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  • Address: 1200 17th St, Denver, CO 80202, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 308 553 8600
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 185
  • Established: 2018
  • Key People: Miguel Quiroga

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Miguel Quiroga


David Dentry


Himanshu Niranjani


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  • Fun off says:

    Horrible customer service when you can only chat let alone taking me 5days and no answer to issue.. don’t start a plan with them …HORRIBLE

  • Lonnie Garner says:

    I am getting absolute crap slow down speeds in Los Angeles area even down to zero data access. This started happening when they changed the pay plans. I complained and spent hours in chat with multiple visible support. They even change support people in the same chat window. I talked to 5 visible support persons in the same chat session. I did that the next day too. They could not help. Hours of frustration being asked the same questions. They said they will have someone call from the next level support. I have waited almost 3 days and no call from the next level. They do not even document accurately on their side.

    I had no problems for over a year and now after the new plans I have experienced just crap slow downs where I have had to wait 20 minutes to use an app where before I could use it in 1 minute. What will happen if I have to call 911 and I am throttled down to zero data?

    Visible has throttled the old pay plans down to nothing after the new $30 pay plan was created.

    Visible was a good thing but now is total crap. Afraid to even refer anyone to Visible now.

  • Cat says:

    Very disappointed in customer service, reps seem to have very little experience with just simple tasks such as setting up new service. I’ve spent hours out of my life just trying to get service…5 days w/o service is just unacceptable. Training much? The chat experience is just the icing on the crap cake.

  • DLS says:

    Unconscionable Customer service. Can’t even complete the purchase because of some “backend problem.” No one to talk to. Can’t believe theier CS is not mentioned in the high ratings.

  • Guest says:

    Visible wireless service exists just to scam people and frustrate them! Don’t believe those reporter websites that give Visible a good rating. I went to Visible and it was a nightmare and leaving them is worse! Stay with a legitimate carrier that has a customer service phone number and live people you can talk not automated chat like Visible. By the grace of God I was delivered from Visible and I went to T-Mobile.

  • Tom says:

    Phone service is good, but Customer Service sucks. Only way to talk is via chat and that’s after waiting in line for hours. Then they all tell you the same thing, “We are happy to help you with your problem.” “We are working on it.” It’s been 5 days so far for me with no service. Been told twice that it was fixed, it wasn’t. Time to move to a new company.

  • Paul Howell says:

    I would like a senior person from management to ask me how my experience has been with Visible. I’m 61 years old and I’ve never seen customer service as incompetent as Visible’s. Should be ashamed and probably will be once my issue is investigated by someone who cares about customers.

  • Paul Howell says:

    Worst Customer Service I’ve ever received in my adult life.

  • Jeffrey mast says:

    Can’t get my phone working has been two weeks and no phone. Customer service just keeps passing me around. I need this resolved now

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