Where is 7 Eleven  Corporate office Headquarters

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7 Eleven
  • Address:  One Arts Plaza, 1722 Routh Street, Suite 1000, Dallas, TX 75201, United States

  • Phone Number: 972-828-0711

  • Fax Number: 972-828-7848

  • Email: info@7elevenhawaii.com

  • heart

    Number of Employees: 45000 

  • Established: 1927

  • Founder: Joe C. Thompson Jr. 

  • Key People: Mr. Joseph Michael DePinto (CEO and President)

7 Eleven Headquarters Location & Directions

7 Eleven Headquarters Executive Team



Masaaki Kamata


Toshifumi Suzuki

Chairman, CEO of Seven-Eleven Japan Co Ltd & President of Seven-Eleven (Hawaii) Inc

Stanley W. Reynolds

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

Stanley W. Reynolds

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

Margaret Chabris

Head of Media Relations

Robert J. Chumley

Senior Vice President of Innovation

Rankin Gasaway

Senior Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel

Shizuma Noda

Executive Vice President and Advisor

Christopher P Tanco

Head of International and Executive Vice President

About 7 Eleven, History and Headquarters Information


7 Eleven was founded in the year 1927. The company has been active for over 92 years now. The founder of the company was Joe C Thompson. The origins of the company date back to the time when one of the employees of Southland Ice Company, known as John Jefferson Green, started selling eggs, milk and bread, in front of one of the ice houses of the company. Founder Joe Thompson found the potential of this idea, as the ice allowed the goods to be preserved over a long time. Thus, he bought over the Southland Ice Company and later opened many stores which started selling numerous convenience items as well.

The name of the company was changed in the year 1946, to its current name, in order to reflect its opening hours, from 7 AM in the morning to 11 PM at night. By the year 1952, the company already had 100 stores under its name. Then in the year 1964, the company also started implementing a schedule of 24-hour service. The company faced bankruptcy during the 1980s and the early 1990s, and due to a cash infusion from Ito-Yokado, of amount $430 million, the company survived from bankruptcy. In the year 2005, the company was purchased by Ito-Yokado. The company launched its first ‘green’ store in Florida, USA, in the year 2010. The company also launched its iPhone and Android smartphone apps during the same year as well. By the year 2012, the company had 50,000 stores under its name. As of the year 2018, the company started selling products with set prices being charged for the same, which created tension among many franchisees. The headquarters of the company is based in One Arts Plaza 1722 Routh Street, Suite 1000. The name of the place is Dallas, while the name of the state is Texas, USA. The pin code of the area is 75201.


7 Eleven is an American retail company that focuses on providing various kinds of food products and beverages to its customers. The current CEO and president of the company are Joseph DePinto. The company has its presence in over 66,500 locations all over the world, in about 17 countries worldwide, which include the USA, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong, etcetera. As of the year 2010, the number of employees working at the company is more than 45,000.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence to able to purchase various kinds of products that include beverages, packaged foods, coffee, candy, dairy, gasoline, snacks, etcetera. The 7 Eleven convenience stores also provide financial services and food delivery services as well.

7 Eleven Headquarters Photos

  • George Burk says:


  • Nicole says:

    Store number 22769 has a very rude and Corey guy working in this store,whom thinks it’s ok to yell and get smart with customers while trying to make a purchase.This guy does not need to be working at this establishment,if this is how you treat customers

  • Betty says:

    Why doesn’t all 7-11 stores sell
    Sugar free slurpies
    None in Winchester Va does
    It’s not right they used to
    There’s people that don’t all that sugar or can’t have sugar will u plz put it back in the store
    Thank You

  • Kulveer singh says:

    I have been caught bring differant product in my store and a Complaint because I’ve been letting a homeless lady live in her car out side my store on 84 th and tacoma mall blvd in Tacoma Washington. My understanding it’s my store and customers have complained I carry a hand gun when at my store too is this not allowed you tell me and a Columbia Bank manager ask me to leave his bank in spanaway wa . He seen me carrying too

  • Ashley says:

    I recently left feedback regarding a terrible experience at the Fountain location in Colorado. Specifically the Fountain Mesa and Mesa Ridge location. About 2 hours later I received a personal phone call on my cell phone from the manager Allen where he threatened me and my family. He continued to harass me regarding the feed back I had left on your website. I then reached out to law enforcement. I will be contacting an attorney shortly because I fear for my family’s life at this point.

  • Milton says:

    Hello, my name is Milton.
    I am originally from NY but live in NC. You recently placed a franchise in Rocky Mount NC. I have to say, this the worst 7-11 I have ever been to. I have been here 3 times and there’s always something wrong. 1st time was no lids for the slurpees. The next time was no hotdogs prepared. Today the slurpee machine and the chilli and cheese machine was out of order. The employees are rude and not knowledgeable about your products. The areas around the hotdogs were dirty and sticky. This is the product your company want representing you?

