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99 Cents Only Stores
  • Address:  4000 Union Pacific Avenue, City Of Commerce, CA 90023, United States
  • Phone Number: 323-980-8145
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: customerrelations@99only.com
  • heart
    Number of Employees: 17,200 
  • Established: 1969
  • Founder: Dave Gold 
  • Key People: Jack Sinclair (CEO)

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Jason Kidd

President and Chief Operating Officer

Felicia D. Thornton

Vice Chairman, CFO & Treasurer

Jim Parros

Senior Vice President of Logistics

About 99 Cents Only Stores, History and Headquarters Information

Getting a product or a certain item, at a very low price can be very exciting. If you love shopping, you should visit 99 Cents Only Store! This shop offers such great items. They offer home goods, beauty supplies, snacks, food for pets, and so much more, for only 99 cents! You’d surely be surprise for all the things you could get with such price.

This shop carries different branded products and general merchandise as well. It is an exciting place for price-sensitive consumers, and for those people who love to go on a treasure hunt. There currently 350 stores in 4 states, and have now become the leading retail chain in Western U.S.

 It has been serving satisfied customers for over three decades already. How great is that? But what’s really exciting about this, is that they are planning to open new stores and arriving in new markets, to reach and serve more people than ever! If you’re interested, 99 Cents Only Store is headquartered in Commerce, California, United States.

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  • anonymous Katy TX shopper says:

    08/27/2020, Chris Nguyen, don’t feel too bad about how you were treated, it seemed a lot of 99 cents workers have an attitude and mentality issues, it has nothing to do with “training”, it feels they hate their job and very jealous of something, especially when the shopper looks like middle class but try to be frugal. But, the name calling is a huge red flag, it needed to be taking care of by higher level management personnel. However, there are good ones also.

  • Chris Nguyen says:

    I’ve been shopping 99 cents for yrs and today I’ve an issue with cashier. I’m asking the cashier to but my 2 bottles of detergent inside the bad. Cashier replied that the bottle make handle for you to carry not inside the bag. Then she turned away and said “Asshole”. I was disappointed hearing that from the cashier. I was explaining to the manager and she didn’t do anything about it. Cashier also keeps denying that she didn’t called me that. I saw her face trying to denied as much as she can when the manager were there. Cashier need to be trained on how to approach with the customer. I don’t know if I want to be back that store location again.

    Just asking to put item in the plastic bag and get smart remark and a name call. That’s not worth it.

    Store Unit 100
    8700 S. Gessner Rd
    Houston, Texas 77074

  • Dorothy Sandford says:

    I am upset that with the Covid-19 crisis, that only workers wore masks, and didn’t require customers to wear a mask in your 99 cent store I am 80 yrs old and wear a mask. I was told the policy is that masks are not required for customers.That is bad for your workers and customers too. The store is #359, Avenida de los Arboles, in Thousand Oaks, Ca.
    I will not be patronizing your stores anymore due to concerns for my health, and concerns for your workers.
    I spoke with a customer service rep. at your headquarters, and sad to say, that though the gentleman was nice, I had a hard time understanding him due to his very thick,Indian accent.
    It was a very frustrating experience!

  • Norma says:

    I’ve been a 99 Cent Only customer for a lot of years but highly disappointed in the way they are responding to the Coronavirus. They are putting steps down on the floor to keep two feet apart. Where is this coming from since the CDC says 6 feet apart! also doesn’t seem to have any added steps of protection such as extra cleaning, plastic Shield or anything else that is recommended to keep the spread of the coronavirus down. Sad but saving a few bucks compared to our health is not worth it!!!!

  • Lisa Pitman says:

    Falcon Colorado is a up and coming community and Colorado Springs, Co. Thousands have moved they’re from Colorado and elsewhere and the stores are extremely packed with people. They could really use a store like yours. Is there any chance you will be putting one in Colorado Springs or the outlying communities that really need them? Thanks so much.

