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  • Address: 14 Gill St, Woburn, MA 01801, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 781-933-8999

  • Fax Number: 781-933-0821

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1971

  • Founder: Charley Watkins

  • Key People: John R. Grady

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  • Pat Lahue….and many friends!!! says:

    WHY did you change your menu recently??? We loved the options you had…miss the potato skins, chicken parm., etc! You’ve lost some king-time customers!!!

  • Linda Pavlakis says:

    We are so upset about the Stratford CT restaurant closing. It was a very special place for us to go. For my husbands 80 birthday he received many gift cards. We are now left with 3 totaling $100.00. Is there a way to be reimbursed? It’s a lot of money for us to lose.

  • Harry Samuel Weber says:

    I encourage your corporate office to allow us our rights to more promotional savings anytime if you feel like it’s so necessary to increase food item prices in the restaurants along with allow us our rights to more food side items to be more available in the future!

  • sal matto says:

    I recieved your ck. for the gift cards that I can not use because the Stratford store closed.Thank you,thank you. I will tell many people how great and honest you are.

  • Linda D. says:

    My husband and I ate at the 99 Restaurant in Danvers, Massachusetts on Saturday, November 27th. we arrived at about 8 pm. Our server , Carol, was excellent, I noticed she made an effort to vacuum her area and to keep it clean. The overall appearance of the building was absolutely filthy. the carpet was soiled and instead of blue was black in areas, and littered with paper and food debris, it was not busy, but still the general appearance was dirty. I was seated where I had a partial view of the kitchen area. Again, what I saw was dreadful. I wanted to leave but because we had driven in holiday traffic for 7 hours and were tired and hungry, we stayed. The 99 was our “go to” restaurant, but I won’t be returning to a dirty restaurant.

  • Katie Farrell says:

    So very angry they got rid of the church parm. That is the only reason I go there because they got rid of everything else I liked. Please bring the chicken parm back.

  • Mark says:

    The new menu stinks no more bake potato’s don’t think I will be going back till the bake potato’s come back

  • William says:

    We frequently go to the 99 in Wilmington Ma. Probably one of the few decent ones around. Seems I hear nothing but bad reviews about all the others in my area. My complaint is I don’t understand why they took the rosemary turkey tips off the menu. They were to tasty and tender. They switched to bbq turkey tips and they are terrible. So next time I ordered the balsamic chicken, but now instead of two pieces you only get one. Think I’ll be crossing this restaurant off my list of places to dine out as there are so many better place to eat.

  • Sherry says:

    I frequent the 99 in Quincy for years. Two times a week I go to the 99 . Sept 3rd ..I was at the bar and noticed the manager .. Roger.. reprimanding his employer Jhane by the bar. Where there were 6 customers. I looked over at Jhane and she was crying and very emotional.and he stood there and berated her. I’m sorry. I was a department head. If he’s got a problem. Bring her OUTBACK to talk to her. NOT right at the bar. He needs to be talked too. Please don’t dismiss this. Tk you.

  • Eva Pires says:

    Dear John Grady my husband and I are loyal 99 restaurant guest, however i feel you need to know this. We went to the 99 in Chicopee Ma. My husband got his usual Fish and Chips one piece of fish was over cooked I had the buffalo Mac & cheese with chicken tenders, i took pictures of my meal if you would like to see, i want to say i had 3oz of Mac and cheese in your casserole dish and chicken nuggets not strips that were so over cooked they were hard i used my husband cocktail sauce to dip so they would soften up. The manager was going around asking guest and she came to our table and i told her what I’m writing to you. She made a comment well you ate everything I said yes i did it was my 1st meal all day i was very hungry. She offered dessert i declined she said i should of said something earlier no one came around to ask if everything is ok until we were done with our meal like i said the manger came to our table. She attached a 5 Dollar coupon I told the waitress i was not looking for anything extra, she insisted so I took it. I’m a Food Service Director at a nursing home and my residents get 6oz of Mac & cheese when on our menu. For the amount of money you charged for that meal is disgusting. Don’t know if we will go back to your restaurant again. Maybe cooks need to give larger portion, the pasta only covered the bottom of pan like I said I have pictures if you would like to see. Respectfully