  • Tara Spears says:

    On September 5th (Labor Day) 2022. My husband and I went to a 7-Eleven location on Highway 64 Tyler Texas and we’re going to get gas and a pack of cigarettes our truck carburetor had caught on fire and we were stuck at the store until 3 AM in the morning. The clerk that was on duty that night her name being Samantha was wonderful she helped us throughout the night periodically when she didn’t have any customers she gave us jumps as we needed them we worked on the truck forever. At 3 AM we finally had somebody come pick us up. I asked Samantha if it was OK if we left the truck there we would be back in a little while after we’ve gotten some sleep and got a new starter which we realize we had burnt up trying to start so many times. She said that it was fine as long as I left my name and my number in which I did. That same day at about 2:30 PM we went back to retrieve our truck that was no longer there when I went in to speak with the manager she said that she had it towed because it was blocking her Fuel. I used to manage a couple of gas stations myself and I know that on Labor Day no vendor no fuel vendor no product vendor is going to deliver to the store our truck was in a parking spot out of the way of everything. My husband and her exchanged some harsh words back-and-forth and he went back outside to get away and I asked her the manager Anne is her name, where my truck was she would not answer me. Now this truck is our only means of transportation and it is also our work this is how we take care of and support our family I asked and again who she had my truck towed by she looked at me and told me she was not going to tell me anything. So I walked out of the store and got into the ride that we had to pay to take us there with our new starter to fix our truck and left. I didn’t really know what to do but I got on the phone with corporate I opened up a complaint case everybody seemed very sympathetic and empathetic to the entire case days had passed I kept calling every day 3 to 4 times a day trying to get a resolution to my problem I had called a couple of the tow truck companies trying to find my vehicle nobody had it but the ones that I talked to when I told him the situation told me that I should press theft charges because she wouldn’t tell me where my truck was and it was wrongfully towed because it wasn’t even there for 24 hours it was only there for 11. I tried to do things the right way do the proper procedure and protocol take it through the chain of commands to try to get a resolution without involving law enforcement. In the initial start up of the case I told the complaints department that I didn’t wish for and to lose her job because because of the coronavirus and everything going on in the world that it was really hard out here and then if you had a job you should keep it but I didn’t feel like she should be a manager because she handled herself very in professionally in front of customers and other employees. I called every day until on the ninth day when I called was when they had a resolution for me and the only thing that they were offering was the name of the tow company that had my truck. During this nine days The charges that accumulated for storage fees on my truck totaled $700 I don’t feel that I should have to pay this also during this time frame my electricity has been cut off there’s no groceries in my house my animals have not eaten for two days and I had to send my daughter to go stay with my mother because I couldn’t get her to school or feed her. They could’ve told me where my truck was the day it happened and I could’ve been able to do something about it I waited nine days for some help and the only help I got was the name of the tow company now today is 19 September they have closed my case and blocked it and will not do anything else for me. I keep getting told by everybody that I talk to you on the phone how sorry they are and how unfortunate the situation is and how they understand what I’m going through but none of them understand what I’m going through because they are not going through it they keep telling me that this is all that they can do for me they can’t do anything else because it’s over their heads and that they have a job to do well I have a job to do as well I have a job as a mother and as a wife to provide for my family and I cannot do that when somebody takes the means that I have to do that away from me. My family is suffering and 7-Eleven does not care they have blocked my case and me they can’t even open me a new case as a new complaint customer so I am still on my mission for some help I will not stop nor will I give up. This is an injustices n and I have been done really wrong and I am seeking resolution I want them to get my truck out of impound and I do not need to pay for it and I want compensation for pain and suffering from what my family had to lose and go through and endure because of one negligent manager that they still choose this day to keep as their manager and represent their store. 7-Eleven will never get any more business from me or anybody that holds my family near and dear to their heart. I know it’s not much to a corporation who has 66,500 stores worldwide in 17 different countries who employ 45,000 people. I read on their website that they offer financial assistance but they can’t even get a truck out of tow what is $700 to a multi million dollar company they made it through bankruptcy because somebody gave them a chance somebody helped them with a loan of $430 million. A loan saved them from bankruptcy and they can’t even save a family and do 700 to get a truck out of impound something is wrong with the higher ups of 7-11. Put down the martinis and pick up a Soul or just display some common human courtesy and integrity with some morals to go with it.

  • Brenda says:

    All 7-11 stores in paramount,ca are disgusting. Clerk rang me up with his hands not gloved after handling food, then returned with same ungl9ved hands to finish packing food to go. Don’t go to any of them.

