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  • Address: 10200 David Taylor Dr, Charlotte, NC 28262, United States
  • Phone Number: 1-800-374-4432
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 523
  • Established: 1918
  • Key People: Alan Shaw

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Jonas Samuelson

President and CEO 

Adam Cich

Head of Business Area Asia Pacific

Ricardo Cons

Head of Business Area Latin America, Executive Vice President 

Carsten Franke

Chief Operations Officer (head of the Global Operations function), Executive Vice President

Therese Friberg

Chief Financial Officer

Anna Ohlsson-Leijon

Head of Business Area Europe, Executive Vice President

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  • Jeannie says:

    Your customer service representatives hang up on the customer before the conversation is over. It’s very disrespectful & bad practice as a company to hire people who treat customers this way. His name was Victor & he was very rude over the phone, careless & unprofessional. If this company uses call centers to save money, this is a very bed business decision for customer retention.

  • Robert says:

    daughter bought a manufactured home with all refrigidaire appliances. No water filter in the fridge. Not sure how you sell one without putting the filter in it. I understand the supply chain is off but really? Rather than complaining I ordered one a month ago suspecting a supply chain issue. Tried to call about it today. It apparently was of little concern that it was purchased without one. None to ship. Found this out after getting routed to another customer service rep, after entering all info over the phone, after waiting three times for several minutes to speak with someone. About an hour of my time wasted today. No way to email customer service. Its like they do not want to hear from customers.

  • Pete Peterson says:

    I purchased a freezer from Boulevard Home Furnishings in Utah in August of 2020. That was little more than a year and a half ago. The freezer, along with the product within it, is dead. You offer a warranty of one year. I agreed to that when I bought the piece. I agreed based on my previous freezer that last 32 years (a Gibson).

    I called you help desk, which, BTW is a joke. Press one, Press 2 etc. If it’s a microwave press 9. Help your customers! When I finally get someone live, she is helpful and offers to pay for parts only. She gives me a company to call: A&E at (800) 905-9505. I call them after being referred to by your organization and found they do NOT service my area. I call Frigidaire back. I’m told call The Boulevard Home Furnishings. They, too, will not come to me. No problem, I will take the freezer to them (with gras prices being $4.65 a gallon). It’s probably less expensive than your service call.

    I texted your company and was abruptly disconnected. I was not being impolite.

    This is all maddening! I have a crappy product. I can’t get anyone to come fix it! I lost hundreds of dollars in food! A year and a half! Is that something you can be proud of? Is it realistic to sell a product so shoddy as that?

    • Lisa paddock says:

      I am having same problem with them. Brand new refrigerator died after 18 months. Lost alot of food. Been 2 weeks 5 calls and 50 lies from frigidaire and I’m still living out of a cooler and eating out. Totally ridiculous.

  • Karen E. Herrick says:

    I personally wrote to the President and CEO I have had so much trouble with my Frigidaire refrigerator. Of course, he has not answered me. PC Richards actually sold me a floor model, which I had agreed to, but when it was delivered I found a receipt that the person had rejected the refrigerator because it had been dropped and was badly damaged. I now want the refrigerator replaced. This is a nightmare.

  • Anne santoro says:

    I can’t believe that I bought my Frigidaire refrigerator a little less than 2 years ago and it has died. After I bought it, it had to be taken back to be repaired for some reason and because of the pandemic it was hard to get parts so I was lucky to have an old fridge in my basement and used that for 2 months.

  • Kammi Scott says:

    That purchase clear containers for the refrigerator. And every single one of them cracks and breaks when you pick it up. I’m very frustrated with this as I have been trying to contact the company for quite some time. There is no way to contact customer service on the Frigidaire website except within a certain time frame, which I am not available.

