    My vehicle was towed by an agent that was smelled like liquor on June 28, 2022. The vehicle was towed to my house due to a flat tire, at the time the vehicle was towed to the house the tow truck operator ripped my bumper off and caused more damage to the vehicle. I have contacted 4 supervisors who keeps giving me the run around and have not resolved my issue. My vehicle is used for business for black car service and have not been able to be operated for over 15 days now. The damage control department has not reached out to me or anyone else to resolve this issue. I spoke with Paula in Member relations who said she was a supervisor and was supposed to call me back yesterday and never did. I then called today and spoke to Octavia who said she couldn’t do anything but email someone and Told me she didn’t have the phone number to the corporate department she overtalked me and was rude.

  • Jesse A Lujan says:

    What happened to your great service, I broke down on Thursday I called Tripple A and was told a flat bed would be there at 7:30 pm the call was made at 5:57 pm I waited but never got any call or text from Tripple A or the tow company so at 7:28 I called to find out what was going on, I was told the tow company never Dispatched a truck, the tow company was Castro tires and tow. I called Castro yo ask for a tow and they very eager to tow me since they wanted to charge me 1,375.00 when I said I was Waiting for them because Tripple A scheduled a tow I was told to wait a truck would be there in 45 minutes, another hour goes by and no truck I call Tripple A and am prompted to 1 and 15 minutes, to be told to wait while the call tow company. I call back k again 15 minutes hang no answer and try again something. It’s now after 8:20 and I get a call from a driver who tells me he can be there in 45 minutes when I ask where he is coming from he tells Tehachapi which is 2 and a half away I question him on his ETA and he raises his voice to tell me I can call someone else and it will take 3 hours for anyone to get here. I had to call my son to go yo my house hook up truck n trailer and drive back to get me I finally got home after midnight. What has Happened to Tripple A Did also sell out to a foreign country, if so please let us know, I am curious on how many other Tripple A members this is happening too. Please get back to me with a good explanation. My name is Jesse A Lujan my membership number is 620 004 2829787461 I would like you to look into this and get back yo me.

    • Mark Deavers says:

      Did anyone ever get back to you? I just posted a comment, with similar issues I’m in FL. Bought memberships for my whole family, which are obviously garbage.

  • Tiffany says:

    Sat on the side of I75 for 2+ hours and just kept getting told there was nothing they could do. All we needed was gas and I was given a 40 minute window for eta, I called back 2x after that window expired and was met with snarky remarks. Finally called road rangers and someone got to us withing 30 minutes and took us to get gas and come back (still didn’t have an update from AAA)
    I don’t understand why I pay for a service when I can get actual help elsewhere. I never had this problem when I had triple a in the past. Very disappointing

  • Evette says:

    I have been with AAA since 2013 I renewed on May 17, 2022 I realize I no longer needed AAA services so I called to cancel on May 20, 2022 I was told that I will be refunded $106 within 2 to 4 weeks I call back on June 23, 2022 and I called back June 24, 2022 and I was told that after 30 days I could not be refunded.I cannot believe a company like AAA would do a person like that who is been with them over several years. I would like if the CEO of AAA Tim Condon Reach out . My email address is
    evetteh65@icloud.com/ if you to Busy to reach out please refund me my $106 thanks very disappointed in AAA

    • Mark Deavers says:

      Let me know if they reached out? I have been waiting over 7 hours for a jump start. They don’t seem to care.

  • Grant Blevins says:

    I needed a local tow to a shop near my home, Made the call at 9am and no one showed up. I waited eight hours before I gave up. So I tried again the next morning but was told no one is available. I live right outside of Houston TX how is there no one available? What exactly am I paying for?

  • Penny Hancock says:

    I had the most horrible experience after my car died yesterday (June 20, 2022) I waited 5 hrs before the tow truck arrived but after the 2nd call to them it was discovered initially the dispatch for the tow truck didn’t even happen!! I was told it showed the call wasn’t responded to so I was left hanging with no call back telling me anything then the 2nd call she said it would be 90 minutes still no tow truck then another call a lady told me he was on site! Really??? no tow truck in sight I’m telling her and she responded with give him 10 or 15 minutes! If he’s on site it should be ZERO minutes then another call a lady tells me give them 45 minutes and still nothing so a final call as we’re talking she says ma’am the driver is there and we saw him drive by. We drove to catch him (my husband and I were sitting in his car for 2 hrs after I had already been waiting 3 hrs) we catch the driver he said he had the address but I said didn’t they also tell you my car was sitting right in front of Old Time Pottery which couldn’t be missed he said no ma’am only an address! Wouldn’t you think the more information the better for a stranded person? This experience has caused me to never ever want to be a AAA member ever again! I truly believe several of the people on the other end blatantly lied to me! I expect a full membership refund!!

  • Susan Little says:

    I can’t express how disappointed I am in AAA! Wednesday, June 15 at close to 8 p.m. I hit a tree on the side of the road. My car needed towing. A friend came and brought me home. I called AAA and waited at least 15 minutes for someone to answer. They said they would send someone. I waited and waited (I’m a 70 + year old grandmother). After a couple of hours I called back again, a long wait for an answer and was then told — we’re trying. A suggestion was made to leave the key in the car and AAA would tow it sometime overnight. I got someone else to do it. I called and waited another 15 minutes to cancel the request. Absolutely, no concern expressed or apology given.
    After having been a member of AAA since 1995 — I’m asking myself, “WHY HAVE AAA?”