  • Todd says:

    I’ve been taking care of lawn maintenance for 711 for 12 years in moline il quad cities corporate took back 5 stores and they haven’t been mowed in 5 weeks now I gave bid to mow them but no one has contact me yet in 3 weeks the grass is up to my knees

  • K says:

    I was suppose to work for 7eleven my brother in law gave me the job because he is the manager. I told him from jump I can’t do 3-11 because I live far he said I was good don’t worry. So I did my training for 3days mind you this was in July I haven’t received my 3days pay yet. I can’t get in touch with no one to see about my money I am very upset. I clocked in n out I feel like I’m being played. I am finding some way where I can sue them or take them to court for my money I worked for.

  • Felecia Cooper says:

    I have a video posted on Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook showing the disgusting associates that work for you! Your employees are garbage and I hope that karma bites them hard! No mother deserves this! 🤬

  • Teresa Capers says:

    The 7 eleven located at 4096 S Federal in Sheridan CO is stealing. I checked my purchases and the last 3 times I was in that store they charged me an extra 10.00 for each purchase. Something should be done.

  • Randi Dykstra says:

    Disappointing to go into 7-11 and only have 2 choices of chocolate milk. Nestlé which taste terrible and this new 7-11 brand that is so bitter and nasty adding white milk doesn’t even cover up the horrible taste. What happen to Andersons, True Moo. Won’t pop into 7-11 anymore

  • Theresa says:

    I sent an email to Corporate as my children and I were charged for Slurpee that was supposed to free on 7-11. Christopher the manager of 711 on Ironwood and Mishawaka Ave responded last week. Stating not only would he refund my payment, but would also offer a free Slurpee . My reply was I will come in on Sat 8/27 to pick up refund and Slurpee. My two boys and I arrived at 711 Sat morning about 9:30 am. They didn’t want to come in so they stayed in the car. I entered the store and spoke with the cashier. She asked if I was their for an interview. I responded that I was their to speak with the manager about he refund and free Slurpee. She went to the back to get him. When he came from the back office he was in full rage. Stating I have mailed you your refund three times already and we have already spoken about this why are you. I don’t understand what you are saying are you Christopher yes I am. Ok, not sure what your talking about as I have never given you my address to mail me anything nor have we ever spoken, other than an email. Still yelling I guess that was another person. I asked if he was ok, he said no someone came in and took some stuff. He stated you people always want something for nothing. As he is now waving his hands in my face. I asked him to lower his hands and asked what he meant by that. You people he said again. WOW, you don’t have to be a asshole about this. Keep the refund and drink as I turned to walk to the door He stated that’s it I’m calling the cops on you- you just assaulted me. My God what is wrong with this person. I walk out the door to my car as he now has his phone really calling the cops and giving them my license plate number. Once he goes back into the store to wait the the police. My children are in shock and horror as I open the back door the my car and tell them to walk back to the house and I will be there soon. If I don’t come in 15 minutes call my sister their aunt to come and get them. As they walk away 1 car arrives then car 2 with his dog in the back seat barking uncontrollably then car 3 of the SB Police as well as the University police across the street from 711 arrived. I am now surrounded as if I have killed someone as the cars on the street stop to see what is going. The people pumping gas have now walked over to hear what’s going on. I am doing my best to explain how silly this is as Christopher come and and tell them I have assaulted him and I am trespassing on his property, and he doesn’t want me there. Leave and never come back you are banded from this store. The officer ask if he want to press charges he said no-I asked what are the charges. as there was no assault. He lied to get you here. He replied I just want her gone, and if you contact corporate again my boss will back me up. Do you want the drink before you leave Christopher said. Absolutely not was my reply as I drove off.

  • Shelly osborne says:

    Please please please bring the original nacho cheese back…i stopped going to 711 ..the new cheese is gross tast like appm…was my childhood memories

  • Robert Metz says:

    7 11 store: 260 Colony Boulevard, the Villages, FL. I have one of your original Big Gulp containers and was
    receiving 96 cent refills for the past several years. Last week went into this location and the franchise owner rang up $1.98 and I told him it’s a refill and it’s 96 cents. He said I don’t make any money only charging 98 cents! He rang it up. This week he said he doesn’t provide any refills except coffee. I advised him of last week’s situation and he refused. I told him he can keep his refill and walked out. This location is in a retirement village area and if you want to lose lots of customers, this is the way to do it. Will email all my friends and tell them stay clear of this location. Nasty, very nasty. Let’s just say he didn’t come across to the customer smiling!! I’ll be taking all my business elsewhere, including the gas and other items.

  • Rodney McCain says:

    I brought a brand new 7-11 mug last night. I filled it this morning at the 7-11 6106 Oxon Hill Road, Oxon Hill, Md. 20745. There is a coupon inside of the mug for the 1st fill free. The clerk said that they dont honor it. He would not give me his name so I could file a complaint. But it 2as 6:15 am. The coupon is valid till 12/31/22.