  • Michael Bissonnette says:

    Mr. Grady
    You MUST bring back the Angus burger that used to be on the menu. It was one of the best items on the menu. Also the chicken tenders are the best in town, and the breading that u use on those would be the absolute best for fried clams. Let make these things happen.
    Mike B

  • James Carrier says:

    I stopped at the Haverill Ma restaurant today. Waitress was ok food was ok but the cleanliness of the restaurant was appalling. Dropped my phone on floor and noticed a mouse run by my foot. As I was coming back up noticed the floor/molding was full of mouse turds. Spoke to the waitress who was not surprised told us that they have been working on this problem for awhile. Then spoke to manager who said she just started working there and was not aware of the problem.
    We didn’t get an apology or anything.
    I have contacted the board of health. I won’t be returning to that restaurant again.
    I have pictures if you need them.

  • Nelson Medeiros says:

    My local 99 Restaurant there is a manager there by the name of Bradley who ignored us upon arrival while customer before me were checking in. Once I mentioned something about it he has said I didn’t have to be rude about it and use curse words. Which I definitely did not. I was having a discussion with my family. Bradley at 99 in Fall River, Ma. Location is the reason I will NEVER BE returning to. 99 restaurant. I will be sure to share my experience on every social media page available. I want an apology

  • Melissa Novak says:

    Could you please include utensils and napkins in to go orders? There is no place to request them online and no one puts them in.

  • David Wells says:

    I went to Kingston NY 99 and got terrible service, was ignored. Even people sitting next to me noticed !! Tried to talk to manager but she dismissed me .. that is the time I will go to a 99 restaurant !!!!!

  • Chris says:

    I am very disappointed in the quality of the hamburger. I have had your burgers many times in the last year but the last three times the quality has been exceedingly poor. My burger last night had a bone chip and cheweys throughout. If you need to continue to serve cheep beef fine but how about offering a top sirloin burger for those willing to pay for something editable. Please up your game you are losing customers every time you serve this offering.

  • Marjorie F Smith says:

    It took 4 tries to get our steak tips med -well. They were bloody after the 4th time. The assistant manager brought them out and she was quite snarky and eye rolling. The last time she was snarky and my husband said he would order something else. By this time I was done eating 35 minutes he still had no food. He asked to see the manager at hostess desk. She said see that board look at everyone ahead of you. She came back out to our table and had an order in her hand. She said it’s been ready back there. Not nice. He left and I paid for my food

  • jean pynn says:

    i would like to now why the 99 restaurant do not have the same menu
    i go to them because i now what i would like to eat. i know they have made a much smaller menu but the differance from new hampshire and massachusett is greati like country fried chicken and fish catch not on menu falmouth ma

  • Jeanne Meimarides says:

    I have been a loyal patron of the 99 in Foxboro, Ma. I am there so much everyone knows my name, what my husband and I drink. Last night we were informed the 99 is cutting back their menu. This is a big disappoint to me. Removing the food items from your menu that a staple in most people diet (baked Potato, kids pasta) is huge. As a parent who has a very picky child, plain pasta was always a safe bet. I am told the Foxboro 99 is a test restaurant, I will now go to a different 99, until your menu brings back the food we all love.

  • John C Milch says:

    We enjoy coming to the 99 in Weymouth. But every we go to the Weymouth restaurant the music is always too loud. It makes it difficult to enjoy dinner and a conversation with anyone at the same table. I have brought it to the attention of the staff and who ever is in charge does not understand music is meant for background. When it is this loud the crowd gets louder.
    So please explain to the management the need to find the balance to keep me coming back


    99 you do not make sense. You change to Summer menu & keep all mac & cheese dishes except the Shrimp Scampi Mac & cheese which was the best!!! You have some nerve calling your lobster rolls Colossal … Cuz they aren’t!!! 😆😆😆

