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  • Address:  12647 Alcosta Boulevard, 5th Floor, San Ramon, CA 94583, United States

  • Phone Number: 925-543-3100

  • Fax Number: 866-513-3358

  • Email: sponsorships@24hourfit.com

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    Number of Employees: 10001+ 

  • Established: 1983

  • Founder: Mark S. Mastrov 

  • Key People: Frank Napolitano (PRESIDENT)

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Chris W. Roussos

Chief Executive Officer

Lashaun Dale

Editor-In-Chief and Vice President of Content & Programming

Patrick Flanagan

Chief Financial Officer

Jane Borden

Senior Vice President of Real Estate

About 24 Hour Fitness, History and Headquarters Information


24 Hour Fitness is an American company that was founded in the year 1983, in the state of California, USA. The founders of the company are Leonard Schlemm and Mark S. Mastrov. The business was started as a typical local gym for the purpose of rehabilitation, which was later turned into a 24-hour fitness centre. In the year 2008, the company was one of the sponsors of the USA Olympic Teams. The company also expanded its service to countries like China and Singapore. In the year 2014, the company was sold to AEA Investors LP for $1.85 billion.


24 Hour Fitness is an American fitness centre which provides various types of individuals with their in-house training classes and services. All of its fitness classes are related to numerous fitness exercises like improving strength, body intensity, make your mind calm, burn your body fat, etcetera. The headquarters of the company is based in California, USA. As of the current date, there are more than 10,000 employees working at the company. The company has also hired celebrities like Jackie Chan and Lance Armstrong to promote the company as brand ambassadors.


24 Hour Fitness provides all sorts of fitness exercises of the GX24 class, to normal customers, with the help of professional instructors, so that people can do their workouts efficiently and effectively. There is also a fitness program as well, which allows customers to enjoy rewards in return of membership points. The company has over 420 clubs established across 18 different countries – with an aggregate of more than 3 million members worldwide.

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The headquarters of the company is situated at 4450 Norris Canyon Road of San Ramon. The state is California, with the pin code being 94583.

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  • joanne says:

    I am sending this from the 24 hour in Kaneohe Windward City
    I have 2issues
    1. the ac is sooo hot that many old timers have felt dizzy. The temp here is Around 85 degrees!!! The temp in the class room is extremely unhealthy!
    2. The classroom where I exercise 5 times a week has the cycling class once a Week ! The bikes have recently been moved to the classroom! They are all along the back of the room in front of the mirrors. A friend has hit her hands on the bike that is too close. These bikes can be moved to another room. Please take my cocerns into consideration for 24 hr Windward City thank you

  • Jim Faulk says:

    Club 347 Kuykendahl. Trainer has taken one of only two rowing machines and locked it up in a personal training room. General public cannot use it. I spoke with manager and was told that was the way it was going to be. Add more rowing machines. Us seniors prefer this machine. Been a member for over 20 years. Fitness manager with 24 hour for 10 years. Now retired. Thanks for your help in advance.

  • Anthony summa says:

    Hello where problems with the gym Sara refused to return his money

  • Kristal Atkinson says:

    August 18, 2023

    Dear 24 Hour Fitness,

    My family and I have been members of 24 Hour Fitness in Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada for 2-3 years. Today my membership was terminated for not agreeing with the new manager regarding the cleaning of the group fitness room while people are using it. Here is what happened:

    As I said, we’ve been members for a few years. We specifically like this gym because we get to use the group fitness room when there is no class. On Monday I was forced out of the room when a staff member walked directly in front of me and sprayed the mirror along with the mirrors on each side of mine to clean them. I was standing a few feet away looking into that mirror with my belongings directly below where the cleaner was sprayed. I left and spoke with the new manager about it. He didn’t seem to care and actually seemed irritated that I was speaking to him but at that time I accepted his attitude and moved on.

    Today while I was in the room working out the manager and other staff came in to clean again. So I asked the manager if there was a cleaning schedule because we could work around their schedule. He told me there wasn’t. The room now smelled of chemicals so again I left. My mistake was that I then sent a message to what I thought was corporate about this issue. That message went directly to him and apparently made him very angry. He first approached my minor daughter who was still in the group fitness room and said something to my daughter about me slamming him to corporate. She told him that he should talk to me. My daughter said he was rude to her as well. He left my daughter and then came out and confronted me on the treadmill. He told me that he was the GM, there was no management higher than him, that he didn’t care if I didn’t like his new cleaning policy because he cared more about the 1,000 (he said 1,000) members who wanted more cleaning and told me to see him on my way out to process my refund. I told him that that wouldn’t be necessary at this time (and then he walked away) because I needed to consult with the rest of my family who also have memberships.