  • Rita dix says:

    I was fired today. I lost my mom. Lisa at 1510 s holly fired Me for my lost and depression. But Lisa allows randy to steal 12 pack of beer a day really. Something is wrong here. My mom’s death is very real. But other employees can be rude and not trusted. My mom died

  • Michelle Sanders says:

    I went to 7-11 at 1011 E Cheyenne Ave in North Las Vegas today 8/2/2022 at 730am and I came in to get some coffee which for the oast 4 days they havent had any cofee ready around this time and i asked the clerk, i do apologize i didnt get her name but she was African American with shor black hair , i asked if she was going to make coffee and she said her water thing to make coffee wasnt working, but the white lady from yesterday in the morning sorry i didnt catch her name said it was because they were out of coffee filters so i felt like it was all an excuse not to make coffee for the customers that come in everyday early in the morning and i stated” well i think the coffee post shouldnt be put out if their is no coffee its misleading. i went to grab cold coffee from the fridge and went to pay for them at the register and the clerk had attitude and i ignored it . went to pay for my coffee and the machine was acting up and the clerk said rudely … try again bc it didnt work and i said nevermind because i wasnt going to take rudeness. i set the 2 drinks down and said “have abetter attitude next time to your customers or dont come to work” i admit that yes but i was treated very poorly. as i was walking out of the store, the African American THREW the cold coffee can at me (hit my foot) and said bitch get out… i turned aroind and asked , did u really throw that at me? she said yes u deserved it. I told her that if it hit me i would call the cops and walked to my car as she followed to continue to harass me . This is unacceptable and i believe she needs to be fired or needs anger management classes to go back to work to throw something at a customer. I will be calling corp. and Headquarters as well.

  • Alice Farmer says:

    7 Eleven says they accepts the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. But if you use it to purchase pizza,chicken wings or any other to be cooked food you are charged double the listed price. Why is this?

    • Jane mark says:

      Please pi am sorry to hear what you havexperienced but my recent nightmare with a new manager at the 7 11 in summerlin at Town Center t horro grusome tale of despicable customer descrination and abuse and i have been a customer there since2014! Never one single prioblem friendswith all the managers as well as empi0yees. A new manager and staff there out of NOWHERE have vanned me from their store! Why? Noone knows “inna i
      Or Eena arecent new mngr(who i have never met) had ordered them to keeo me out.Poor manager choice one whi creates problems not ol solvesthem no respinse from corporate in 4 weeks and 59 calls really a shameful disgrace on them they will cime ti regret their choice in “Eena, clearly a power drunken onadewui

      Inadequate person ane a lowelife at that’ll

  • Brittany bell says:

    I am homeless and today I was unfairly notresspased because of another person . The manger Sandra Davis at 9910 Dorchester Rd SC 7-11 has done nothing but be crude , yell,say that our worthless homeless assses need to leave and instead of seeking shelter out of a storm worry about becoming less making people want to vomit 🤮. How does someone of her nature still have a job? How does swho doesn’t know of what we go thru and afraid of when our next meal is get to down graid and go home to her 100 Twinkies keep her job

  • Jeremy says:

    Store #33913 on McGregor and Pine ridge in Fort Myers, Florida. Store continues to go down hill. Go in during lunch rush and only one person (Jaq) working. All other employees are hiding in the office. Meddles to say no lunch for me. I’m done with 7-11. I’ll never go back. Thanks assholes!

    • Maria C Gonzalez says:

      That’s nothing the one in Bloomington never wants to make pizzas. They claim they ran out of boxes. And last time I got a taco the tortilla was raw. They keep running out of Ice. The sewer backed up 4 months ago and the smell is still there. Very poor management. Rude staff.

  • Ms. T. Watson says:

    I have a complaint about one of your employees , working at the 7-11 on Marlboro Pike & Edgewick Ave.. Capitol Hghts. Md…20743

  • guest says:

    Good morning,
    I visit the Bay City, TX location often on my way to work in the mornings and the manager of this location is just awful. I’m not one to complain about bad customer service because its just dead now adays but every time I visit this location she has the worst attitude, uses vulgar language and treats the employees and customers very poorly. This has been going on for quite some time but today was the worst I have ever seen! she was drilling an employee Infront of all the customers about about “leaving at 8 and next time its a write up”. She humiliated this gentlemen! She went on how she is going to text another employee about this. It was so bad one of the employee had to tell her not to be mean when she text the employee. This is not the first time I have witnessed her doing this to the staff but this is not how you treat not just employees but the way she treats customers is disgusting and very unprofessional. I feel it is common sense but she is in need for some serious training ASAP. I did want to mention the store its self is nice and clean and there are some great employees I want to continue being a loyal customer but this behavior just gives off an unsettling vibe and I prefer not to start my mornings like that.