  • Jami Davis says:

    Hey all you fine folks working at a terrible company!!!
    Following up to let you know after waiting 1.5 WEEKS with no range or oven bc of a gas valve issue, we had the repair man out today to “fix it” promised it was taken care of.
    He said don’t worry about that Gas smell
    It is gas burn off.
    Ok professional, I trust you.
    I went to work bc I have a job and I total I have taken off 6 days of work to be here for repairs. (You all have 6 days to take off work?!?! Bc I don’t) A reminder arranged less than a year old it has not worked for now almost 2 months during the time that we’ve had it.
    Anyway left my DOGS, came home to a house filled with gas smelled. Called Xcel.
    You guessed it, a gas leak! Red tag and all. Turn off again for who knows how long and of course there is no customer service to call to help.
    So we go another night with a range, no way to cook food

    This is beyond unreal
    Terrible product
    Awful service
    Your company could have killed my dogs

    So unbelievable

  • Artur Wojcik says:

    Waiting on solution for 3 months for my fridge not cooling and holding temp along with cracks in liner. Called and talked to customer reps at least twice a week. Have 2 service technicians sent out because they wanted to verify the first technicians diagnosis

  • Steve says:

    I purchased a wine cooler for Christmas 2021. When I opened the box to set it up, besides inserting the shelves, there was only one part (the handle on the door) to attach. Got the handle. Got the complimentary Allen wrench. Didn’t get the set screws to attach the handle to the posts. Called the warranty department who sent me to the parts department. After sitting on hold for hours at a time each time, the consistently sent the wrong screws. No less than 5 sets of screws have been sent over 3 months, all of which are incorrect. The customer service people can’t figure out how to resolve this. Just go the the shipping dept and pull the next box on the shelf, send me the only parts bag in the box. Problem solved. But they can’t figure that much out.

  • Jami Davis says:

    Absolutely terrible customer service with a zero respect for the customer.

  • Catherine Morrow says:

    Why am I still waiting for my freezer to be repaired after 3 months?

  • Karen says:

    I bought a Frigidaire refrigerator 2/4/2021. In November 2021, the freezer quit working. After 3 months of grueling phone calls, FB messages, aggravation and 4 repair calls, I had enough. When I called on 2/8/2022 to let them know the latest “repair” still hadn’t fixed the problem, they had the audacity to tell me my warranty had run out! I spoke to the rudest “supervisor” who wouldn’t help me. Finally, someone on the FB chat was able to “send it to the back room”, where they finally gave the okay for Lowe’s to send me a replacement. Guess what? ONE WEEK after receiving the replacement…..the freezer does not work! Just called and they want me to start the whole process of sending repairmen all over again. The “Supervisor” claimed there is no way to escalate it without sending someone out. I’m done. Just filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s office, and will be filing in small claims court on Monday.

  • Lora Walker says:

    I ordered 5 parts a dairy door and 3 bins for my side by side refrigerator. I received the dairy door and 1 bin. I called to request the rest of my items I was hung up on twice. Is this how you do business?

  • Marion Aaron says:

    It’s over a year since I put in a complaint about my Frigidaire dishwasher Model#FFBD206NS,
    serial#TH64979279 and I am Still without a properly working dishwasher.
    Marion Aaron 212 684 3639

    • Lynne Poirier says:

      That doesn’t give me much hope of getting mine repaired. I’ve been hung up on at least 12 times now and I’m not being rude. I’m trying to get this resolved and they keep disconnecting me. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER SEEN! I will never buy frigidaire again!

  • Shirey Andrews says:

    I am convinced Frigidaire products are about as worthless as their protection plans and I would never purchase neither one again. My 18 month old Frigidaire True Convection Double Wall Oven is mere I candy. It claims all the bells and whistle any cook would love. The only problem, they did’t work on command. A Frigidaire Service Tech changed the “Motherboard” only to discover the ” Steam Cleaning” feature was leaving a large puddle of water on the floor of the ( electric) oven. Then I notice both oven were developing hairline cracks. Frigidaire deemed the oven unrepairable. I thought well, I extended the warranty so they will replace it with a comparable one right. No, not only did they refuse to replace it. The oven was discontinued after 2 years. However they did offer to buy it back with several contingencies. Provide the original receipt. Remove the serial and model number from the unit and affix it to their letter/form mail it them within 30 days. Uninstall the wall unit, dispose it ect………By the way did I mention the buyback offer is a prorated undisclosed amount of which no-one knows the formula. Once all of their demands are met they will make an offer and you
    take it or leave it.

