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A O Smith
  • Address:  11270 West Park Place, Milwaukee, WI 53224, United States

  • Phone Number: 414-359-4000

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: info@centuryelectricmotor.com

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    Number of Employees: 17,500 

  • Established: 1904

  • Founder: Arthur Oliver Smith 

  • Key People: Ajita G. Rajendra (Chairman & CEO)

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Kevin J. Wheeler

President, COO & Director

John J. Kita

Executive VP & CFO

Wallace E. Goodwin

SVP, President & COO of Lochinvar, LLC

D. Samuel Karge

President of North America Water Treatment Business Unit

About A O Smith, History and Headquarters Information

Hot water is used in our homes in many ways. It is very essential. According to studies, water heating actually makes up 20 percent of your energy bill. It really does cost a lot. For those who love taking a hot bath or shower, this could be a real problem. This is why, AO Smith corporation would be happy to help you in solving such.

 AO Smith is one of the leading corporations in delivering hot water to people. They have been on the business for over 80 years, which just proves that they are one of the best and can be trusted when it comes to water heaters. And now, they have just entered the water treatment industry to help deliver clean water to different parts of the world.

This amazing company with a goal of becoming number one in the world of water technology is headquartered in Ashland, Tennessee, which is the home of the world’s biggest water heater factory. For a safe and relaxing water heating experience, acquire services from AO Smith now!

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  • Terish T V says:


    The Chairman/VP (Operations)/General Manager,
    AO Smith.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Unfortunately wen there are many other water heater manufacturing companies are very much available, I went and bought a water heater from A.O Smith(Trusting the Goodwill of the Brand) on 09-12-2021 from AO Smith, India website itself and made the full payment for a MiniBot 4.5KW 3L.

    Taking me for a total surprise from such an old company, even after asking for the email and the contact number during the purchase process, till today I haven’t received any intimation about the order confirmation or about the payment receipt neither in email nor in phone from AO Smith. But as my usual procedure I saved a copy of the entire web page itself and due to that I have the order number at least.

    This sheds light on how unprofessionally its been operating- really pathetic.

    The second surprise was given by your toll free number executive who sits and repeats the same sentence like a recorded message ” Please send a mail to “aosmithcs@aosmithindia.com” and they will respond to it in 24 hours time. The person will say the same statement again and again even if I request to connect to someone who takes care of the online orders. Do you even value the time and money of a person…?

    I can’t believe this kind of lethargic approach from an American company where the country and people are known for punctuality and value of time.

    I still don’t know what has happened to my order (32119) and what action they have taken on it so far.

    If you can kindly intimate on whether you are going to supply the product (If so on which date) or going for a refund.

    But I will never recommend or opt for this company’s product ever in my lifetime.

    Good day


  • Frank DeNunzio says:


    Bought the water heater about 15 years ago.

    The control board craps out on it and YOU WON’T HONOR THE WARRANTY — and why? Because YOUR COMPANY DOESNT HAVE A RECORD of what happened to the warranty card registration information that was sent in. It isn’t my fault that your company screwed up or it was lost in transit. And now you won’t honor the warranty.

    I was told that I have to find a receipt from 15 years ago!!! You take one of these receipts that are on thermal paper and see what happens after a year, it starts fading. And since when does every consumer have to be a packrat and keep receipts from 15 years ago?

    A lifetime warranty means a lifetime.

    Then you said you want a copy of a tax bill from 2005 to prove that I lived here — are you kidding me? Again, do you keep your tax bills? especially if they are escarole into your mortgage? Then I was told to find an electric bill from 2005 to prove that I had the home — again, really? Then I was to contact the bank — well guess what, my mortgage was sold so many times over the years that it isn’t funny. The company that I have now just bought the mortgage 1 year ago, the last company only had it about 7 or 8 years, the company before that about 4 years before they got bought by another company which resulted in the mortgage getting sold, as for the original mortgage company — no longer exists at all.

    So you tell me where I am getting proof from 2005?

    Then I get told to pay a technician to come out to repair it, which you still won’t honor the warranty because you lost my registration information.
    Then I was told to contact the company that originally installed it — really? do I look like a rich person? We installed it ourselves, it isn’t hard to connect a power line, connect two water line fittings and switch on a circuit breaker, so NO I didn’t have a company that did it.

    But that is OK, I am making sure that my family lets everyone on social media know about it and the story about your company and its customer service is already a story idea for a podcast show that I reached out to. (So don’t be surprised when they reach out to you for a comment).
    I am also contacting WNEP (ABC) Channel 16 in Scranton, PA to do a consumer affairs story about your company and I am filing a complaint with the Pennsylvania State Attorney General’s office and the Tennessee State Attorney Generals’ office.
    And if you think I am bluffing about it, just sit back and wait until you are contacted.

    Sorry, but you messed with the wrong Vietnam Veteran and it’s ridiculous how your company treats an elderly customer, but everyone will know about it now.

    Your company screws up and I have to go through hell because of it — great customer service.

    And when I asked for company contact information, I was told there is no number to call your company except for the tech support number and that there is no other person higher to talk to — really? Well then get me a job application so I can come out of retirement because I would love to work for a company with no supervision, no managers, no upper management, no one checking on things — It’s a perfect dream job.

  • Patricia Dow says:

    I need information about my pension. Who should I talk to about this?

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