  • Sandra Uresti says:

    I have been a member since Aug.
    2020 for both auto and homeowners. I filed an auto claim on June 7, 2022. On that day I was informed that I did not have rental insurance on my 2010 Lexus 350. When I enrolled in 2020 I requested rental insurance on both of my vehicles on the policy. Now I’m informed that on March 13,2021 an employee by the name of Kim Fang removed my rental insurance without my permission. The second vehicle a 2017 Nissan Altima was the only car that had rental insurance. I spoke with Daniel Levine the Unit Manager for Texas and he stated he will not afford rental insurance for the 2010 Lexus and could not answer why my rental coverage was removed. I am not satisfied with this response when I never requested it and now need a rental car. I would like to file a grievance in regard to this matter.
    Not having rental insurance has created a major inconvenience for me. After this claim is completed , I will be canceling my auto coverage on both vehicles for such disregard to provide to coverage that I requested in Aug. 2020.

  • Jessica McFadden says:

    I have been a member for 8 years and I’m considering canceling my membership. I had to wait on a tow for over 5 hours. I called at 8:30am and it’s now 1:18pm and I’m still waiting. Missed a whole day of work and car service appointment. This is the worst service I have ever received. Someone in the corporate office needs to do something about this.

  • Jasmine Valentin says:

    I am a new triple A member. I must say that my experience had been nothing but horrible. I spoke with member services at the York, Pennsylvania office where I became a member, in regards to getting a vin verification done by the police in New Jersey, where my car is currently being held. The police wanted to speak with them to see exactly what they needed and they all refused. I tried to ask them to fax a form and they refused. I then asked if I could have a fax number so the police could fax them the completed form and she told me I had to bring it in person only after the title come in and “that could take weeks.” I asked if there was a fax number I could have anyway, the woman became upset told me to hold on but started to yell at someone, “this damn girl..” then I was put on hold. I called this location several times and spoke to different people and each one were rude, disrespectful and nasty.

  • Andre Adoloffo says:

    Where do I apply for a job!

  • Melanie Lightbourn says:

    If this is the number for the CORPORATE office, why am I being transferred to Roadside Assistance?!?!?! Judging from the comments on this site, the only thing that is going to get AAA’s attention is taking them to court. Well, on to the next steps then. I’m not afraid of going against a corporation. You’ve GOT to be kidding me.

  • Andrea Champagne says:

    People pay a membership to receive roadside assistance services that they never receive. I got the excuse that the dispatch office closest to me had only 1 driver. I put my request in 5:20am and still waiting on a driver to pick up my car to tow to my dealership. If you don’t have enough drivers, stop accepting memberships and waisting customers’ money and time.This is unacceptable.

  • No one cares, but they want your money says:

    Wow, I am appalled by the comments that I have read on this website!!!! Why do we keep paying these people for service that are clearly not being given??? My sister called for a tow truck around 7am on Tuesday morning, 5/31/2022. Someone sent her a text that a driver would arrive around 8:30am. She left work to meet the driver and no one showed up or called. Then she was told, it would be another hour and then another hour, then another hour a total of 4 and a half hours, Who’s going to replace her pay for the hours she lost? After reading these complaints no one gives a shit. What are we doing??? We pay them, they don’t pay us. They want to inform us about bad roads, gas prices etc; but they don’t inform us/the public about how bad their road side assistance is. “ Hey AAA let’s start talking about how bad your own service is”.

  • Mustafa Womack says:

    In November of 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, I was the victim of a drunk driver who killed one person and severely injured myself and two others while we were parked at the beach. we received very little by way of injury damages because the person had a small policy. Now it’s almost June of 2022 and we still have not received compensation for our damages. My total loss alone was over 14k and the other victim damages were around 5k. With only a small amount to cover my damages, we still are not being given even that. AAA excuse is that they are waiting on a bill from DOT for a small chain link fence. I contacted DOT and spoke with the billing person and she was unable to locate a bill for the fence.
    I keep getting the same story from the agent that she’s waiting on the invoice.
    This is appalling to say the least. I’ve got the runaround and was even spoken to rudely by one of the supervisors. My car was completely loss and impounded for over 14 months. I lost my ability to earn because I did rideshare work. AAA, whom I thought to be one of the more credible insurance companies has really made me change my opinion of them. My grandmother was a 40 year client of AAA it’s sad to see that this is what it has become. I’m still waiting to be compensated for the loss of my car by a AAA insurance carrier. And the AAA drunk driver who killed someone and broke my neck and other injuries got 6 years in jail and is serving his sentence and I still haven’t been paid.

  • Mahalia Napoleon says:

    I was a AAA member since 1994. This year I was sent a letter stating that you would not allow me to renew my membership. Would you please share why?