    We left the gym without stopping to talk to him and I had two emails from 24 Hour Fitness waiting for me when I got home. He did cancel my membership!

    I did not yell, call names, etc. I expressed my opinion about being kicked out of the group fitness room with the cleaning and fumes but I left quietly. I did not and do not deserve this treatment. At this point I’m not sure if I want my membership back or just a refund for my other two memberships. I might prefer to join again after this man has left – which he will because that’s how it works at gyms.

    Anyway, I’d like my membership either reinstated or I’d like a refund for both of my children’s memberships as well as for my own. Please advise.

  • Steve Howard says:

    I recently participated in a MOTUS ski machine challenge that ended at the end ofJuly.
    At 65 years old I burned 10 calories in 15.3 seconds and had the lead.
    I was told I had won but 5 days later I was told someone had a faster time of 15 seconds.
    I would like more information from Mike Ham at corp. Please.

  • Eric says:

    I love having a gym that is open 24 hours with my unpredictable schedule. This is the only reason I stay with them and the fact they are less than a mile from my house. The club I go to is at 6500 Old Denton Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76131. I have been going for about three years now. There is a reason they can only get $9.99 a month! It is almost always filthy. Machines broken or malfunctioning for months on end. The steam room has been down for over two months (this time). Men’s locker room is disgusting. I have seen better restrooms in truck stops. Two urinals, one is almost always out of order. Three toilets, one is almost always out of order. You better check for tissue before you sit down because the employees are to busy on their cell phones to even bother to check. The sign posted about how they care about the locker rooms is comical! If the health department was to ever visit I am sure there would be violations as thick as an old yellow pages. They had a “suggestion box” out for a while. I saw it full of comments but nothing ever changed. The money they waste with running water faucets and lazy employees could likely pay for anything broken. You could raise the dues and I (like many) would be happy to pay more if we could have working equipment, bathrooms that didn’t smell like death and maybe a shower that worked….. soap would be nice too. I don’t think this will get anywhere but I have to try. It could be such a great club.

  • James hutcherson says:

    24 hour fitness in Tacoma Washington off of 38th Street is is behaving in ways that are not very professional. They have confiscated the unisex changing room which is a protected area for those who are part of the lgbtq movement people who are elderly people who are obese or large people and those who are handicapped. The staff at 38th Street in Tacoma have confiscated the small area which is a protective space for protected classes and they’re using them to store paper products and and for other facility needs which is wrong because we pay for those areas and protected spaces with our annual and monthly fees. They have also allowed the shower in the unisex restroom arrest area to be broken and unfixed for at least 3 to 4 months now and my belief is it’s another tactic to keep those who want to use these areas out of these areas because all the things that are in them are inaccessible. They have locked off the lockers so that you can’t use them but only after I put up a legitimate argument about the lockers and they suggested that if they wanted to use the lockers for personal reasons then maybe they should label them and mark them off and then lock them off so that they can’t be used,staff took my advice and locked us out of the lockers.the crazy thing is and I’ve taken pictures so I have plenty of pictures to show you or send you if you’re interested the crazy thing is is that there’s very few Lockers in the unisex bathroom there’s only four Lockers in those areas however throughout the gym and in the men’s and women’s area or restroom area there are hundreds maybe even thousands of lockers that they could used, so this is my reason for believing that this is actually an attack on people who need those areas and those protected the spaces because there’s other lockers that they can use so why would they take the four Lockers located in the unisex restroom? Also knowing that it’s a protective space for protected classes it doesn’t make any sense. I have complained before and my complaints multiple times have been ignored by Israel who is the manager of the club and also folks at corporate cuz I’ve also sent out and reached out multiple times by way of contact us and I’ve never received any information any callbacks any follow-up, nothing.

  • Laura Smith says:

    I am wishing for life time membership with 24Hours Fitness. Please call me at (914) 886-4882 to negotiate please Laura Smith.

  • Laura Smith says:

    Please store or place all exercises machines or equipment properly and safety so no one will not trip and fall in your 24 Hours Fitness.

  • Laura Smith says:

    Please place a exercises equipment properly for help and safety of your members.