  • Stacie says:

    My son’s went to the 7 11 on 231 in Prince Frederick to put gas in my car and the attendant took their money, but never turned on the pumps. He then argued with my sons who called me. He basically told them he couldn’t do anything till tomorrow. Please educate your employees. This one was arguing after not turning on the pumps.

  • Mindy Mitchell says:

    I need proof of income I no longer work for 7/eleven

  • Raina Bartlett says:

    711 on the ecorse rd in Romulus MI. The store manager is with holding my ck. I left two weeks ago. I walk in today to grab my ck he said oh corporate has to mail it out. Why was t it already mailed out two weeks ago!! Something is going on here. His name is Dave and her name is Raina!

  • Roel Graza says:

    I live in Corpus Christi, Texas across the street from a Stripes/7 11 store. About two weeks ago the store shut down the gas pumpsfor about 4 days while the canopy was being repainted. About a week later I noticed paint overspray on my new car. My nighbors cars also has overspray also. A total of about 10 to 11 cars. I have called the corporate office and left messages and have not heard anything from them. It’s bad enough that I have to pick up the insane amount of trash that ends up in my yard from that store. It may be time to hire a lawyer for this.

  • Michele Bollinger says:


  • Thomas LaFlamme says:

    It was at the corner of Chelmsford and Westford Street did not come out correct on the email any other questions please contact me and I will be gladly to answer them thank you for your time and assistance

  • Thomas LaFlamme says:

    I am in Lowell Massachusetts and one of your Halo and systems for the fire stick versus just went off on the 7-Eleven store at the corner of Hempstead and West 5th Street my car is absolutely covered with Halon and so are many others bless the scariness of the effect of the White Cloud coming out of I tried to talk to the owner of the store all he did was stare at me at this enough that to get office to get off his property because the store is closed all he did was swear at me swear swear accord noir I called 911 by swearing and using foul language by swearing and using foul language I talk to the police I talk to the police I talk to the police and they told me to go there and ask for the money for to clean my car I will not go back because the way I was treated by the owner I would like someone from the main office to contact me my email is here and I have a phone number of 603-484-9111 the incident is reported with allo police Lowell police and if you would call get in touch with me and we can talk about it I would appreciate it very much cuz I’m afraid to go back to the store because the way I was treated and the owner was swearing like that in front of little children I’m not one to make trouble but it was a scary situation for all involved I would appreciate it if I heard from use in a timely fashion My email is t h o Ma laf l a m m e at gmail.com

  • Laney Ensley says:

    This company appears not to care about how customers are treated by their employees. I psaid for $90 worth of gas (my last $90) using my card. The register went down, and they refused to reboot the system so that I could pump my gas. Shortly after the register was working however I was refused service. Next, I was thrown off the property and told never to return.

  • Dix says:

    Your company recently bought the Speedway in Davie Florida the service has went downhill the cappuccino machines are always broken the gas pumps don’t work half the time credit card machines are not working the manager there is extremely rude and so is the assistant manager I went there one day to talk to her and she threw her arms up in the air at me and walked away I’m trying to figure out how this was a perk your company buying this store everything worked fine I never had a problem when this place was owned by speedway and the previous manager was there I’m not sure how to get these things fixed I would like to continue going here since I’ve been going here for 20 years

  • Roger says:

    Why are 7-11 in Spring Hill Fl. Scanning the back of drivers when buying vaping products. it is against the law in Florida. They can check the front for birth dates. That scan has personal information which is not meant for the public

  • Dr. Kathleen Salyer, Sterling, VA 20164 says:

    I went to your 7-Eleven store ( #16385) this evening around 7:30 pm. While there I noticed 4 or 5 cups (probably for coffee) on the floor, all on their sides. One of the employees came over and picked them up and put them back in the container where other unused and similar cups were located before being selected for use. This employee is likely Hispanic and no doubt was, no doubt, being a conscientious employee without realizing that these cups were contaminated from rolling around on the filthy floor.

    I strongly recommend that your employees be educated on what to do when products or containers are contaminated. Perhaps, in a situation like this the cups could be microwaved for one to two minutes, whatever is advised, for sterilization.

    With Covid still here we especially need to be careful although this should never occur.

  • Emily says:

    I haven’t gotten paid in 2 weeks as of today, no one in my store has. Our store is a corporate store so there is no reason this should be occuring. I’ve tried calling payroll multiple times and cannot get through to anyone yet I’m supposed to keep working not knowing when I will see a paycheck. I cannot even buy food, get gas nothing. WHO IS RUNNING THIS COMPANY SAND WHY ARE WE NOT GETTING PAID???????

    • Dr. Kathleen Salyer, Sterling, VA 20164 says:

      The above comment by Emily is alarming! Please take note 7-Eleven Corporate Office! This should not be happening.

