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Residence Inn
  • Address: 10400 Fernwood Road Bethesda, Maryland 20817
  • Phone Number: 1-800-721-7033
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 1001-5000
  • Established: 1975
  • Founder: 
  • Key People: Alison Piatkiewicz, Director of Sales

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  • Larry cambron says:

    Hi I’m trying to apply for a job/employment with y’all’s hotel in Wichita Falls,Texas could you have someone from y’all’s new hotel to call me anytime I want to come work for y’all’s hotel in Wichita Falls,Texas my name is Larry cambron phone: 940.224.4460

  • Andy Roberts says:

    I checked out of the Residence Inn Sat 9th April 2022 at Residence Inn by Marriott Columbia NE/Fort Jackson 2320 LeGrand Rd Columbia SC 29203
    I left a BIG BLACK HEADPHONE Headset/Microphone that I used for remote work. My room was 122, There was no way someone who entered the room could miss it. They asked House keeping if she saw it and she said no, the level of dishonesty form these people are ridiculous. This is my second loss from a Residence Inn, first my wedding ring now this happened.

  • Martha says:

    We recently stayed at the Residence Inn in Stafford Texas. The hotel said it was pet friendly but there was no indication of the large pet fee that would be required. We had to pay $150 and we only stayed 2 nights. It was not a deposit fee but a charge that we could not get back. So we paid $420 for a 2 night stay, ridiculous.

  • Paul Gibney says:

    Tried to book a room at The Residence Inn in Riverhead NY for a one night stay on a Saturday in May. I was shocked to find out the price gouging going on by what I used to think was a reputable company. The hotel is close to full for that day so the price has gone from $175 per night to $699 per night. Price gouging at it’s finest! The woman from Res Inn even told me when the hotel gets to a certain capacity the prices skyrocket and there’s no discounts!!!!! Completely disgusted with Res Inn and yes I booked my room at another local hotel with a friendly employee who was happy to give me a reservation and a discount. They welcomed my business were happy to accomodate me. Sorry Res Inn you get a big thumbs down!

  • Diana says:

    I was a guest at the residence inn at 10 Morgan Irvine California. I accidentally dropped my $20,000 diamond ring in the toilet. the hotel was no help to me. They initially told me to call a plumber who was equipped with equipment to retrieve my diamond ring. When I did schedule a plumber hotel refused to allow a plumber and and took the liberty to cancel my appointment. I had to stay two nights extra just to try to get someone to help me with my ring.. The staff was very unprofessional. I would like to know what Can I possibly do if my ring disappeared from the room.

  • Art Valles says:

    I just received a fraudulent card use alert from Wells Fargo bank indicating that my Wells Fargo credit card was used at a Residence Inn in California on 2 Feb 2022 for a total of $1710.00. I have not been in California for several years and have not stayed at any Residence Inn. I would like to know how this happened. Doesn’t one have to show a drivers license to make sure that the names match up with the card? I notified Wells Fargo of this purchase and now I’ve had my account closed until I receive a new card which is an inconvenience for me. This is totally unacceptable. Waiting for your response.

    Art Valles
    Prescott, AZ

  • Kalli says:

    Could I have Payroll or HR phone number?

  • Unity Faith Boyd says:

    After staying at the Residence inn in Canton Ohio my account is extremely overdraft and I am homeless and no way to pay for a place to live as all my money is going towards these fees. I was not informed of any of this until after the fact. Another reason I would not recommend them to anyone.

  • Unity Faith Boyd says:

    I was a guest at the Residence inn in Canton Ohio from the end of October to the week before Christmas. I was overcharged by about $910. When I called to fix this was told different which was not the case because that would mean I went from paying 1300 something for 2 weeks to 1 week paying that. I am contemplating taking them to court. And definitely not recommending them to anyone.

  • STacy Morton says:

    Compliant against Courtney in Elite Services:
    Phone call dated 21 December 2021 ~ 1230pm

