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  • Address: 14 Gill St, Woburn, MA 01801, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 781-933-8999
  • Fax Number: 781-933-0821
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1971
  • Founder: Charley Watkins
  • Key People: John R. Grady

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John R. Grady


Cindi Fuller

Managing General Partner of Killingly Ninety Nine

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  • who cares says:

    To whom it may concern……The whole idea of that so called contact tracing ( do not know of any restaurant that follows through if one of their workers tests positive for covid ) is so a person comes in contact with someone that tests positive you can call them…..if a person shows you proof that they have been vaccinated against covid it is not necessary for you to ask them information….no other restaurant does that

  • Vincent says:

    I’m a long time fan of the (( here in Lynnfield, Ma. my family grew up every weekend little league , Lacross , and football parties events etc. Myself and my neighbore up to the Covid disaster still frequented about twice a week. Problem ; Post Covid the take out is horrible. The containers seem to steam up the food makes the fries mushy and overcooks everything. It’s definately the containers, they are terrible. why don’t you switch to natural ones? At home we are now using more disposable cutlery and plates etc. We purchased some from Walmart, company by the name of.Earthe-To-Go. Didn’talter the texture of the food. See u after Covid

  • William Austin says:

    Today Aug 14 …I decided to have my lunch at 99 Concord NH which I patrionize often as well as Tilton NH. Women at front desk named Haley I believe asked how many I stated one..She said be 25 minutes I said thats ridiculous..she say to me in a snappy voice you dont need to be rude..I said all I said that ridiculous she says Ya sure..This women is the face of ur company very unprofessional and rude herself..After leaving I debated on if I should contact a mgmt official I called restaurant. Haley answered phone i asked for manager she says who is this..I gave my name she put me on hold i hung up after 5 minutes..This is no way to treat any customer netherless a patron..this employee needs remedial training or be removed not good for 99nines..

  • Ann Marie says:

    As seniors we no longer can afford 99. Before covid we were regulars. You have outpriced yourselves. $35 to $40 for the two of us, and a tip, is not in our weekly budget. Take us off your email list as we won’t be customers anymore.

  • cindy says:

    I had gone to eat lunch at your Seabrook NH restaurant. Your store manger I think his name is David I need not like his attitude at all. Yelling at the employees on the floor. Talking about african American people. I put it in the political terms he was going on about them. In my opinion he would not work for my business he butt would be gone.

  • Mrs Merl says:

    Have been going to the 99 in Centerville on the Cape for years. Never again will I go back. Picked up my order, food was lousy, dried up fish and potato skins. No taste and did not get 1 item I paid for. I called them and was told they would credit my card for missing item. 6 days later, no credit.

  • Dillon O’Shea says:

    How do I get my EIN #? I haven’t got my w-2 and I no longer work for 99s since October. I need it to file taxes.

  • Ed Wells & Donna Wells says:

    We go to the Wallingford Ct. location at least 5 to 7 times a month. Also we have been to the Cromwell CT. store on many occasions. Generally we sit at the bar. Both stores have great bar staff. What would be great is if your Bar Manager ordered Porters and Stouts. I have spoken with numerous Managers who claim Corporate calls the shots. Not that this is a show stopper for us going to the restaurant but it would be nice if HQ considered the beer selection could improve.
    Ed & Donna

  • Mark Gonyea says:

    I have always enjoyed the 99 restaurant, until a recent visit at the Westford branch. I always said you get a decent meal at a good fare but have noticed it has been declining!! On this visit I ordered a buffalo chicken wrap, both halves put together did not make a half a sandwich!! I did say something to the waitress, who was kind enough and said she would bring me out some buffalo tenders, I told her I was not interested and just wanted to give corrective criticism and was not looking for anything else. The fries were also old , cold and very few!!! Sad but I decided never to return to another 99 restaurant chain..