  • Becky says:


  • Richard H Wohl, M.D. says:

    Purchased a Frigidaire French door refrigerator with ice-maker from Home Depot in 2018, plus an extended warranty. It has had a number of problems including failure of ice-maker, failure of internal lighting system and periodic malfunction of ice-maker. It has been very difficult to obtain service, often involving waits of 15-20 minutes on phone calls to schedule service, lack of parts by repairmen and lack of response from warranty service.
    I am older guy, and have had many refrigerators over the years, and in the past most have functioned well for 20-30years without problems. I can see from other comments on this site that both reliability and service have been poor. I would recommend choosing another brand of refrigerator.

  • Randy Morris says:

    Purchased a Frigidare Electric Range, 2 months after buying, it damn near set the house on fire! You chances of winning the Mega Million Lottery are better than trying to get in tough with anybody that speaks English at this company! Searching for an attorney at this time!

  • Lennie says:

    I bought a brand new mobile home at the end of December 2021 it came with Frigidaire appliances. My refrigerator work for only about a week, contacted warranty center. It took over anther two weeks to get a technician out. It’s now the end of January and I still don’t have a working refrigerator. I’ve lost food and can’t store anything, asked about getting reimbursed and got told they don’t do that. Someone in the corporate office need to do the right thing and look into the issues of this company.

  • Richard Sugden M.D. says:

    Jan 21, 2022
    William Denning, President
    Denning’s Inc.
    201West Broadway
    Idaho Falls, ID 83402

    Dear Mr. Denning,

    On November 12th we purchased a Frigidaire refrigerator from your Idaho Falls store, Model #FFTR1835VS, Serial #BA13211789.

    You hired, at our expense, another company in Idaho Falls to transport the refrigerator to our home in Wilson WY. They delivered the refrigerator, plugged it in, and left.

    The refrigerator never cooled inside. The inside lights were on, the air was circulating and you could hear the cooling mechanism running in the back .. but it never cooled off.

    We called your store, and were told that your store did not do any service, and we would have to have the refrigerator repaired elsewhere! Your manager gave us the name of an appliance service in Afton, WY .. but when we contacted them they said they did not do service in the Jackson/Wilson WY area.

    We then contacted a local appliance service, who came out immediately and determined that the refrigerator was not working, but said they could not work on it as it was under warranty .. and that we would need to contact Frigidaire for warranty service.

    We contacted Frigidaire, but the soonest they could come was mid December … so we waited, without a refrigerator. We had to store refrigerated items outside in a cooler. The mid-December date arrived, the technician did not show up, and we received a text saying we needed to reschedule, and the earliest date was Jan. 19th.

    January 19th arrived, no technician from A&E Factory Service, and another “you must reschedule” text arrived. We’ve had enough with this. We have contested your charge for the refrigerator with VISA and the funds will be revoked. Please come get your refrigerator and please refund the original $200 shipping charges. If we do not hear anything in 10 days we will proceed with legal action.

    Rich Sugden M.D.
    Wilson, WY


    And they returned a scrawled note:

    “We are sending you a check for $250 … The extra $50 is for you to dispose of the Fridge. We will not be picking it up” .. Signed “Dennings” … What a great company .. and horrible PR for Frigidaire and Electrolux.