      • G says:

        I got fired and they lied about everything and never paid me. I’m filing a lawsuit claim and holding them responsible. They can’t keep doing this to people

    • Aisha Johnson says:

      Emily im facing eviction I haven’t been paid in 2 weeks going on 3 and the manager want me to keep coming to work are they serious this is unacceptable I work in Charlotte NC 4255 Statesville Rd this manager needs to be fired

  • Unhappy customer says:

    i have been waiting for over two weeks for a customer agent to call me about my case#CS1156876. This is absolutely ridiculous that 7 11 cannot even address their customer concerns in a timely manner. I get the same song and dance for weeks now – wait for someone to call you. I a, in BC Canada – I even called Texas HO – leave a message…. – yeah, Right someone will get back to me. Absent customer relations !

  • Sonya Kemp says:

    I’m very disgusted with 7 Eleven. I have Always gotten my gas, snacks and did I mention the free ATM. You guys got your nerve to charge $2.00 for tire air. You have just lost a customer and I’ll be sharing this with my family and friends. Our gas as gone up or groceries has gone up and you have the nerve to ask us to pay for air. I looked up and saw a tire store right across the street and they put air in my tire for free. I even got to stay in my warm car. I think 7 eleven needs to revisit this situation. Oncue here we come.Where the air is “free”.

    • Dr. Kathleen Salyer, Sterling, VA 20164 says:

      Hi Sonya,
      You might get better results if you text them here vs. wait for a call.


  • Anne M Brummer says:

    You bought out speedway in Jacksonville, N C in January.
    Immediately you went up on your prices.
    There is a lot of poor people that depend on keroscene to heat their homes me included.
    In January the keroscene was3. 49 and now you upped it up to 4. 99. I don’t know how you can face GOD ripping off people like You are doing. You should be ashamed.
    The poor feel the brunt of your greed.
    Have a nice day

  • Christopher Haywood says:

    I have been calling for 3+ weeks because an employee has verbally abused me, I have many cases filed, I have called everyday, no one is returning my calls, or taking action.

  • Brittney Hollis says:

    I’m not sure why nobody can seem to call or email me back about the money that was stolen from my card but I’ve tried so many ways to get my money back, explain what happened, I’ve started cases and no reply, I’ve talked to employees at the store the manager isn’t professional enough to call me back, I’ve called customer service several times and haven’t heard back from anyone, I literally just want my money back that was taken from me. I’m not sure what else I need to do because nobody else seems to care. It may not seem like much to some but almost$30 was taken from me and I’m a single mother to a five year old I need every dime that I work hard for. I’ve had to change my card to a new card because after this incident with the employee at this store I’ve had my old card get scammed a few times I’m not sure if it has anything to do with this incident but I’m so tired of people taking or trying to take my money when I’m barely getting by myself. Please someone reach out to me and at least act like you care please! I’ve even left reviews to be noticed but nothing I don’t know what else to do.

  • Katty says:

    The cashier at 16725 McLaughlin in Milwaukee Oregon . Is using the F**** word at customers saying that people that come in are stupid and need to open their F****ing eyes and it does not get any better. This was on 2/5/2022 8:51 am Saturday morning. I wish that he would stop Is degrading and cussing at the customers and if hes unhappy with his job perhaps he needs to quit and find another one or you can fire him.

  • Armand Catenaro says:

    I’d like to address a minor annoyance that occurs at every 7-11 store in the Maplewood, NJ area. There is Never any decaf coffee prepared for sale at anytime at the three stores in that area. Moreover, ‘hazelnut’ flavored (my favorite, your best) coffee is constantly missing from those locations. In addition the Springfield Avenue location serves coffees that is not fresh. Not to exaggerate but, if I want to drink two day old coffee I’d make it in the old Farberware and leave it on the counter…..I have seen an employee at the Bell Boulevard, Bayside, NY store pour out a 1/2 filled carafe simply because it was sitting out too long. It’s a standard I’d become used to but, it’s lacking in New Jersey…..

  • Andrew Murphy says:

    Hi my name is Andrew murphy lastnite I went in played my lottery at 3445 Western Branch Blvd while I played my numbers I asked for two scratcher ok I pay for everything tha then went an got my receipts for my numbers an only came back with 1 scrather an my receipts I leave I did stop anywhere I literally live5 minutes away before I got out the car I was leaving my slip’s that I filled out in the car when I noticed it was only one scratch off so I returned to the store an I confronted Aaron Cooper if that’s his name he looked at me like yea I took it wat u gone do I asked him if he drop my ticket be hind the register he was quick to say no and ask did I have a receipt I said no I literally just left I reminded him when I first purchased the ticket that he picked out the ticket and I picked out one ticket he picked super 777s which is a $5.00 ticket an I picked winter winnings which is $5.00 also how did I only receive one he had no answers he just pulled $5.00 from somewhere an handed it to the other cashier to give me another ticket calling his self resolving the situation I told him I wanted my original ticket he fan me off an walk away I’m about to get my lawyer involved look at the cameras check audio whatever please please please help