  • LaTonja Hardy says:

    Your Geolocation link got it wrong. I had a tire blow out 4/17 9pm. Called gave the dispatcher my breakdown location. Instead of using the info provided, she used the info from the Geo link. It provided an address of 2200 Lancers Blvd, Chesterfield, VA. My actual location was 6621 Hull St Rd. I was able to direct the driver to my location when he arrived in the area, but he didn’t know how to get my spare tire down. So I had to wait for a second driver. In that time, my cell phone died and he was unable to find my correct location. I eventually walked home and called AAA again. At that time I was told they didn’t know when a tow truck would get to my vehicle. The police eventually came to my house inquiring about my vehicle. I explained the situation and they had a tow truck tow my car home. Service request number was 106395 Midatlantic. My car broke down at 9 and I didn’t get my car until 5am, thanks to the police department. I told the dispatcher the correct address. I told several people that I spoke with afterwards the correct address and none of your reps cared enough to correct the information. This service request was a major Fail.

  • Raechel Wall says:

    The absolute WORST! broken down on the side of a highway (the 408)for 8 hours (12am-8am)!!!!! Spoke to 10 different people from the call center including a supervisor and not one of them showed sympathy or apologized! They sent a tow truck driver around 2am with a dolly tow truck and he said he couldn’t tow it because my truck is a 4 wheel drive and needs a flatbed tow truck and gave me a hard time because I didn’t tell the call center! If the call center knew I was driving a truck why wouldn’t they ask me??? I got a message saying eta was in 2 minutes 5:19am and after a few minutes of waiting called the call center again and the lady was rude saying I didn’t get a message! Yes I did and I have a screenshot of it! She proceed to tell me the app information is inaccurate and not to listen to the app! ARE YOU SERIOUS??? This experience was such a nightmare! I work for a big company and letting everyone know and to stay away from AAA!

  • Larry Fought says:

    I have been trying and trying to get someone to listen to my problem. I have talked to a couple different people that acts like they don’t care. I am 69 yrs old and over this amount of time I have had nothing but good things to say about you find folks. But here lately it has really changed. About a yr. ago I called for roadside and had my 5 grandkids with me my wife and sat there 51/2 hrs. until I called a private tow and was done within the hour. This last week I called my first time about 11:30 am and called 3 more times that day 3 more times the following day and again on day # 3 day am. I finally called the same one as the time before. I have a total of 15 family members that I have told about you that also belong to AAA. But there comes a time that something got to give Paying for something and not even getting to use it. I wanted to reach out before I go down a different path. We all can make mistakes but it how we handle those mistakes that matters. So just wanted to see where I need to go from here. Thanks. Larry

  • Kathleen Stewart says:

    I have been a plus member of AAA for 26 years I have five family members in my household who are also Plus members and I pay for the memberships for them. I have many years were I have not use your service, yet I still continue to pay the dues in the past when I’ve used your service it has been impeccable. That has not been the case this year. Earlier this year I was going somewhere with a friend and their vehicle broke down and AAA said that they cannot pick it up right away that I can leave it unattended and they would pick it up and call me when they had gotten it. The next day that never called me,and I called them back and I had to drive back to the vehicle because they said I had to be with the vehicle and they did Apologize so I left that one go,but now today I need my own personal vehicle towed and I called to request service at 8:30 in the morning and it referred me to the app and I use the app which apparently was a big mistake and it told me the wreaker would be here in 2 hours and I did get a text message saying it has been moved to 1:30. When I receive no update and no phone call I call back at 1:15 and was told that a wrecker had never been dispatched and that one would be dispatched and will be here in a half an hour. Half an hour came and went and no record I called you again and was met with a nasty attitude from a customer service rep and I was totally respectful to him. I never raised my voice or fuss I only let him know what was going on and I think I have been more than patient and now it is now another two hours it is now 3:30 and I still have not gotten the record that I ordered at 8:30 this morning what has happened to AAA? do you have too many customers? Do you not have enough employees? Are you wanting to get rid of your 26 year memberships and have them go somewhere else. Are you in some kind of trouble and about to go out of business cuz this is impression it’s starting to give me

  • William says:

    Sick and tired of the same ol commercials.

  • Let's go Brandon says:

    Your corporate spokesman,Andrew Gross,can’t figure out what the administration can do to lower gas prices?Boy you have a good Democrat there.Going to cancel my AAA

  • Monica says:

    Once again my name is Monica Harris, I left a message here regarding my Dodge caravan 2011, That Tripple aaa came and picked up, and lost, then found it at a pound 6 days later, and telling me I’m responsible for the towing payments, I recently just reviewed some of the comments that was posted on Tripple aaa complaint site, something going wrong here, cause how dose a million dollar company with such a good rep start to go down the drain like this, they need to find the scammers that’s in they company quick and I hope it start with the crooks here in Chicago that’s trying to get money from me that I don’t have!