  • Fred Leuchter says:

    I ate lunch today at your restaurant at Bunker Hill Mall Charlestown, Ma. I eat there with friends every 2 months or so. I had the worst Hamburger Club Sandwich I ever had. I get the same thing all the time. I was informed that could no longer can make a legitimate club sandwich in thet you have no bread. I received it on a hamburger bun. It was all in pieces and the hamburger was a hockey puck. I eat my meat very rare because of a medical condition and was told I would have to take it medium rare. The hamburger was cremated. I have never had an issue there before but will not go to 99 again. Why your food has changed for the worst is a mystery. Thank you!
    Fred Leuchter, fred1@bellatlantic.net. 781-322-0104/ 172 Belmont Street, Malden MA

  • Katie says:

    As a family of 4 we love 99 . The service and atmosphere and cleanliness along with food that almost never disappoints is why we went to our local 99 last night to celebrate both my husbands and mines birthdays. Our birthdays happen to be a day apart and the thought was we could give each of our kids our birthday dessert. However, we were told that we could only get one? Is this true?

  • Ed & Audrey says:

    Went to Glastonbury 99 and ordered balsamic chicken. The chicken was adequate. The corn side was very skimpy and the mashed potatoes were almost nonexistent. Brought it to the bartender’s attention and she said there’s nothing she could do about it. This used to be one of our favorites but it’s a far cry from what it was. We may have to reconsider going to 99, thinking it might get worse before it gets better.

  • Sherri Butler says:

    Me and my husband tried your restaurant the hostess served our drinks we sat there for 10 minutes waiting for the server to come take our order she didn’t even take the time to look at the table to notice that we are had already had our drinks what she took her order in the food was served we never saw someone else served a food my husband cannot eat his dish it tasted awful he pushed it aside hoping that the server would come back and ask us how everything was going to check on us but she never did so finally my husband stack the dishes and by this time I had almost completely finished my dinner when she finally showed up to ask us if everything was alright after letting her know that the food tasted awful she took the plate and left 10 minutes later she brought back our check we went up to the front to ask let the hostess know what happened he had bluntly ignored us and said nothing. Me and my husband have not been treated so shity and any other restaurants we’ve ever been to curved edge

  • Patricia M Roberts says:

    I was at the Danvers location on Wednesday and got a lobster roll. It was the worst one I have ever had. I live in Gloucester and was hesitant to order seafood as we have the best. Anyway a friend suggested it was good as she had one before so I got one. It was a soggy mess. Too much mayo and all lettuce and celery. I had a hard time finding any lobster and the few pieces I got was the end of the claw which I threw away. It was 19.00. Not cheap. I told the server but he just ignored me like it was okay and I was being picky. I believe if you done out you should have a good experience and decent food. We paid the bill and tipped generously, because I used to be a server a long time ago. To say I was disappointed is an understatement I will not be back. The food is always hit or miss here, but this was ridiculous. I will spread the word because I don’t want anyone else to get a soggy wet roll with no lobster in it. Really? You need to tell your cooks, lobster should be mixed when it is ordered and not early in the day. And no one wants to pay for lettuce and celery on a soggy bun.

  • Marge Smith says:

    Was one of the worst meals anywhere. I brought 5 grandkids out for dinner and the Milford one was closest for us. Been to the one in Auburn and it was ok. But this Milford one was disgusting.I spent $100.84 for a meal that we really couldn’t enjoy. The $18.99 lobster roll was awful…soggy and wet meat. Not from mayo, The meat was WET. And the fries weren’t even cooked. None of us could eat the fries. The grandkids ate SOME of it but it was really awful !! Someone should go to this 99 and teach them how to cook. We had to ask for napkins, plates for the appetizer, and then had to wait for silverware. Unbelievable. Rated D minus to me. If I wanted to waste my social security check it wouldn’t be there !!

    • Patricia M Roberts says:

      I had the same experience in Danvers. Soggy wet and tasteless with hardly any lobster. Awful.

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