  • Vernell Henderson says:

    I am a silver sneakers member and I currently go to your location on Ft Worth Ave in Dallas. My concern and complaint is re: the pool. I came back from vacation 10/17/22 and the pool was ice cold. I was told there is a leak in the gas line and waiting for the city to repair. As of today, 12/1/22 the pool is still not warm. This is not good, especially for senior adults that do not or cannot use other exercise equipment. I only am able to use the wet area and the pool is my main exercise. I think this is horrible and you, corporate, should keep better control of your locations and make sure they are run properly. As a matter of fact if this issue is not handle soon, I plan to make a complaint to the city and health dept re: this matter.

  • Long term Member Torrance says:

    24 hr Del Amo cross roads, Torrance , ca.

    1 health safety crime, facility issues conditions not addressed, prevented, remediated .
    2 Constant , repeated homeless druggie, etc other types of people sleeping , doing dangerous , other things in the. Handicapped showers, toilets, sauna, other areas especially handicapped
    3. Only the 24 hour fit representative or etc can report to Tpd, homeless task force , take action, none performed,
    4 . Need paper towels , paper stuff toilet seat covers in bathrooms. People are peeing alllover seats, etc air Blowing hands is making air borne diseases, water, viruses, etc by not having paper goods to dry off stuff, no s covers for over a month in w br,
    5. No cleaning crew on Sundays, limited cleaning on other days, provide sanitizers in bathrooms plz
    6. Provide more hooks, benches to put hang stuff in showers, bathroom. Trashcans,
    7 no hot water water pressure in sinks, etc
    8 more items to list.

  • Freda Denton says:

    I went back to the Willowbrook location again today and yhe ladies looker room was worse today than it was a few days ago. Please understand I am not changing what gyms I go too. There are 2 gyms I visit on a regular. I have paid my money and so have orders and we deserve to have a clean gym where we can shower and go on about our day. I spoke with a young lady today ask her if she new what the women’s locker room look like? She said “is it bad?” I looked at her and said yes. It’s nasty hair all over the place and restrooms are not clean. You can’t walk anywhere in the locker room without seeing or stepping on hair. She said I was just in there and I’m getting someone to clean it. It was nasty when I got to they gym at 11am and it was the same when I left at 12pm.. We deserve to have a clean place to shower and workout.. it’s not just yhe locker room. The workout area is nasty too. They don’t clean the machines they have dust and trash around the treadmills. I have pictures on the fb page. Or you can contact me and I will send you the pictures. Please work on getting location cleaned up..

  • Freda Denton says:

    The Houston Texas Willowbrook location!!!

    So I feel like I pay too much money to go to a nasty Gym.. This 24 Hour Fitness consistently have a nasty locker room, gym equipment out of service and not signs labeled out of service on equipment. This is my third review about the same nasty hair on the floor in the shower, by the lockers, on the shower walls, and the toilets yet nothing has changed. It’s a shame that this facility cannot hire someone to clean the locker rooms every hour. The customers in this area deserve better. If this was the Spring, Woodlands, Sugar Land or Katy they facility would not look like this.

  • Michelle Kim says:

    Regarding the Tacoma 24 Hour Fitness on 38th Street facility.  This place getting a GHETTO. Please see attached photos accordingly.

    I am an intermediate swimmer and senior citizen using your facility twice a week or so.

    I’ve complained in the past to your staff about how filthy the pool and hot tub are due to the fact that 90% of the people never take shower before going into the water, and after the sauna.

    Additionally, some of the people wear regular clothes and go directly into the hot tub or pool, and
    the pool staff never say anything to them.

    It’s so disgusting. I put a review on Google, but nobody (your staff) cares nor any improvements.

    You guys made me laugh when I’m seeing you are talking about PANDEMIC or COVID, you guys should sanitize your facility first before talking about virus etc.

    This is my strong opinion.
    Well, it’s too bad, I can’t post my photo.

    The shower room and women’s locker room were filthy, full of garbage and human hairs on the floor, and 2 weeks have been no roll of plastic bag (put the wet stuff after shower) ….

    I am putting these on SNS if the manager doesn’t do anything after reviewing my post.

    Thank you for reviewing my complaints.

  • P Hickey says:

    Can somebody please clean the mens changing area at the McKinney Texas location. It is filthy and is that way most of the time

  • Charles says:

    Why your monterey park 24 fitness equipment been down for over a month

  • Jean ODay says:

    My problem today was at the TORRANCE Gym on Crenshaw and PCH. Also there is a few machines not working and some have been for a while!! Not looking good for people trying to work out!! The Manager is hardly ever seen around? No wonder why some employees are getting a way with murder!!!!