  • Monica says:

    My name is Monica Harris, my member# is (4290202191796005) phone # 773-719-0935 I’m in need of some professional assistance from the head, Tripple aaa is putting extra stress in

  • Sharon says:

    We have been AAA members for 48 years and for the last several, as Premier members. On Monday, April 25, 2022, my husband experienced a tire blowout and was able to get off the freeway offramp to a grassy area where while there was busy traffic, he was not in the path of the cars. This was just before 9 pm — we were told an AAA tow truck would be there at approx 950 pm. After several phone calls, we were told a driver would not be there till 1230 am – however, we could call a private tow company (not AAA) and pay them and submit for reimbursement from AAA. As Premier members, this was astonishing. What services have we been paying for, for so many years? As we estimated the cost for the private tow would be over $400, this was not an option. And we had already waited for about 2 hours! Fortunately, our car dealer offered roadside service. Unbelievable that AAA would have such horrible service. Please contact me to explain the cavalier attitude of – well, you can get a private tow — when that is what we expect as part of membership with AAA. We received nothing — no services — as AAA members.

  • carla says:

    We have rv coverage for 3 years. My boyfriend broke down last night along a busy road in Kansas. He has called aaa numerous times and they kept telling we have someone coming. This was 5 pm last night. At midnight he was still waiting. I called them and asked why was taking so long. They told me they didn’t have a wrecker big enough to tow him. They were working on it and also they said he was in a different area. Excuse me this is advertised as nationwide coverage. He is close to Joplin, mo. A semi stop there and why didn’t call Joplin, they tow semi ‘s many times. They said they would have to get one out Oklahoma. This needs to addressed for he is still waiting and it the next day at 9:30 am. I think they need to be sued for false advertising. Customer service is bad as well. He has never received a call he had to keep calling and they said we have someone on the way…. So I want everyone to know this company is not what they say. He is frustrated with the service or lack of. I hope the right person reads this . This is not the service he pays for………..

  • Peggy Smith says:

    I am a 42 year member of AAA.
    Today my husband needed a tow. After being told it would be 90 minute wait, he was informed AN HOUR LATER that the driver CANCELLED the tow. This was 4 HOURS ago and he still has no tow. No one at AAA dispatch could give him a time that he would be picked up!! I’ve had it with AAA. This isn’t the first time they have provided shabby service. I will be cancelling the membership tomorrow. I’m fed up! Thet are definitely NOT the same company I signed up with 42 years ago. I guess corporate greed wins out over customer satisfaction.

  • Earnest Hamm says:

    Hello I had damage done on my car by a tow company contracted by AAA in March the total cost on the damage was $130 I’ve contacted AAA for over a month I sent in the invoice and still have not been reimbursed I’ve spoken to multiple supervisor at AAA I need help can some one from corporate help resolve this situation

  • Loretta Tarczewski says:

    On 04/28/2022 a AAA flat bed driver attempted to leave a wrecked car in front of my property. 8400 block of Large Street Phila., PA 19152
    When questioned as to why he was leaving this car on a residential street with no connection to the driver he responded using profanities and attempted to get into a physical altercation with a neighbor. He continually asked the neighbors “what the f**k are you going to do about it” This person was representing AAA and was a disgrace to your company. I have been a member for years and have never encountered a worse experience. He left with the car and came back through the night and unloaded the car anyway. Please advise to your policy for your company to abandon wrecked cars on residential streets.
    Thank you
    Loretta Tarczewski

  • Rick Ringer says:

    My wife traveling alone pulling a camper had a flat on the camper called 3aaa they come out after 3hrs alongside a busy rd then tell her cause she didn’t have RV coverage nothing they could do and left her in the middle of nowhere been a member for 29yrs good way to treat loyal customers never again _ _ _ k aaa

  • Sonia says:

    I have been waiting for someone to come since 2:00 this afternoon…I have called the Tripple A number on my card three times the last being over an hour ago she said she notified dispatch to give a courtesy call for an eto… still nothing from anyone… I am diabetic and will need meds soon….I have had triple A for years……….NOT HAPPY

  • Dauné says:

    I need to talk to somebody in corporate office someone who can help me as soon as possible the clear late because no one else in AAA can help me!!

  • Henry carranza says:

    Very dissatisfied with your customer service I broke down and did not get no help from your customer service they were going to refer me to someone else and I’m paying a membership for towing my vehicle broke down in front of my house I need it a tow truck to pick up my car and bring it into my yard they said they could not have a truck go out and help me what’s the use of having insurance from AAA excuse me towing from AAA I’m a very dissatisfied customer

  • Patrick C Pringle says:

    The theft of automotive and truck exhaust systems, also known as catalytic converters, has plagued every major county and city in the country. From family-owned cars and trucks, to every type of heavy freight truck, catalytic converters are being stolen for profit. Even businesses, public schools, universities and local governments are being targeted.
    In 2004 when catalytic converter theft started, it may have come as a surprise. Unfortunately, converter theft is thousands of times worse today, and yet no subsequent automotive security system changes have been implemented by any automotive manufacturer.
    Predators Cage has developed the only heavy duty purposefully built theft deterrent systems on the market. Our shields supply maximum security for civilian and industrial exhaust systems.
    The cost to replace a stolen converter for the every day person can run thousands of dollars. Large diesel freight truck exhaust systems run even higher; up to $26,000 not including labor, and the wait time for replacement systems can last months. Predators Cage shields can prevent these issues from ever happening.
    Over the past two years we have contacted every automotive manufacturer about incorporating our designs into their vehicles’ exhaust systems. They have chosen to be complicit and remain silent, reaping the profits from theft.
    Unfortunately, political complicity throughout the country has made it worse, with some states worse than others.
    The incorporation of Predators Cage shields to civilian vehicles and large freight trucks can greatly reduce the amount of theft on our streets. Our hope is that your offices can add pressure to the automotive industry to ensure that they add more security to their vehicles’ exhaust systems. Together we can put a stop to the needless harm affecting thousands.