    CC – CEO’s Frigidaire and Electrolux

  • Brian Hall says:

    Frigidaire y’all got a pretty good scam going with refrigerator light bulbs!!! LED light bulbs should last 5,6,7, hell 10 years. I read the reviews there not even making 1-2 years and at $70.00 you van have this fridge back. You make the bulbs you put there and sale a great fridge then screw the customers. Nice well played

  • Eartha says:

    Yeah add me to to list of unhappy customers displeased with the Frigidaire brand!!! brought a refrigerator form Lowes in Feb 2021 and started having problems 3 months later! I have and called and i have experienced all the frustrations above! it there is a class action law suit include me!!!

  • Me says:

    Looks like the same ole customer service. Had a dishwasher for six months and on service call number 4. Told they won’t replace the item. Yet it still don’t work. What a joke

  • Nancy says:

    MAD!!!! Purchased a Frigidaire deep freezer June 2021. Now Jan 2022 it defrosted & we lost ALL our meat on 2 shelves, plus, crock pot meals. They sent tech out. He took apart & had to order a computer part. It is freezing again, but we are not using! I want a refund on our loss & I cannot get through on phone. On chat, they say I get nothing!!!! ” Frigidaire is the best to go with” per repairman. Because of Covid, part may be delayed. I am so frustrated with Home Depot. They told me I was lucky because of Covid warehouses were slow in deliveries. I am now going to write to corporate to the President/CEO. It will get passed onto more & more people. You cannot even send E Mail.

  • James W Wilson says:

    I bought a side by side Model GRSC 2352 AF did not work right from day one. service man from Chambers Service Inc. was out to repair frig. and determined that wires were broke inside of unit.
    it was determined that it was unrepairable. I have a claim no. 8506772801 and a disposition letter was to be sent to Lowes near me. as of 1/13/22 no one at Lowes know anything about this claim.
    I called Frigidaire 800 374 4432 again!!!! with the same response that they would look into it.
    After 6 calls to Frigidaire 6 call to Lowes I still do not have a frig. and no one knows anything.
    I hope that it is not the new way of selling a product, charge premium price with no service.
    very disappointed in the way that Frigidaire has handled service.

    • Josephus says:

      James I agree with you 100% because this company and it’s brand is so disappointing and the product is not worth your money because I just got my frig in Oct 2021 and Dec 2021 I was call back to Lowes for a service repair less than 90 days old and here I need a part for a $1600 refrigerator the Frigidaire customer service lied like I would have the part in two days and the service repair was set, but it was all a lie.

  • Walter Benedict says:

    I’ve been trying to get my new side x side fixed or replaced since I bought it new last year June 2021!! The ice maker has NEVER worked. The fridge FREEZES on the lowest shelf up and freezer sporadically thaws out on its own. Five techs from A&E have been here plus two appointments they didn’t show up at all, for a total, so far, of 7 missed days of work for me. They have replaced the ice maker twice and control board once. Last call I got through I was told that a replacement order was being requested and I should receive an email by middle of the next week. That was three weeks ago. Now I keep getting hung up on today 3X so far. Why am I being treated this way????? My phone number is 859-583-5151. Email is I’ve had it. I’ve been buying ice for 7 MONTHS for a new appliance!!!!

  • Frances Allred says:

    Our refrigerator is two years old Had part replaced .two months later doing the same loud noise like it going to explode We are on a fixed income .we’re wakened in the this loud sound again .We need our fridge to work .I think it’s terrible .hope we can get it fixed have fifteen people coming for supper tonight .so very upset.

