Where Is 3M Company Corporate Office Headquarters

3M Company Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2501 Hudson Rd, Maplewood, MN 55144, United States

  • Phone Number: +1 888-364-3577

  • Email: investorrelations@3M.com

  • Number of Employees: 93,516

  • Established: June 13, 1902

  • Founder: John Dwan, Hermon Cable, Henry Bryan & William A. McGonagle

  • Key People: Michael Roman, John Banovetz

3M Company Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact 3M Company Corporate Office

One might want to visit the headquarters of 3M company, which is an American multinational conglomerate working in the fields of Health care, Worker Safety, and Industry for various reasons including, a business deal, or an internal managerial meet, or a staff union leader who wants to improve his working environment, or a curious journalist for an appointment. There are many ways to approach the company headquarters of 3M to fulfill any of the above-mention reasons mentioned below.

3M headquarters address

You can reach out to the headquarters of 3M company through physical mail using the following address.

2501 Hudson road


MN 55144

United States

3M board of directors address:

You can send your physical mail or a package to the board of directors of the 3M company using the following address. The board of directors works at the headquarters.

2501 Hudson road


MN 55144

United States

Phone Number:

You can reach out to the headquarters to have a dialogue with the executives through the phone number +1 888-364-3577. The number would be live on working days and during working hours.

Email Id:

You can reach out to the headquarters digitally by sending them an email to make an appointment or send a query. You can mail it to the following address. mailto:investrorelations@3M.com


You can get more information about the company and their services by visiting their website. You can follow the happenings at 3M by following their social media. You can visit their website through the following link.

3M Company Headquarters Info & Photos

Five men inaugurated the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company as a mining venture. It was headquartered at  St paul before moving to the current address, 2501 Hudson Road, Maplewood, MN 55144, United States. It was operated in an individual house called the John Dwan office building, a museum today.

3M company dived into sandpaper products, chemicals, and other various acids and acetates in demand back in the day. It was headquartered at St Paul for 52 years before moving to the center of Minneapolis. Like all the modern companies, when the profits started hitting a billion a year, 3M company moved to a fancy headquarter.

Today, 3M has over 96,163 employees worldwide, with a wide variety of products and businesses. It is a multinational conglomerate.

3M Company Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

610 Co Rd 19 Aberdeen, SD



Building A/1 Rivett Rd North Ryde



300 Tartan Dr London



Carl-Schurz-Straße 1 Neuss



Calle Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 19 Madrid



Kiyevskoye Shosse, 22 Moskva

3M Company Headquarters Executive Team

Michael F. Roman

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Michael joined the 3M company in 1988 and has journeyed with the company for more than 32 years. He joined as a senior design engineer in the company and became the company’s chairman and CEO after 32 years. He has a bachelor’s and Masters’s degree in electrical engineering.

John P. Banovetz

Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and Environmental Responsibility

John has a Ph.D. in chemistry from Stanford University. He joined the company in 2007 as the director of business development. He was promoted as the vice president for innovation and the Chief technology officer. He has been with the company for 14 years.

Karina Chavez

Karina Chavez

Group President, Consumer

Name Title
Zoe Dickson Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Peter Gibbons Group President Enterprise Supply Chain
Chris Goralski Group President Safety & Industrial
Ashish K. Khandpur Group President Transportation & Electronics
Jeff Lavers Group President Health Care
Mark Murphy Executive Vice President Chief Information and Digital Officer
Monish Patolawala Executive Vice President Chief Financial and Transformation Officer
Kevin Rhodes Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Affairs Officer

About 3M Company


Along with four innovators, John Dawn founded the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company to mine for minerals. The company was bought by Edgar Ober and Lucius Ordway.

It started researching sandpaper products in late 1905 after moving to Duluth. Sandpaper products and Abrasives have been the first products of the 3M company. It became 3M in 1907 and became a stable company by 1916.

In 1947, 3M started producing chemicals and acids used in various manufacturing processes. It owned few patents for a formula developed for a repellent applied on fabrics by the chemists of 3M.

Over the next few years, 3M entered the pharmaceutical industry by acquiring pharmaceutical laboratories as its subsidiary. It developed many products, which brought fame to the company in the medical and health care industry.

On the hundredth anniversary of the company, 3M changed its name to 3M company. By the year 2002, the company ventured into automotive electronics and circuit boards manufacturing.


It started as an abrasive company. It was raised to fame with its patent on a famous chemical. Over the years, it took a plunge into the medical and pharmaceutical industry, becoming a trademark for worker safety, security, and protection services.

Today, its major services include abrasives which are tools used in manufacturing for cutting and machining processes. They include a variety of cutting blades, grinding wheels, and many more.

The pharmaceutical and medical services include medical equipment and medicines that have the least side effects on humans. They are credited with making the first CFC-free asthma inhaler.

3M company’s products and services include abrasives, adhesives and tapes, Animal & pet care, Automotive, Car and boat care, Dental care, films, cleaning and maintenance, site safety scrutiny, hand hygiene, food safety, home care, and cleaning, orthodontic, personal health care, PPE, Sports and recreation, traffic and vehicle safety.

3M company is a multi-front company with many products and services. It started with the ambition of mining and became a conglomerate.


  • The 3M company is credited for the creation of the world’s first waterproof sandpaper by the 1920s
  • 3M company has around 8100 researchers in the world, with 4600 of them in the United States of America
  • 3M company indulges in providing 51 technology platforms all over the world
  • 3M set its goal to become the most sustainable technology producer in the world
  • 3M is the world’s largest conglomerate based on market value since 2018.
  • It increased the production of PPE kits and N95 masks since the start of the pandemic.
  • It has a high number of subsidiary companies under the umbrella of 3M.
  • It remains in the top positions in the sales and manufacture of abrasives and sealants both in the USA and worldwide.