  • Ryan M Black says:


  • Arriel colleton says:

    I would like to do a formal complaint on a representative I encountered while waiting on assistance for a lock out, and for some reason I am unable to find any assistance. The last two times I have called for assistance with a vehicle no company has been available. I’m not sure what’s going on the company but I will not spend another dime on a membership

  • Lorena Y lopez lopez says:

    I have a claim with on of Triple A customer, and the claim department don’t want to be responsible for the damage in my car, I try talking to manager and office manager and they said they could fix it by putting glue in the back glass to connect the cable in my car, with no warranties and that’s just a curtesy. I’m so mad that no one want to help!!!

  • jz says:

    MY daughter tried to get help and was told to find her own locksmith, we have both been members for well over 40 years….what kind of service is this ?

    • Shominic Frederick says:

      I was left on a busy turnpike fwy at 8 pm alone with cars flying by at 80 mph .I called them 4 times finally at 2am a random tow truck stopped and I had to pay him 200 .AAA called me the next day at 1230 I’m afternoon to see if I still needed a tow.45 years AAA I’m going to twitter if they don’t fix this .One of the staff that answered was completely drunk working from home

    • Nora says:

      Sounds like an bunch of scumbags!

  • Andrew Gordon says:

    After 2 years of Covid why does your app state that 1 person can ride with the tow truck driver when that is not allowed

  • darrylbroadus says:

    I have been trying to get a locksmith for two days I have been getting the runaroundI’ve been a member for 20 years my name is alitha FosterI need to drive my vehicleI am a plus member

  • Marcy Robinson says:

    I need to speak a AAA legal team officer concerning a tow call on March 21st I believe done by Mickey’s tow company

    • Earnest Hamm says:

      Wow I’m literally going through something similar with AAA /tow company neither company wants to take responsibility for the damage caused by the tow driver maybe every consumer with these complaints should seek legal action against AAA this company has been around over 100 years and don’t seem to care about their paying customers

  • Orin Nisenson says:

    Any idea why no one has filed a lawsuit against the auto industry for their defective headlight lens covers. I consider cloudy lenses a dangerous situation.
    I feel the auto industry should replace these lenses at no cost to the consumer.
    AAA should take the lead in this safety issue
    Orin Nisenson

    • Susan Wilcox says:

      All I am reading here is putting me in shock! It seems AAA has become a very poor company and nobody is listening to customers. Time for a legal suite en mass? I have always had great experiences with AAA until this last tow!! I am trying to report the towing company they used as they were F rated by BBB. I had to threaten to call the police on them for stealing our car! They gave us the address of the repair company, then did not take it there. It took 3 days to find they had put it in a storage lot because they could not find the repair address. I was furious. Camped out at my daughter’s house trying to find her car! I am NOT commenting as a guest! I have been a member for many years as well as my husband. He wants me to drop both memberships after this!

    • Susan Wilcox says:

      I use deet mosquito spray on those foggy plastic covers periodically. Paper towel and spray. Better than trying to get a repair service to clear the foggy plastic for $35/ light!!!

    • Nora says:

      Lol! Are you serious!! There the CROOKS!!! 🤑🤐

  • Mick says:

    I called for service in Virginia on the Delmarva and the phone just rings. Its Tuesday afternoon 1:00 pm, is there nobody there to answer the phone ? I am a Premier member and have been for years but now I have a problem on vacation and am stuck and have been since 7:15 am.

  • Raenette M Hart says:

    Thursday 3/17/2022 I called AAA for a tow they said they would be there by 10:45pm no one came by 4:30 am I got a ride home tried again 3/18/2022 same thing they will be there by 6:15 pm no one came I called them back this is not fare I have AAA and we had to get another truck with trailer to get my truck home.

  • Jay says:

    I was going to ask why AAA doesn’t advise people of the corrupt police in so many of American towns large and small but I see that you are headquarters in the most corrupt state on the union. This sys a lot about who you are and what you stand for.

  • Wayne says:

    We have been a loyal member of AAA for over 20 years. We received a letter from the AAA Membership Review saying they were considering suspending our paid in full membership for poor conduct during a recent service call that we never made. We sent them a letter explaining we never made a service call on the date they referred to and that my wife is a disabled senior citizen who depends on AAA for emergencies on the road. AAA never responded to our letter explaining that we didn’t make the service call and simply cancelled our membership and kept our $300 membership fee. Since then we have called their corporate office multiple times but have never received a call back.

    • Nora says:

      WOW!!! Contact the FTC; Federal Trade Commission
      Protecting America’s consumers for over 100 years.
      The official website: ftc.gov
      Need to Report Fraud/Scam?
      The Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency, collects fraud reports about companies, business practices, identity theft, and episodes of violence in the media.