  • John Winterholler says:

    We have no had our second horrendous experience with Frigidaire appliances. At 13 months our dishwasher went completely haywire, including all electronics. Frigidaire, after 5 months of back and forth with their customer service folks, finally sent a new unit door which was never able to be installed correctly with faulty hydraulics. Now, at 4 1/2 years, our new Professional Frigidaire 72″ refrigerator/freezer combo quit cooling on the fridge side. The temperature rose to 65 degrees and would not reset. A technician was called who diagnosed the entire compressor, evaporation, and heat exchange systems were faulty due to the design and original installation. $1100.62 later, and without a refrigerator over the entire Christmas holiday, we have a repaired fridge. If you are buying new appliances for your kitchen, fun as fast as you can away from Frigidaire. They are unreliable. The service by Frigidaire is non-existent. The phone staff is training to avoid providing any resolution what so ever, but they are masterful at transferring the phones to yet another department, another supervisor or manager, and then making commitments that the do not keep. And if you do decide to go with Frigidaire, avoid the misperception of purchasing their ‘top of the line’ Professional line. It’s worthless and the company will NOT back up their premier appliances.

  • Tony Berry says:

    We spent over a thousand dollars for a Frigidaire dishwasher with 3-warranty. A year later it looks like its 15 years old. The silver finish is coming off the front and the control panel looks overly warn in such a short period of time. We are told this issue is not covered under the warranty and there is nothing that they can do. I will send photos and letters to all the corporate executives listed on Google and see if they will respond. What a complete disappointment with this product!!!

  • Tony Islan says:

    Horrible customer service is just the beginning of Bad Service. Told the wait time to talk to someone would be about 1 minute; it took 20 minutes. Was asked to wait on hold and was disconnected; no call back. Tried to find a phone number for the corporate office; found an 800 number, called it and wound up with no help at all and no one to talk to. I may have to return my freezer and find a brand NOT made or owned by them. What a shame. Is it Frigidaire, Electrolux or some other brand – oops – all of the above and none of the above.

  • Shirley Pace says:

    Bought my freezer. It was defective. They offered a buyback. I have been doing this since October 5th. It is now December and nothing. That is a long 3 to 5 business days. I call everyday. The customer service supervisors are now yelling at me. Today I will be contacting a lawyer to file a civil suit. There is no communication with the “back office” where the process supposedly takes place. They have had ample time to resolve this matter.

  • Claudia says:

    Horrible customer service! Purchased upright freezer January 2021 it stopped working November 2021. Don’t purchase anything Frigidaire! They don’t back up their appliances and, when calling Customer Service, you will be placed on hold for an eternity! Very DISAPPOINTING!

    • Martina says:

      Same here never ever buy their products. I have my freezer for a little over a year and had 3 service calls already. It’s disgusting

  • john a zmich says:

    I’ve only had my 800 dollar dishwasher in about a month and it’s not working and impossible to get someone to respond or service it…

    • Lynne Poirier says:

      Any luck yet? Mine crapped out about 3 months ago after less than 2 months old and still getting the run around from Frigidaire. This is horrible! Had to go buy a new one and did not buy frigidaire this time.

  • Rodney Lynch says:

    The customer service is terrible.I needed some set screws for my refrigerator with no avail. This company is pretty horrible with these types of agents, they represent who you are as a company.

  • Irene Preziuso says:

    I just got through reading all the comments about some of Frigidaire’s other customers and the zero help they got when they needed it. I to went through this with their 800 line for help…what a run a around. I bought my freezer in April 2021 and the coolant tube released the coolant and I lost quite a bit of food before I discovered the freezer was not working…..right now I have an independent ordering the part which he said would probably take 4 weeks to get in. I got my freezer from Lowe’s in Palm Desert, CA….did not get an extra warranty because when I was growing up, Frigidaire was the appliance to have because it was trustworthy. I feel absolutely devastated knowing I among the other dissatisfied customers. Had I read the comments before buying, I would not have purchased this freezer. I am signing below, just in case someone from Frigidaire wants to call me.
    Irene Preziuso

  • Jennifer Sayles says:

    I purchased a Frigidare Galley refrigerator from W. Jackson Lowes in September 2021 which stopped cooling in October 2021. This set off alarms that I was sold a DEFECTIVE PRODUCT because according to manufacturer’s sticker the unit was made in August. When I contacted W Jackson Lowes and informed them what had occurred they told me that they could not help me because I purchased the unit over 30 days ago and referred me to Frigidare. When I finally reached an employee they collected my information and scheduled me with two INCOMPETENT AND INFERIOR repair companies/technicians who had the audacity to tell me to leave my home unlocked/unsecured when I informed them I could not take off work again based on a maybe that they may show up. My best advice is to never used this company or Lowes because they do not stand behind their products. I have contacted various agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Better Business Bureau as well as retaining an attorney to seek compensation for damages as well as pain and suffering.