  • Holly says:

    Can’t get anyone on a phone
    Complaint here
    I had to go to 8 that’s right 8 locations before I could find a 7-11 gift card

  • Janice says:

    Hi I visited the store in Hampton Virginia the address is 2 Village Drive and I went there to resolve an issue peacefully the associate that was working there his name is Tony Williams he was so rude to me he called me out of my name very bad words in front of customers and I only went there to try and resolve an issue quietly there was no reason for him to start yelling at me and calling me names in front of other customers embarrassing me like that I don’t think I’ll ever go back to that store

  • Irene Rodriguez says:

    I live next door to a 7 11 store and buy gas often. I am told I cannot take advanrage of the incentives program for cents off gas because I prepay inside the store. There have been many reports of skimmers at the gas pumps in this area. But unless I pay at the pump I cannot make use of this incentive! Can you help?

  • Anb says:

    Hello my name is Anne I go to the Speedway gas station Hampton New Hampshire off of Lafayette Road I have a complaint about your management providing that you guys are the new owners of the speedway I have never seen such poor Management in my life it’s disgusting the employees all rude all ignorant wouldn’t go in that store matter of fact I’ll make sure considering on my well-known resident here that I’ll make sure that a lot of other people don’t go there either and not to mention I’ve heard quite a few customers come out with complaints about the employees there try new management someone who is actually educated and smart try new employees friendly smiling yeah that might make a good business cuz what you got going on there now is crap

  • David perkins says:

    Her name is Sonya did not give me her name until I went got the camera she’s very hot temple too I would tell my people to be careful when they go in there of Miss Sonia

  • David perkins says:

    You okay sure at store 36612 and she refused to talk with me she made me not want to come back into that store ever again and I’m thinking about writing a report on her to send over the website because she was that rude disrespectful no kind of people skills and very agitated and hostility is what I felt from herCameron and 290 was very rude to me and did not give me the the right change and it was a token in there or wash and token

  • Seth says:

    7-Eleven on 6th and Blair in Eugene Oregon very poorly ran store employees are corrupt rude disrespectful yhey ban people from the store 4 absolutely no reason they discriminate against you because you’re homeless I would never recommend that Aladdin your friend or family absolutely horrible store

  • Birgit Ages says:

    your commercials suck big time!

  • Cyndi Simpkins says:

    Rude employee . At 5:30 today. I went to get a lottery ticket and two pizzas. After waiting in line while she was being rude to the DoorDash delivery person and the woman in front of me. She saw the ticket and said I had to wait for the lottery. Didn’t even let me order the pizzas. She wanted to “help” the men that were waiting behind me. As I am going out the door she says “I’m not trying to be rude”. She is right. she wasn’t trying. She was rude.

  • perry nelson says:

    I personally believe that your site sucks, can not email any thing to you. like I want to know why my 7-11 is not open at this time, your corporation has the best brownies around especially with the walnuts on top. good source of vitamin e.

  • DARYL T says:

    please help all setup
    all new 7-eleven at talk all more time at 7-eleven customer service at
    please all out to
    setup all new all Nebraska any new all 7-eleven in round all OMAHA NEBRASKA AT

  • Dennis Pool says:

    I was at our local store on Mustang Road and NW Highway yesterday afternoon (8/7/2020). At the West store entrance you/ customers had to “dodge” in between skateboard runs. Five local teenager boys were using the sidewalk and handicap ramps for their boarding runway. Not only; (1) could a customer be injured but (2) I imagine if one of the skateboarders were injured — you could be liable and sued under either scenario. I could not believe a store employee never came outside to address this very serious safety issue (I was there almost 15 minutes)

  • Daryl Traster says:

    Omaha Nebraska at
    Come please setup
    New all Bing the
    7-eleven in Omaha Nebraska
    Look make setup income
    And training center in
    Omaha Nebraska

  • Daryl Traster says:

    Omaha Nebraska
    Please all enter new 7- eleven in
    Omaha Nebraska
    Omaha Nebraska new opening in new 7-eleven
    In Omaha Nebraska

  • sharon moore says:

    Just got home from work. Stopped by 7 11 on las vegas blvd and charleston to pick up a few things. I pulled into the lot and parked. A young man walked up to my car and said” 3 dollars or your car will be towed. I know he was just trying to get money from me so I told him I would go somewhere else. I left. When I pulled up he was with one of the employees, following him into the store. This store had done a really good job of getting rid of panhandlers now they are back. The young man took off when he saw I was leaving, the employee came out of the store and was looking toward the man leaving. I went to am pm on the next block. I thought you should know about this. las vegas nevada.