  • Monica says:

    Bad customer service workers are rude and no help ..one cashier question me about my personal life and another worker told me not to touch their shopping carts that was on one side of the registers is absolutely ridiculous not going back to the store. No gap it all

  • Julie says:

    I live in Pomona. My boyfriend and I went around 10am. There was a homeless lady standing inside with a vicious pitbull. It had a muzzle on but it didnt look to secure. It started viciously barking at the man standing next to me on line. The lady stood there doing nothing. That dog was not a service dog. None of the workers, let alone, manager did nothing about. Where was the security guard that’s usually there every day?? Man. If this doesn’t get brought to any of the employees attention, you guys are looking for a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  • conrad mckay says:

    Hello to all those and thank you those who make the 99cent only stores the lifesaver for those things you offer that makes life easier and affordable.

  • JAY B stammerjohan says:

    we have lost a good store in culver city ca are we going to bring it back thank you JAY

  • Karl says:

    To whom it may concern.
    I really like shopping at 99 Cent stores, and do so a lot.
    I buy ” Shasta ” brand sodas, but can not find Club Soda, or Tonic Water.
    The only stores where I found it here in Long Beach, are ” Smart and Final ” stores.
    Until last year they also sold 2 Liter bottles for 99cents but increased their price to $1.25 plus taxes.
    Is there any way that you could start selling these two flavors at your stores?
    I can imagine that it would be appreciated by a lot of people.

    Thanks Karl

  • Linda says:

    Hi, good day. I was at the 99 Cent Store in La Mirada California off leffingwell and Telegraph I was a customer and I witnessed this assistant manager being very rude and discriminated to a young black male who just happened to win to buy a bottle of water. The young man did not say or do anything from what I saw he got a bottle of water, the headed to register three the customer service was manuelita, I saw the man pay for the water and as he was leaving, this employee, newly-appointed assistant manager Kim walked in front of him stopping him then told him I do not want you in my store get out. he did not do anything from what I saw warranty this aggressive attack from the manager or assistant manager it was very humiliating to the young man and disrespectful the only reason that I would have assumed it was because he was of color because he did not do nothing wrong. then on top of that immediately after the young man left she started yelling at one of her cashier, causing her to cry. I truly don’t believe that she should be using managerial power to discriminate against any one. that’s abuse of power.

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    customerrelations wasn’t found at 99only.com.
    alindavega66 Office 365 customerrelations
    Action Required Recipient
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    • Laura says:

      Hi Linda, did you find where to send this complaint to? I tried calling their corporate office to speak to a corporate manager and all they do is transfer you to customer service. Then customer service did’nt answer, it just transfers you to a voice mail so you can leave a message. I left two messages and never heard from anyone and I did say in both messages that it was very important that I speak to someone. Go figure, that really says a lot about 99 cent stores corporate headquarters huh?

      I went to one of their stores here in Houston because last week when I was there, I purchased some plant bulbs to grow flowers, you know, the ones that come in a little packet. Well they were sitting on a shelf right in front as you walk into the store. The sign said they were 2 for 99 cents so I bought several of them. I was charged 99 cents for each one instead of 2 for 99.

      When I went back today to bring it to their attention, the manager took my receipt and said she’d be right back. She was gone for quite a while so I went on to do my shopping and when I was done, I saw her at the front of the store and she told me that they were no longer on sale the day I purchased them and that the display was no longer there by the front door. She said the display was taken down and removed from there 3 weeks ago and this happened 9 days ago. I never heard anyone bullsh** so badly, it was such a shame that the 99 cent only stores have people like her managing their stores.

      She said she was looking at the video tape from the camera for that day and time and said she just saw me walk in the store but kept insisting that the display was no longer their that day. I told her I wanted to see the tape so I could prove her wrong and she said I wasn’t allowed in the office because of the safe. I thought she was gonna let me see it from the door but she said she couldn’t leave the door open and she wouldn’t view the tape again when I asked her to. She just kept coming up with excuse after excuse, it was so disgusting, and it was nothing but a bunch of BS. She tried to take me for a fool but it didn’t work. In the end, she did give me what was owed to me, probaby because she knew she was wrong and just wouldn’t admit it. What a shame, I don’t think I want to shop at 99 cent only stores anymore. That was such a big turnoff.

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