  • Linda Paquette says:

    I just want to sing the praises of Derick Shatuck, who works as a bar server and bartender at the Chicopee, Ma restaurant.
    The restaurant was very busy but he kept everything going smooth with a great attitude. You have a wonderful employee and my husband and I just want to give him credit.
    Dan & Lin

  • Janet Parsons says:

    I was at the 99 in No. Conway, New Hampshire on Saturday night with my husband, we got sat pretty quick, we sat there for almost 10 minutes without anyone coming over, I got up and asked if we had a waitress, a few minutes later she came and apologized for the delay, she said no one told her we were there, we ordered everything was good, until I ordered dessert to go, I ordered the strawberry cream cake full size, I got the petite treat and they tried to charge me full price, $4.99, I told them that was the petite treat, but they argued and said it was full slice, I’m not an idiot, the picture clearly show a full square piece, this was a small triangle, I was very aggravated, I also signed up for your rewards program abd said I would get a treat for signing up I didn’t, we went to the one in North Conway, New, Hampshire, when I tried to comment on that site, it says it’s not recognizable, so frustrating, Janet Parsons 978-930-2593

  • beyond disappointed from a several times a week regular... says:

    I called to see that you had corned beef and cabbage, picked up a friend and ordered. How disgusting!!!! A half scoop of mashed potatoes, no whole potatoes, some equally square carrots teeny, must have been frozen, about 10, and same with turnip. NOOO CABBAGE! On top of that stupid little mound of potatoes was a hint of baconed cabbage. Not even and inch, not even a full layer, just a hint. Who puts bacon in the cabbage. It wasn’t even bacon, it was bacon fat!!! The corned beef was not cooked with the vegetables and cabbage. A DISGRACE You need to close down. This was the worst insult on St Patrick’s Day, and any other day. Don’t bother. Words don’t describe how inadequate and ridiculous your meal was! DON’T GO tonight. Plan on another restaurant.

  • Jane Cardarelli says:

    This was very hard to find. I have a question for corporate. The brand new 99 in Middleton Ma which is opening this spring, I’m wondering if you will have outside dinning? Thank you for a answer. Looking forward to the opening!😊 (Middleton resident)

  • Nancy Bloomfield says:

    On my phone this morning,I saw the ad for 99’s special, St. Louis’s ribs. They looked delicious so I called my niece and invited her for a special lunch at the 99 in Foxboro, MA. The wait staff had no idea of what I was talking about. Not only was I embarrassed but greatly disappointed. I checked for a date for this special but found none. As you know “word of mouth” is your best advertisement.
    I don’t thing I will be going back to the 99 anytime soon.

    • Kevin DeStefano says:

      Yeah, definitely an extremely old menu item, sorry that dish was on its way out when I still worked there ..

  • Kevin Wholey says:

    Not getting any reward points or credit for last 2 months on my visit

  • Donald Richard says:

    I went to the 99 restaurant in worcster at 7:00 fri night to get a bacon cheese Berger they ran out of hamburger who runs out of food on a Friday night i go to Gardner one or two times a week All i had was an order of fries that was disappointed i wait all week for that I’m thinking of changing where i go eat i think they should hive me a gift card to make up for that if they want to keep a customer . Donald Richard 739 Daniel Shays HWY C21 Athol ,mass 01331

  • Jacqueline DeMello says:

    I have been eating at 99 from time to time however, the sic is to loud making the restaurant very noisy I don’t mind music but how loud it is and the choice of music is horrible I think corporate needs to review this and take action my husband and I went to 99 in Fall River today it was so noisy with the music we couldn’t wait to leave. Please look into this and lower the music. By the way the food was very good and the waitress very kind.

  • Steve Haggerty says:

    I have been at your restaurant in west Springfield Mass and only go on the wknd because that’s the only time a waitress named Willow works and I only ask for her because she is great , one of the best waitresses I have ever had. She is very friendly and has a great attitude and listening to her even help other customers she is awesome and as long as she is there I will continue to go to only that restaurant.