  • Ken Bateman says:

    Pump #8 at the 7-11 north of Lake Worth, TX on Boat Club road
    ripped me off for $1.00 this afternoon, 5/24 and now a series of events has unfolded that has 1. DE ACTIVATED MY CREDIT CARD 2 HAD ME LEARN NOW THAT I WILL BE ISSUED A NEW CARD BY CAPITOL AND THAT IS THE CARD THAT SEVERAL OF MY AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWS COME FROM ! Changing all these numbers will take me at least a whole day to get straightened out …probably 2 and maybe even 3.

    I demand a detailed, believable explanation of what went on here and you can expect do do some considerable work to convince me not to take this viral on social media. This is an outrage.

    Ken Bateman 214-906-3472


  • Carlos Morales says:

    This is to inform you that we can install a Mailing & Shipping Center in all your stores. This will include the Us Post Office, FedEx, UPS and DHL with a 40% Profit Margin. This will help your customers and attract new ones in the community.For more information you can contact Carlos Morales at 470-273-1761 or at carlos@shippingpos.com

  • bc mcneeley says:

    to the 7/eleven executive team a answer will be expected by 12pm monday april 13 2020 to avoid any further remedies
    i am asking you to make a wrong right on April 10 2020.
    at 9:45 i paid in cash 25.00 us dollars to a male cashier at store #23938 located at 4026 A street Auburn Washington 98002
    i went to the counter and asked for simple mobile and gave the clerk a simple mobile card he gave me the receipt with the code when i got back home to add the time to my phone i seen the word boost and when the code was rejected i realized the i have been given the wrong code and when i went back to the store for them to make it right, because this is not fault of mine the manager called me a con a the i was so embarrassed i knew a number of the people in line your clerk was to say the least out of pocket lucky im not the way i used to be ..but my question is will you make right your wrong or do we go to the next level
    i only have wifi but you can reach me at 2534555999 bcmcneeley @yahoo.com

  • Don says:

    also the same francise is not honoring the 7 cup free coffee any longer not good for business.

  • Don says:

    7 eleven at 4012 White ln Bakersfield Ca are not sevrvingxpresso coffee why not they just opened up for business this bad business I far as I can see not good for 7 eleven francises.

  • cleasta smith says:

    Would like to speak to someone that will do something about the condition of the location that I visited in 2/19/2020 . It was absolutely nasty in the entire store food out dated and cook food was so old it was just wrong. So if someone would give me a call so I don’t have to leave it on the internet. My name is Cleast a Smith 608-440-4678

  • Daryl R. Meitz says:

    I’m having a Major Issue with trying to contact a person who speaks English and can help with a major issue – My Name is Daryl Meitz 972-567-3420 – Your 7-11 store #39159 1512 Brown Trail Road, Bedford, TX. has listed MY WIFE MOBILE # AS THEIR STORE CONTACT NUMBER (My wife mobile # is 817-239-7774 which she has had for the past 25 years. She is getting calls 24/7 (all hours of day and night) I have tried calling 7-11 customer service number bbut can’t understand a single person wince they are in Central Mexico!!!!! I have tried to reach corporate offices in Dallas with NO success. My wife needs the store to correct this major error ASAP!!!!! I need someone to call me back today 972-567-3420

  • Steve Ocepa says:

    Good morning Customer Service, I have been having a problem with the app on my phone. Customer service’s help is of no help. (Reason) The reps can’t fix the problems. I asked to speak to a supervisor to address the problem. NO. Needs case file. NO supervisor. Placed on hold. I was told I need case file to talk to a supervisor. Why?? A case should have be created when you state to the rep I am having an issue with t app because it did not know who I am. No reset for E-Mail issues. ???..No. Don’t have ability to fix sorry. You need to create a new account. REALLY !!.. It gets better, the 7 rewards card is liked to the account you have issues with. That’s good. I am having problems with 2 products. (wow).. I guess no easy fixes. You try calling to fix the issues; only to feel it’s not worth the run around. I feel you don’t care about your customers. I stopped trying and uninstalled the app. If you don’t want my business that’s fine. But please address the app issues and the rewards card. Thank you for time and understanding.

    • David perkins says:

      I can reach that 918-209-1747 David Perkins is my name and writing disrespectful close up is my game b****

      • Kathy says:

        Went to your establishment in Yonkers NY , the worst service ever waited 20 minutes to pay for my products not one employee came to help I finally walk out left everything on the counter . Went back the next day got to pay for my purchase this time , and the cashier tried to short me on my change , worst practice ever . I wanted to report you to the better business bureau. But instead I and anyone I know will never shop at a 7 11 again. Oh yeah while I waited I watched at least 4 people walk out with the stuff they wanted without paying. And you deserve to be robbed .

  • >