Where is 5 Hour Energy  Corporate office Headquarters

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5 Hour Energy
  • Address:  38955 Hills Tech Drive, Farmington Hills, MI 48331, United States

  • Phone Number: 516-237-6000

  • Fax Number: 248-960-1980

  • Email: N/A

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    Number of Employees: ​2100 

  • Established: 2001

  • Founder: Manoj Bhargava 

  • Key People: Manoj Bhargava (CEO)

5 Hour Energy Headquarters Location & Directions

5 Hour Energy Headquarters Executive Team



Manoj Bhargava


Scott Henderson


Melissa Skabich

Communications Director

Rise Meguiar

Vice President of Sales

About 5 Hour Energy, History and Headquarters Information

            5 Hour Energy is an energy drink which contains caffeine. It was launched by Manoj Bhargava, CEO of Innovations Ventures, whose business is carried out in the name of Living Essentials.Therefore the product is being manufactured by Living Essentials. 5 hour Energy is the only business carried out by the company

            The company’s product is available in flavors like lime, orange, mango, apple, strawberry and watermelon. The company sells the energy drink in US, UK, Canada, spain, Ireland, Portugal, Netherlands.

            The product has no sugar but has plenty of stimulant caffeine. The product has still not been  approved by US Food and Drug Administration. According to the Consumer Reports, the caffeine difference between a 250 ml coffee and the 5 hour energy drink is 100 mg, with coffee lagging.The figures speak about the ordinary product. The extra strength product has more caffeine.


            The 5 hour Energy drink is now available as Tea in peach flavour.

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  • Fancy Bosanko says:

    Hello, I wanted to make you aware of a couple extra benefits of the 5hr(just in case no one has noticed). I have been taking them for a couple of years now(before Covid), Benefit 1-I never get sick anymore(even before I got vaccinated and exposed), benefit 2-my hair has grown twice as fast as my daughters hair(I am 30 yrs older), plus my hair has actually gotten thicker, I have never in my life had beautiful hair like I do now, Benefit 3-soft skin. These plus the energy, lol, Great Product

  • Jerry Paice says:

    Good day. I would like to contact Manoj Bhargava (or his sales team) about some of his products – ie the HANS 300 POWERPACK , the Free Electric Bike (generating power to battery), the Fertilizer Instruction Book, the Solar Power Briefcase etc. In South Africa we are possibly on the brink of Total Power Grid collapse. Please advise. Urgent.

  • Julie Standing says:

    Who do I contact for natural gas usage?


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