  • James V Kearns says:

    Due to baseball taking sides on the voting rights of states I have not watched any baseball and will not because Atlanta losing the all star game. I was watching a football game at the bar and it was changed at the request of folks not even sitting at the bar to put the red Sox on. Bar tender would not change it back I didn’t think 99 takes sides as well.

  • Bill says:

    I spent a night in Brattleboro VT recently. Our hotel gave us a list of Restaurant recommendations. We found a highly rated spot, along with a 45 minute wait. Turned around and found 99 on Putney Rd where we found good food, drinks and service.

  • Tony says:

    Hire more great people like the person who tends the bar at the Chicopee Massachusetts location.

    I am a long time loyal customer of 99 Restaurants. We have supported 99 Restaurants through the Covid pandemic and continue to frequent the 99 located in Chicopee Massachusetts on Memorial Dr.

    Our last visit was Thursday evening July 15, 2021. We arrived at 5 PM. Typically my party of two sit at the bar. It’s convenient are welcoming. The place was fairly busy. Our server behind the bar is a prize to have as an employee for 99 Restaurants. He was the only bartender. And he is great at what he does. We were amazed how he balanced the entire establishments bar needs. To get to the purpose of my comment, this location is in need of more support behind the bar. I understand the situation caused by people not wanting to work when they get unemployment with a bonus amount to not work. 99 Restaurants should step up and make the bartender position equal to managers income. I have no idea what pay scale 99 Restaurants pays an experienced bartender but 99 Restaurants need to fix the shortcomings happening at the Chicopee Massachusetts location.
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my concerns.

    Sincere regards,


  • Deborah Robichaud says:

    Went to the Pembroke location yesterday. All toilets in Ladies overflowing, tables not cleared for at least an hour, & it wasn’t even busy! Disgusting.I’m wondering what the kitchen looked like.

  • Sydney getz says:

    We have been a 99 customer for many years.never had a problem .yesterday after a long day at the beach we decided to order supper for our family of 5 at the canton location.my wife called in order for pickup.she asked how much the scollup diner was and was told 15.00 dollers when we got home and opened my scollup diner there were5 scollops and nothing else and found charge on bill was 23.00 I find this very poor service and I hope you can do something to rectify this

  • Brenda McCarthy says:

    I have been a regular guest at the 99 in Billerica for at least 20 years. I know since covid there are new bartenders and managers but All guests should be treated well. My complaint is I was sitting at the bar and ordered a kids cheesburger with all the fixings . All I asked for was to have iceburg lettuce instead and was refused! They’re saving all for iceburg salads. Now I ask you what is the cost of a wedge of iceburg lettuce and why couldn’t I have had a slice from one wedge?? I was so upset I cancelled everything. As I’ve said I have been going to the 99 for at least 20 years and have made some friendsthat are also regulars. I just don’t think its proper we should be treated in that manner. I know there are certain rules but one slice of lettuce? I would appreciate some kind of answer. Also I don’t know who you hired as a manager but I think she should have ar least addressed me! I heard nothing from her. It seemed to me she and her fellow workers had quite a chuckle ! My email is bjmmc49@yahoo.com. Thank you

  • James Dion says:

    99 Resturant closed at the Eastfield Mall in Springfield, Ma. Recently.
    There is an empty Red Robin Restaurant up the road (Boston Road) in Wilbraham.
    This would be a Great Location for 99 Restaurant. This would be across the parking lot where a Big Y Super Grocery Store is located

  • Lee Totten says:

    I ordered the Barbecue ribs last week at the Torrington Connecticut restaurant. Been going there for years and have always loved the yummy, juicy, tender good sized ribs!!
    These were disgusting!!!
    No flavor… could have been cardboard… not the taste of pork! Also tasted like the meat was going bad but the barbecue sauce covered some of the off flavor. Hardly any meat on the bones. SO NOT what I used to get there pre-Covid.
    I called to talk to a manager and he was very nice and informed me that the ribs now come to the store partly cooked!!!!
    He himself doesn’t eat them any longer as he thought they weren’t good anymore. Has had complaints.
    Sooo… corporate if you’re listening…. somebody made a huge mistake in choosing this product for your restaurants. Did whomever made this choice actually taste it?? Maybe a good price point for you but a poor quality product for those of us who cook well and like to have good food when we go out.
    Sadly I won’t go to 99 again.
    What is the value of a good price point for you when you lose your customer base and go out of business!!???
    Such a shame as you were a really good restaurant!!