  • Robert Kacic says:

    I own Quality Tooling Systems and we make 90,000 pc per hour of the N95 Aluminum Nose Strip. If you are interested please contact me. 330-722-5025

  • Black Diamond says:

    I just heard on the news this morning that not only is there a defund the PD effort but now the city council has voted to disband the police department. Why would any responsible company want to stay in a city where there will be civil unrest and lawlessness? Your employees will be a risk. I can not imagine a crazed gunman walking into your offices and when you call 911 they send a social worker. You can certainly have an influence in what is going on in your city along with the other Fortune 500 companies there. Are you
    remaining silent?

  • Stu bennett says:

    3M applied for the abandoned a patent some years ago – we have patented the device now – please see SanfranciscoSeamaster.com
    3M had a great idea then – an even better idea now – with 6 billion cell phones sice 3M had the idea! Call me at 206 236 2022 – thanks,

  • David says:

    Maybe it isn’t Mike Roman, but his attitude sucks. Price gouging respirator masks and exporting to the highest bidder is disgusting during a time when all Americans Frst responders need them. America First. We will not forget!

  • DAVID ALLEN says:


  • Roger A. Dubinski says:

    The 3M Corporate management needs to have their management, sales management, and salesmen get into their distribution accounts, and advise their account management that their first priority is to distribute the medical supplies to USA sources only. If the accounts will not meet The 3M Corporations directions, 3M should pull the medical products line from the distributor and seek out a new distributor/distributors.

  • Teri says:

    I also heard this evening that 3M was shipping and selling PPE overseas, to China and other countries. Then I saw that China was selling it back to the USA. Why is this happening, that your brokers refuse to sell the masks to Florida, and are selling them overseas. The local hospitals in central California are asking employees to see if they can find masks from family and friends, as they are running really low. You guys need to get your act together and start putting America first. This has been going on for months, not just recently. What jerks. Is it all about money?

  • Deron says:

    As a local government on the front lines combating the COVID-19 crisis , if the report on Tucker Carlson’s T.V. program is correct……….Shame on you for putting our emergency and medical responders last and money first!!! What is even more shameful is that you are an American company and putting America last to foreign countries and PROFITS!!! God help you when those that loose love ones due to no masks because you put foreign countries and profit before us Americans…Your Country…. find out your flawed business model!!! Remember….the individuals that you are denying these critical PPE’s to; serve and protect your employees as well. If they are sick and unable to respond….that means they can’t provide critical services to your employees!!! Hopefully, the federal government will deny any COVID-19 assistance to your despicable company!!!

    Let the investigations and lawsuits begin!!! Or better yet……….How about you do the right thing and take care of the Country that takes care of you!!!!

  • Faye Wons says:

    Why have you put greed over the people of the U.S.A.? The report on Tucker Carlson’s T.V. program said you were sending medical equipment to other country’s, instead of furnishing them for us. IF this is true how long will it take before the people of America to stop using your products? How long will it be for you to recoup the lose of revenue that you loose. Are you short sighted ? I for One will stop buying your products even though they are excellent. If I don’t here from you on this matter I will post on Facebook and any other social pages I can find. Faye Wons 951-677-8861

  • Malinda Aberle says:

    I am outraged that in the middle of the worst health crisis the United States history you (3M) as a company are passing the buck on the backs of the health of the United States citizens and our entire economy. I saw the piece on Fox News and your CEO’s lame excuse that you as a company cannot redirect your distributors to be certain that the product so needed…N95 masks are distributed to US facilties first. Shame on you! The “I cannot do anything about it” crappola is not an acceptable excuse. Mr. Roman how do you and your entire executive staff sleep at night?
    Be an American….Make it happen!!

    Malinda S Aberle
    1113 Chatham Lane
    Bloomington, IL

  • Ann says:

    Mr. Roman, what the heck is going on with 3M??? I just watched the head of Emergency Management in the State of Florida tell the public that their orders of masks have been delayed because foreign companies and governments are showing up to the warehouse with cash in hand!! Shameful and criminal, which makes you very likely a criminal. Profiteering at the time of a crisis is inexcusable. The buck stops with you!! Put a stop to this nonsense and do the right thing. Get the masks to those who have ordered them and have been waiting a long time for them. Lives depend upon them. I have a niece who works at Barnes Hospital and had to work the Covid 19 ward with only a surgical mask, because the hospital obviously doesn’t have enough. I’m sure you have your own personal supply, so why don’t you start by donating your personal stash to Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, or the State of Florida, or anyone who is desperately waiting for them. If you don’t remedy this, I’m quite sure you will be under a government investigation when this is all over. I assure you that my family will never buy a 3M product again!! Shameless profiteering is not acceptable.!!!!

  • Frank Diehl says:

    I’ve just seen a report that you are selling N95 masks to foreign countries instead of fulfilling orders for the American medical community. This is so blatantly unconscionable that it’s impossible to comprehend. How do you possibly justify such behavior? I wish I were a major stockholder and had some influence toward replacing the upper management of 3M. Your behavior is truly reprehensible.

  • Joseph LaFiandra says:

    3m Marketing Dept:
    I am not sure if you are aware of this but, your copper tape is being used as a means of covering publicly touched surfaces to prevent Covid-19 transmission. A recent report from the New England Journal of Medicine states that copper is the best surface to kill the virus. The EPA has also evaluated copper as an antimicrobial surface for use in hospitals. I have personally used it in a small business in Purcellville, VA.
    You should promote this feature of your copper tapes.

  • Rita Harrison says:

    Would like to know when you were contacted by the Whitehouse about expanding your PPE production. And when volume shipping to US hospitals will have needed PPE safety equipment

  • David Muresan says:

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