    • Nora says:

      Address: 1000 AAA Drive, Heathrow, Florida, United States
      1 (407) 444-7000
      Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:15pm eastern time
      Ask for Customer Relations
      If needed;
      Federal Trade Commission
      Federal Trade Commission
      600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
      Washington, DC 20580
      Telephone: (202) 326-2222

      Constitution Center
      Federal Trade Commission
      400 7th St., SW
      Washington, DC 20024
      Telephone: (202) 326-2222
      NOTE: Send mail only to the 600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW (Headquarters) address above.

      For Consumers
      Report fraud, scams, and bad business practices at ReportFraud.ftc.gov.
      Report identity theft at IdentityTheft.gov.
      Report unwanted calls at donotcall.gov.

  • Richard Lopez Sr says:

    I have been with AAA since 1960
    For over a month and many phone calls with no help from several local offices in my area I have been unable to file a claim for damages loss of travel time !
    My member ship is coming up for renewal why pay such high prices for membership when you have no services !
    Richard Lopez Sr
    Member 43817736708001

  • KEITH H HAYS says:

    AAA Carolinas kicked me out for using road side to much as best as I can tell. Years later I received a mailing to re-join. Spent the time to fill it out and then got a cancellation notice. I called AAA in Aiken, SC and they said they could not re-instate me. I have govt travel discounts and road side assistance with State Farm and really don’t need AAA, however, you invite had false information. It said that a “limited” number of road side assistance was allowed and if exceeded they would let me know so I could cover the cost myself. I suggest your corporate team reviews with AAA Carolinas and please never send me a invite to join again unless it is address from AAA Carolinas. My company uses AAA corporate for travel. We have 11,000 employees. I am a Fellow Engineer with an 830 Credit Score.

  • Thomas says:

    Quite sending snail mail to us. NOT interested!
    Thomas Pindroh
    6020 Cantwell Trail
    Medina Ohio 44256

  • Brian says:

    It’s a good thing that I already have a membership with AAA.
    After watching the moronic non-jingle jingle commercials if I didn’t it sure would make me think twice about doing so.
    Why do companies like yours think stupid sells? It just make us switch the channel.

  • Fereidon vaghar says:

    Very deceiving service by agents

  • Fereidon vaghar says:

    Very bad deceiving service from the agent s ..I’m ready to switch after being a member for 15 years

  • Laura says:

    If you paid for their insurance in full but cancel the policy within 24 hours they return your money 30 days later in the form of a check. I cancel the policies and received a check but they insist that they did a chargeback on my account. In other word they paid my refund twice. PNC bank talked to their underwriter with me on the phone and sad there was no chargeback to my account. I even copied my 3 months statement which show that no money was added to my account via a charge back. I don’t know what to do because they never paid me any extra money…my proof is my account records. Maybe they put the money in someone else account it is not my problem!

    • Nora says:

      WOW!!! Contact the FTC; Federal Trade Commission
      Protecting America’s consumers for over 100 years.
      Need to Report Fraud/Scam?
      The Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency, collects fraud reports about companies, business practices, identity theft, and episodes of violence in the media.
      The official website: ftc.gov

  • Jonathan Stephens says:

    I am currently filing a lawsuit against triple AAA for me getting fired from a company that had a contract with you because I was protecting myself when I was on the job to pickup a car.

  • Poor services AAA,Dont help another member,you will get dinged. says:

    Hi have roadside service.I use my card and phone to help out other members and got ding on my roadside services.I went to you my card and say your out.I said i will pay for a new year,said no.It dont expired for another month.Just take it off the new card,said no.I talked two people to renew my card,no.I feel as a member it was poor services on AAA.Thats how they treat there members-sign me up next month.Payed out of pocket 95 dollars to get my car towed.

  • William Rembert says:

    Every comment below is accurate. The new AAA is terrible. I waited for 4 hours on the first day and no one ever responded. I waited another four hours the next day and still no service. AAA called 3 days later to see check on the matter. By then I had paid a regular guy out of pocket to extract my vehicle… To make matters worse, I pay for premier status. If this is premier service, I can only imagine what basic is like. I would suggest that anyone who reads this find a different roadside service. Also make a complaint to the Consumer Protection Agency…..

  • Shameka Rowe says:

    Quiet possibly the worst “member relations” and customer service reps in the world. Counter staff in the shop equally laughable. They scam you into using their service center with “deals” then don’t honor them at check out. I very specifically showed one of the member services reps where they honored the promotion one time and didn’t another and have no response from her even though I’ve reached out several times. To then be greeted with completely incompetent reps over the phone, asking for management and them refusing to transfer until I was called disrespectful and hung up on. To then call back and speak with another representative that was so combative before I could finish my sentence. I asked her 3x to let me finish before she just placed me on hold. The highlight is the hold recording saying here at AAA we aim to provide the best customer service. Laughable. Then the audacity to continuously send renewal reminders with poor support.

  • Rosemarie Marotta says:

    AAA just like every other service is happy to take your money, then hire people who could care less, provide lousy service, longer wait times, and diminished benefits. I’m disgusted with what happened to me yesterday. The reviews are awful and someone in corporate should get a grip on these issues before it’s too late for the organization. There are other services you know….