  • Jean ODay says:

    I kept telling the Manager today while I was on the Treadmill I could see NO ONE AT THE FRONT DESK??? So people just kept coming in with out signing in?? There was 2 young women employees sitting behind the front desk just texting the whole time just IGNORING THE FRONT DESK??? The first time I told the manager he had one of the young women sit at the front desk. But a few minutes later that women left the desk again and people kept coming in? Again I let manager know and again he told her to stay at the front desk?? The other young women the whole time just sat at the computer area behind just TEXTING THE WHOLE TIME??? WHY ARE I AND MY HUSBAND PAYING EACH MONTH AND PEOPLE ARE JUST WALKING IN, PROBABLY NOT EVEN MEMBERS??? THEY need people working at the front desk who are more RESPONSIBLE AND NOT JUST TEXTING OR SITTING ON THE PHONE!!!!!!! WHAT A GREAT NONE WORK JOB FOR THESE YOUNG PEOPLE!!!! IF it keeps up next time I will go else where to work out!!!!

  • Donna Dunlap says:

    Upland 24 hr fitness doesnt care about its 40 silver sneakers members. No air conditioning in class. If not fixed we will be leaving to Esporta.

  • Frank says:

    24 hr fitness in santa cruz , without giving signs or headsup closes a particular section of the gym , like the shower room. They shut it down without warning. Sauna or jacuzi or steam room would shut down in the middle of day without warnings.. The workers would play coy and do nothing , but avoid you. Today I had a swim I wanted to take a shower and get back to work, but they closed the shower room for an hour, Late for work and no apologies. The answer sorry sir with a smirk

  • TG says:

    I just return to gym after the covid-19 the guy that sign me up is creepy. He follows me to class tries to block me from taking class or with another trainer and even home. It’s like he trying hook up I think he in prono that is what’s going on everywhere people have gotten creepy. They looking to make money off this evil stuff. Your Richardson TX gym seem to be hook up spot.

  • Minwei Robertson says:

    Zumba classes in Houston Copperfield location have been reduced the class hour from 60 mins to 45 mins. Custom services explained to us that the order was coming from the Corporate so that it will fit more fitness class. Most of ladies in the Zumba class are frustrated and they are barely speak English to express their frustration and concerns. Many member also expressed to switch out the fitness gym. Copperfield location will lose more business at the end. Corporate office, would you please reconsider to change Zumba class back to 60 mins? Thank you.

  • CATHE Picconi says:

    All the 24 hour clubs have closed in my area

  • CATHE Picconi says:

    I want to cancel my membership

  • Patricia Cawunder says:

    Pool at Madison Riverside CA was too dirty to swim in this morning. When I complained, I was told there were no complaint forms but I could call the sales manager when he came in around noon. The staff member Christian was very polite and professional.

  • Andrea Palmer says:

    I’m a member of the 24 hr gym in Valley Stream NY ever since that gym opened. Is it pools rules to allow members to Video tape in the pool area and inside the pool? I find that invading my privacy and others while we are in our bathing suits. In these times of social media, I do not want to be trending on anyone’s social media account. I’m very upset about this.

  • FORD K WEINER says:

    My 24 Hour Fitness App is limiting, Blocking access to On Demand Work out Feature for the past 2 weeks, prompting me to “Upgrade” my Membership. I do not wish to upgrade my Membership, and would suggest blocking access to All App features unless I upgrade is an Illegal practice. I request full access to my 24 Hour App features. Member ID # BLC29004606. Please contact me at 347-993-5763 before I refer to criminal complaint and attorney general follow up for Consumer Fraud.

  • John says:

    At what point does the Yorktown ,NY location open back up to 24 hours? And at what point do they install the pool here? Also when do they start cleaning the mens room. As a whole the bathroom smells like dirty feet, ass, and piss.

  • Martin Lemke says:

    I have a membership with golds gym started in 2004 when 24 hour bought out the Gold gym 24hour fitness said they would honor the gold gym contract,I have had health issues so it limited my activity the last two years, I have always payed my yearly membership and never missed a payment ,I have my records of proof that Ive payed my dues on time.someone did not inter my payment and I was told I missed last year’s payment ,I have record when the check cleared my credit union.My yearly dues have been $107.17 since 2004 that monthly payment should have me grandfathered in , from being a Golds member, now a 24 hour member.my yearly contract due date has been April 16th of each year my contract was canceled on 1st of march. and i have been trying to get this matter resolved I believed my membership was terminated due to my inactivity my understanding of a contract is , it should be honored no matter what as long as my payment’s or made on time.

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