    I am currently on the phone with Marriott Bonney corporate office to resolve a pre-authorization against my account for an extended stay. A lady who identified herself as Karen began assisting me. I shared my story with her and she asked if she could put me on a brief hold to contact the location where I am presently staying to see if there was anyone available that could help me today. I waited approximately 5-7 minutes when a person who identified themselves as Courtney picked up the line. This was the rudest, most unprofessional person I have encountered within this company. I explained to Courtney I was waiting for Karen. She iterated I was transferred to her. I again explained that Karen was contacting the local branch in Springdale to determine who could help me, when she said I was transferred to her. I had to ask her name, and who she was with. Courtney with Elite Services. I stated that does not help me with my situation and she berated me that I needed a case number. I returned the attitude with comments equal to her’s. Perhaps not the best approach, but Marriott has charged my account against my request and now I am dealing with a customer service person with some kinda attitude. Not the best impression of a customer service rep. I asked to please put Karen back on the line I did not wish to iterate my circumstances for a third time. This seems like customer service 101, but perhaps not. My stay at this particular location has been convenient to the business I am presently working at, weekly, if not daily, I am left unable to enter the building and or my room due to key card issues, I have to ask for cleaning services even though upon my initial visit I was told I could request a schedule cleaning and linen services, and now my account has been charged leaving me in a negative draft balance because the location did not follow the intended payment plan. Now I am on the phone with the most rude, disrespectful and unprofessional person ever!!! I waited on hold for Courtney to return to the line to inform me she spoke to an associate at the front desk. When I asked who she spoke with, Courtney could not tell the name of the person she spoke with. Rather, she stated, ‘I did not catch name, it is the associate you have spoken to twice today.’ Interestingly enough, I have spoke to a woman, not a man, once, and they were unable to assist me. When I informed Courtney of this information, she hung up on me. WOW!!!!

    I called back to leverage a verbal compliant against this horrible person, and again was hung up by Julie. When I called a third, I finally got through, Julie, informed me it her was phone…. This is the worst ever! Never. Ever. Again!

  • Angelia Rayside says:

    Letter of Concern
    Complaint: Against Residence Inn Roseville
    1930 Taylor Road, Roseville, CA 95661

    Recently we had a bad storm in California, which damaged our home.
    Upon getting my insurance to take care of the damages we were forced to be displaced for a few days. My insurance company gave us three weeks at Residence Inn Roseville, with an incidental charge of $140.00 dollars, and said I would get it back after we leave, I said ok, and we agreed to go.
    On December 6, we arrived at the Residence Inn, the first day there we were getting nasty looks from management. We ignore it and tried to be super nice to them, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that we were going to be a target. We went on and check in the room and stayed there for the night. The next morning, we decided to go try their continental breakfast. We all went to breakfast and sat down, (as we were being watched) we ask what we could take and they told us, but the looks they gave us made us feel very uncomfortable, so we took our breakfast back to the room and eat it there. After that, we all went to work. Later that day, my insurance company call me and said that we had to leave, and I ask why? Keep in mind this is day two, there was another large family there that was Black as well, I am not sure if they thought we were all together or not but His response to me was you guys took more breakfast than was allowed and stole some, and he went go to say that we have more than 4 people in the room (which was not so!) we all work and were trying to follow their rules. Keep in mind this is day two, there was another large family there that was Black as well, I am not sure if they thought we were all together or not but, it seems to me someone should have asked us if we were all together instead of assuming. I ask him was I being targeted or if this was racial profiling? He said oh no I will talk to her and straighten things out and said he was sorry for the misunderstanding after I explain what happen, He never calls me back so I thought everything was ok, three more days went by, and nothing, but dirty looks were given they would not even say good morning, they acted like they were busy when we came around. So that Friday I call my insurance company and told them I was going to check out, I could not take it anymore with being watched, harassed, and insulted felt like we were prisons of our room. Now, before I could reach back there to check out, they had already gone to the room while my son was sleeping and told him he had to leave by 1 pm without telling me anything. I was at work, so I call, and she (her office helper) said we were smoking in the room (another lie) because I have a heart condition and can not have smoke around me. They went into my bank account and charge me $250.00 dollars for smoking in the room (which was not true) and said they had to get a professional cleaner to clean the room (all lies) I called the office to find out about this charge and the manager would not come to the phone to talk to me. Mean While I have been unfairly treated, harassed, insulted, and accused of things I and my family did not do. I am deeply saddened by this experience and would like my money back.

  • Debra Cortese says:

    This is the first time I ever stayed at the Residence inn by Marriott in Windsor Ct. We usually stay at Hiltons and my brother told me to try Marriott because he’s a member. When we got to our room, it was very dirty. We wiped down everything floors and all. Coffee pot was disgusting. Thank God I bring my own. First day at breakfast we had to keep waiting along with other people. Then they would bring out 4 hash browns at a time, and then people had to wait again. This morning nothing hardly there except waffles and a few sausage on the hot tray. When I asked where are eggs and hash browns, the response was everything is on backorder. Well the grocery store is 2 miles up the road and has that. Poor management here for sure and not what expected. I am very disappointed. I am asking for a partial refund or a free night or two on my next stay at a better one of your sites. You can reach me at 919-602-8292

  • Norma Gabriel says:

    I need to contact someone and file a complaint concerning my recent stay at the Residence Inn By Marriott, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I need a refund!

  • Jasmyne Simmons says:

    I need to place a complaint about my recent stay and I need a full refund ASAP

  • MARY A TIMBLIN says:

    Would like to speak to someone about my 7day stay

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