  • Postol Front says:

    Myself and my partner have been plus members in good standing for ten years. And had built up five service calls each because of continued membership in good standing. And I just found out when I renewed this time that our fifth service call was taken away in 2019 without notice! And the people told me it’s always been that way like I was making this up! I was Always satisfied with the service we got. But it started going downhill recently. There was one occasion were where we were stranded 10 or 15 miles out of town with a front wheel coming off. We called at ten pm in the winter, and didnt see anybody till one am, because the CALIFORNIA dispatcher we got on the phone did not know how to look up our location by the business landmark and town I gave her, was unfamiliar with Maine, and sent a truck ten miles away to another part of the highway, because my phone didn’t give her a gps reading. And AAA comped our next year’s membership as compensation for being left out in the cold for 3 hours!
    But Then yesterday I called for a tow to take my van to the garage because the inspection sticker had expired, and I need to get it looked at. Which they have done several times before with no argument. And this time was no different when I called. Since we had to travel with it, because they won’t bring it back of we’re not with it. But the mechanic refused to allow us to ride with the driver, because of covid, even though they did so before. And then AAA called, and reiterated this position, and then scolded me and denied they do that, even though the front line people set it up that way, told me if they did it before I just got lucky because they DON’T do that unless it’s UNDRIVEABLE! He insisted they are NOT A TRANS-PORTATION COMPANY, and summarily hung up on me, because HE HAD OTHER CALLERS WITH REAL EMERGENCIES! Click!! And last year I actually signed up to do light road service with my van, ahd thet cut my contract by $120 a month of more, without notice, because I didnt have a tow truck! And I’m still trying to get the knife out of my back!!! And they wonder! I guess I can see why the drivers have a class action lawsuit against them in California for underpaying them!!

    • Nora says:

      Address: 1000 AAA Drive, Heathrow, Florida, United States
      1 (407) 444-7000
      Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:15pm eastern time
      Ask for Customer Relations
      If needed;
      Federal Trade Commission
      Federal Trade Commission
      600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
      Washington, DC 20580
      Telephone: (202) 326-2222

      Constitution Center
      Federal Trade Commission
      400 7th St., SW
      Washington, DC 20024
      Telephone: (202) 326-2222
      NOTE: Send mail only to the 600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW (Headquarters) address above.

      For Consumers
      Report fraud, scams, and bad business practices at ReportFraud.ftc.gov.
      Report identity theft at IdentityTheft.gov.
      Report unwanted calls at donotcall.gov.

  • mc says:

    I won’t use AAA again, last year I fell on hard times and had health issues( not covid related) that were serious. I tried to explain this to someone on the phone also in person as there’s a AAA office close, and all they were worried about was my money when I told them I didn’t have it right now and told the women in the office when I could pay it, she wasn’t havin’ it.

    I’ve been a AAA member for a few years and have paid my subscription in FULL in the past this time I can’t and I feel that YOUR ALL ABOUT THE DOLLAR.

    As I said I REALLY don’t think I’ll use you people anymore, your all about screwing the customer and nothing else

  • Keith Settembrino says:

    I am a member for 28 years and for two.days cant get a tow truck and your customer service sucks

  • Rich Williams says:

    I cannot believe how terrible the roadside towing service is through AAA . My mother had an issue since Dec 20th after I purchased AAA on Dec 15. The towing from the home finally got resolved on Jan 17…. That is correct ….one tow service was there 4 times and either said does not need towed, forgot my jumper cables twice, flat bed not working and finally sent them away. Another towing service Lowery towing in Savannah Ga rectified the problem. Between miscommunication with AAA agents and supervisors calling me a liar and your Director in Atlanta not responding… I’m filing complaint with BBB and I want to be reimbursed for the premium package I got my mother. If I listed every detail of incompetence on here it would be over 1000 word. Beware don’t use AAA service for road assistance… find someone else….also I have over 300 hits on my story on Facebook and 87 negative comments about AAA … guess I’m not the only one!

  • CH says:

    I am appalled at the ridiculous wait time between my initial call and receiving roadside assistance. My initial call was around 3:15 PM on January 13, 2022, stating that my car battery was dead. I expected the arrival of assistance within thirty minutes. Instead, I made numerous calls, in 30 minutes increments, requesting assistance from 3:15 PM to approximately 6:00 PM. I explained on my second call that I needed to deliver my vehicle to the auto shop before 5 PM for a diagnostic and possible battery replacement. The representative stated that she would escalate my call.
    Each customer service representative I spoke with either didn’t know I placed a service request or gave me a different approximate arrival time. For example, one customer service representative started to send help to a California address, which I hadn’t lived at for years.
    I felt like a beggar waiting to receive charity.
    Finally, at approximately 6:40 PM, help arrived. The un-masked service technician that arrived about 6:40 PM stated that he had just gotten the dispatch message for my location. ???
    As a loyal member of the Automobile Association of America for 53 years, I am very displeased and angry with AAA. Over my 53 years, I have rarely called for assistance. On the few occasions that I did call for roadside assistance, the response was within 20 minutes. However, if this is the level that AAA has declined to, I’m seriously considering not renewing my membership.

    • Rosemarie Marotta says:

      Me too.