  • who cares says:

    To whom it may concern……The whole idea of that so called contact tracing ( do not know of any restaurant that follows through if one of their workers tests positive for covid ) is so a person comes in contact with someone that tests positive you can call them…..if a person shows you proof that they have been vaccinated against covid it is not necessary for you to ask them information….no other restaurant does that

  • Vincent says:

    I’m a long time fan of the (( here in Lynnfield, Ma. my family grew up every weekend little league , Lacross , and football parties events etc. Myself and my neighbore up to the Covid disaster still frequented about twice a week. Problem ; Post Covid the take out is horrible. The containers seem to steam up the food makes the fries mushy and overcooks everything. It’s definately the containers, they are terrible. why don’t you switch to natural ones? At home we are now using more disposable cutlery and plates etc. We purchased some from Walmart, company by the name of.Earthe-To-Go. Didn’talter the texture of the food. See u after Covid

  • William Austin says:

    Today Aug 14 …I decided to have my lunch at 99 Concord NH which I patrionize often as well as Tilton NH. Women at front desk named Haley I believe asked how many I stated one..She said be 25 minutes I said thats ridiculous..she say to me in a snappy voice you dont need to be rude..I said all I said that ridiculous she says Ya sure..This women is the face of ur company very unprofessional and rude herself..After leaving I debated on if I should contact a mgmt official I called restaurant. Haley answered phone i asked for manager she says who is this..I gave my name she put me on hold i hung up after 5 minutes..This is no way to treat any customer netherless a patron..this employee needs remedial training or be removed not good for 99nines..

  • Ann Marie says:

    As seniors we no longer can afford 99. Before covid we were regulars. You have outpriced yourselves. $35 to $40 for the two of us, and a tip, is not in our weekly budget. Take us off your email list as we won’t be customers anymore.

  • cindy says:

    I had gone to eat lunch at your Seabrook NH restaurant. Your store manger I think his name is David I need not like his attitude at all. Yelling at the employees on the floor. Talking about african American people. I put it in the political terms he was going on about them. In my opinion he would not work for my business he butt would be gone.

  • Mrs Merl says:

    Have been going to the 99 in Centerville on the Cape for years. Never again will I go back. Picked up my order, food was lousy, dried up fish and potato skins. No taste and did not get 1 item I paid for. I called them and was told they would credit my card for missing item. 6 days later, no credit.

  • Dillon O’Shea says:

    How do I get my EIN #? I haven’t got my w-2 and I no longer work for 99s since October. I need it to file taxes.

  • Ed Wells & Donna Wells says:

    We go to the Wallingford Ct. location at least 5 to 7 times a month. Also we have been to the Cromwell CT. store on many occasions. Generally we sit at the bar. Both stores have great bar staff. What would be great is if your Bar Manager ordered Porters and Stouts. I have spoken with numerous Managers who claim Corporate calls the shots. Not that this is a show stopper for us going to the restaurant but it would be nice if HQ considered the beer selection could improve.
    Ed & Donna

  • Mark Gonyea says:

    I have always enjoyed the 99 restaurant, until a recent visit at the Westford branch. I always said you get a decent meal at a good fare but have noticed it has been declining!! On this visit I ordered a buffalo chicken wrap, both halves put together did not make a half a sandwich!! I did say something to the waitress, who was kind enough and said she would bring me out some buffalo tenders, I told her I was not interested and just wanted to give corrective criticism and was not looking for anything else. The fries were also old , cold and very few!!! Sad but I decided never to return to another 99 restaurant chain..