  • aimee patel says:

    Have had the absolute WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE from Frigidaire. Noone will allow a complaint to go past the inept customer service team. i have had my refrigerator for 8 months and 5 of those months it has not been working. My floor is damaged from a leak, my wall is damaged, and my entire house smells like whatever seal is not working inside the unit. The company refuses to replace the unit. this is the SECOND time the same issue has occurred. the first took 12 weeks to repair and then 4 months later, i am on week 7 with zero effectual customer service. It will be another week and a half before anyone can even come and LOOK at the fridge, never mind order parts, wait and repair. i will never EVER use this company again and if i could contact the President, i will be.
    DISGUSTING team of people.
    Aimee Patel

  • Kcandy says:

    This was the worst customer service I’ve ever had I’ve been hung up on not once not twice but three times still have not got my complaint in or even got my problem solved each person has gotten smart with me lied to me transferred me multiple times without getting me to where I need to be to speak to someone about the problem I was having with my dishwasher that I just bought four months ago

  • Lori Miller says:

    I purchased a bad refrigerator and can’t get anyone to repair it ,replace it or give me a refund! Very frustrated!

  • Chuck occhiuto says:

    My dehumidifier failed during the final week of warranty. It took 2 weeks to contact help for this product. As a result it is now out of warranty period and I am out of luck for a replacement. Great company , can’t even contact corporate.

  • Judy says:

    Customer Service is a joke,cannot even get through on the phone lines, message says they have a high volume of calls and cannot take your call,then you get hung up on. What company hangs up on customers?Chat via the website also not working,

  • David Sedberry says:

    I agree with Fred….I have had my appliance lass than a year with two major failures. How can I contact a real person? I worked for Lowe’s Corporate for 13 years….I hope to influence their purchasing group as I purchased the appliance from them.


    • Dave says:

      Good luck. Frigidaire not only makes terrible products, they are incapable of repairing them. We’ve been without an oven for 10 weeks now. It failed in the final week of warranty. We’re now awaiting our fifth service call, which obviously will yield no results. Model # FGGH3047VF Serial #VF02706679

      • Don P says:

        Would be interested if you made any progress. I have a malfunctioning refrigerator, trying to get someone to help locate parts which are backordered and have been for a month. Frigidaire did consent to extend my warranty so I just pay for parts. This is the second repair this year and it looks like the machine is not worthy of my kitchen….total piece of junk! God help us!

  • Matt says:

    NON EXISTENT CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR UNDER WARRANTY PRODUCTS. Do yourself a favor and AVOID AT ALL COSTS ANY PRODUCTS FROM THIS COMPANY> You will be sorry. I am looking into a CLass Action Lawsuit with our legal team.

    • Karen says:

      Please inform me of any class action suits developed. Ditto our freezer purchased one year ago only worked for 5.5 months out of 12 during 2020/2021 YTD

    • J. Dixon says:

      Sign me up! Disgusting company! No service for inferior product!

    • JANE says:


  • Fred Ritchie says:

    Is it possible to actually submit a consumer complaint/request for help to Frigidaire without the third party confusion of such sites as HissyKitty (whomever they may be)? I have legitimate issue which concerns Frigidaire in the marketplace but can’t determine if my complaint has actually been placed. Instead I am asked too critique the performance of some un-known third party. Are any professionals still available?

    • JANE says:


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