    • Conrad Terry says:

      Drop them, I did. After 50+ years I’m fed up, searched around, should have done this years ago, and found a better carrier(rated same) with more and my costs are less. No more hassle.

      • RM says:

        Let me know who you switched to. I’m interested in dropping AAA for decline in service, both online and for car assistance.

      • Wayne says:

        I need to switch too, who did you switch to?

      • Marion Chamberlain says:

        I’m with you! After 19 years–I can’t find a real person to ask about my membership!
        Why renew with a company that will not talk to you?

    • Rip off says:

      I have the premiere I was told help would be there in about an hour. I need my car towed home I am allowed 200 miles it is 160 mi to my place. 2 hours later I call back and I am told that none of their drivers want to take my car that far. I was like I paid for the service I want my service it has been 14 hours I’m still not home if you don’t have anybody that will tell my car. I would call and be on hold 30 to 45 minutes then they would answer the phone and hurry up and hang up on me without me saying the word. My wife calling her phone and when I found out her car was related to getting my car brought back from Brookfield Ohio to Wayne Ohio they would hang up on her also. Their service is disgusting and absolute joke they are pathetic I hate triple a nothing but lies and more lies and More lies I’m sorry the local driver’s truck is broke down the other driver just doesn’t want to drive that far how can we have people contracted refusing to do service that we pay for I think triple a transfer Always Assholes Answering the phone. They took my money for a service they can’t provide. Your service is pathetic and so are the people that work for you they tell nothing but lies and hang up the phone because they don’t want to deal with reality of a failed service. You guys suck more than suck

  • Laura McInerney says:

    My daughters car was totaled by one of your insured. Your agency has done everything to screw over my daughter! Kevin in claims is being a low life bully and John Ide his supervisor won’t return calls in the 3 days we have emailed and called. We need to get to the bottom of this NOW!

    • Linda says:

      Go with State Farm. Never had a problem in over 35 years. Someone hit my car with AAA insurance. They wouldn’t pay so State Farm fixed my car and they went after AAA.

  • Anthony Carbone says:

    I am dealing with an issue for the past2 weeks. I have reached out directly with Jade Gent via phone & email and after one week she has been unable to correct the issue. I have gone out of my way to do her job and had the paperwork emailed to her and after sending 3 emails to her, I did NOT get a response. Keeping in mind that there is a time limit for me as if I don not get this resolved by December 18th, I am told in writing that my insurance will be suspended.

    I have tried to contact the corporate office with the horrible service I am receiving. But I guess AAA doesn’t care because I paid my premium in full up front.

    I have spoken to multiple AAA employees on the phone for the corporate phone number, and all the numbers that they have given me were NOT the corporate office.

    Can anyone help me ?????

    Stranded in NJ

    • Nora says:

      AAA Corporate Headquarters address; 1000 AAA Drive, Heathrow, Florida, United States,
      8:30am-5:15pm eastern time and ask for

  • Niki says:

    Dear Sir, there has been fraudulent and dishonest activity in your company and hope you can help it. My name is : Naghmeh Niki Javaherian my policy number CAA 073377617 

    Membership # 6200048586481701

    I’ve been with AAA for 25 years till the following happened and no one in AAA helps. I did not receive my membership renewal papers, so early morning a representative by  name of Jeff Bobchirt called my cellphone and said I have not send my renewal back and he needs a 10.oo dollars payment with my Credit card right now to keep my insurance active and later on I can pay the rest. I told him that I had not received the renewal and I can go on my lunch time he said it is safer if he gets the payment now and later I can pay the rest in person.  I gave him the credit card.  Later that day on lunch time I went Encino CA branch to pay the rest of the payment and the representative called Bonchirt and said I’m here yo pay the rest of the premium,  but instead Mr. Bonchirt uploaded a new policy that minute and ask them to make the payment to the new policy thar he made that second so he can get credited for opening a new policy and when I complained that I do NOT want a new policy the representative took side with Bonchirt and said he just uploaded I can not do anything. As a result I lost my Loyalty Discount. Anyway the representative asked me to go to my car a get the Odometer reading so he can put it in the computer. I was so Mad I only paid for 6 months of policy by check and left. Now after  month Jeff Bonchirt has send a letter that because we do not have the Odometer reading we canceled your insurance. The whole thing is more like a Harrassment than anything else. Please look into this. 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  • Iesha Gatlin says:

    I would like to speak to someone higher up in corporate. About a issue that happened booking threw you guys. I’m not satisfied with a decision that was made regarding my reservations that was messed on AAA behalf.

  • Andrea Durant says:

    AAA National is not the headquarters for AAA. The company is a federation and each AAA club has a CEO, HR, etc. Please help to improve service by updating this listing. Customers looking for information about AAA should visit the website to find a club closest to them.

    • Sandra Moore says:

      The Better Business Bureau has given AAA an F rating. They were better when they only provided auto services. With expansion into numerous businesses, they are terrible. I was also rudely told when I called for help with my tires, they no longer service tires. What do they do? I will cancel all my policies and no longer do any business with them. The agents with rental insurance do not return calls and emails to them are returned as “unknown recipient”. I will be filing a complaint with the government agency regulating them.

  • >