  • Fred Leuchter says:

    I ate lunch today at your restaurant at Bunker Hill Mall Charlestown, Ma. I eat there with friends every 2 months or so. I had the worst Hamburger Club Sandwich I ever had. I get the same thing all the time. I was informed that could no longer can make a legitimate club sandwich in thet you have no bread. I received it on a hamburger bun. It was all in pieces and the hamburger was a hockey puck. I eat my meat very rare because of a medical condition and was told I would have to take it medium rare. The hamburger was cremated. I have never had an issue there before but will not go to 99 again. Why your food has changed for the worst is a mystery. Thank you!
    Fred Leuchter, fred1@bellatlantic.net. 781-322-0104/ 172 Belmont Street, Malden MA

  • Katie says:

    As a family of 4 we love 99 . The service and atmosphere and cleanliness along with food that almost never disappoints is why we went to our local 99 last night to celebrate both my husbands and mines birthdays. Our birthdays happen to be a day apart and the thought was we could give each of our kids our birthday dessert. However, we were told that we could only get one? Is this true?

  • Ed & Audrey says:

    Went to Glastonbury 99 and ordered balsamic chicken. The chicken was adequate. The corn side was very skimpy and the mashed potatoes were almost nonexistent. Brought it to the bartender’s attention and she said there’s nothing she could do about it. This used to be one of our favorites but it’s a far cry from what it was. We may have to reconsider going to 99, thinking it might get worse before it gets better.

  • Sherri Butler says:

    Me and my husband tried your restaurant the hostess served our drinks we sat there for 10 minutes waiting for the server to come take our order she didn’t even take the time to look at the table to notice that we are had already had our drinks what she took her order in the food was served we never saw someone else served a food my husband cannot eat his dish it tasted awful he pushed it aside hoping that the server would come back and ask us how everything was going to check on us but she never did so finally my husband stack the dishes and by this time I had almost completely finished my dinner when she finally showed up to ask us if everything was alright after letting her know that the food tasted awful she took the plate and left 10 minutes later she brought back our check we went up to the front to ask let the hostess know what happened he had bluntly ignored us and said nothing. Me and my husband have not been treated so shity and any other restaurants we’ve ever been to curved edge

  • Patricia M Roberts says:

    I was at the Danvers location on Wednesday and got a lobster roll. It was the worst one I have ever had. I live in Gloucester and was hesitant to order seafood as we have the best. Anyway a friend suggested it was good as she had one before so I got one. It was a soggy mess. Too much mayo and all lettuce and celery. I had a hard time finding any lobster and the few pieces I got was the end of the claw which I threw away. It was 19.00. Not cheap. I told the server but he just ignored me like it was okay and I was being picky. I believe if you done out you should have a good experience and decent food. We paid the bill and tipped generously, because I used to be a server a long time ago. To say I was disappointed is an understatement I will not be back. The food is always hit or miss here, but this was ridiculous. I will spread the word because I don’t want anyone else to get a soggy wet roll with no lobster in it. Really? You need to tell your cooks, lobster should be mixed when it is ordered and not early in the day. And no one wants to pay for lettuce and celery on a soggy bun.

  • Marge Smith says:

    Was one of the worst meals anywhere. I brought 5 grandkids out for dinner and the Milford one was closest for us. Been to the one in Auburn and it was ok. But this Milford one was disgusting.I spent $100.84 for a meal that we really couldn’t enjoy. The $18.99 lobster roll was awful…soggy and wet meat. Not from mayo, The meat was WET. And the fries weren’t even cooked. None of us could eat the fries. The grandkids ate SOME of it but it was really awful !! Someone should go to this 99 and teach them how to cook. We had to ask for napkins, plates for the appetizer, and then had to wait for silverware. Unbelievable. Rated D minus to me. If I wanted to waste my social security check it wouldn’t be there !!

    • Patricia M Roberts says:

      I had the same experience in Danvers. Soggy wet and tasteless with hardly any lobster. Awful.

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