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  • Address:  One Old Country Road Suite 500, Carle Place, NY 11514 United States
  • Phone Number: 516-237-6000
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: careers@1800flowers.com
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    Number of Employees: 4,633 
  • Established: 1976
  • Founder: James McCann 
  • Key People: James McCann (Chairman)
    Chris McCann (CEO)

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1-800-Flowers Headquarters Executive Team



Christopher G. McCann

President & Director (CEO)

James Francis McCann

Executive Chairman of the Board

William E. Shea

Senior VP, Treasurer & CFO

Thomas G. Hartnett

President of Consumer Floral Brands

Steven Lightman

President of Harry & David

Steve Druckman

President of Midwest Gourmet Food Group

Gerard M. Gallagher

General Counsel, Senior VP & Corporate Secretary

Mark L. Nance AAF

President of BloomNet

About 1-800-Flowers, History and Headquarters Information

1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. was incorporated by James McCann in 1982 and is based in Carle Place, New York. The business saw success and growth after getting featured in AT&T’s advertising campaign during the 1992 Summer Olympics. In 1995, the company purchased and registered the 1800flowers.com domain name. It was acknowledged as one of Internet Retailer’s Top 300 B2B e-commerce companies and was also recognized as one of the world’s leading mobile commerce sites. In addition to this, this company was also listed among Internet Retailer’s 2015 Top 500 for fast-growing e-commerce companies. It used a 24 x 7 toll-free telephone number service, then it shifted to the Internet, and then to chatbots for direct sales to consumers.

1-800-FLOWERS is a popular choice among people in the United States as it offers fresh flowers and the finest selection of plants, gift baskets, gourmet foods, confections, balloons and plush stuffed animals suitable for every event, like birthdays and anniversaries. It is a leading supplier of gifts designed and made for all occasions with their mission to deliver smiles. The company manufactures its products for consumers and wholesalers.

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  • Michael Burch says:

    We were a fulfillment partner with this company. We finally had enough of them trying to not pay us for orders that we fulfilled for them. Not only are the orders undervalued based on the cost of flowers today, they will look for any reason to with hold payment from you. If one of their customers complains about ANYTHING, they immediately take the side of the customers, do not do any investigating at all, then penalize the filling florist by with holding payment of the order. Happened three times last week totaling approximately 300+ dollars in orders we will not get paid for. Additionally, the fees they charge filling shops to “receive” their orders is outrageous. The last month I checked, of the total gross amount of orders we received in a month, by the time all of their “fees” are added in, we get paid .43 cents on a dollar for doing all of the work to take the order, process it, design the order and deliver it. All they do is sit behind a desk and take customers money and then try to cancel the order with the filling florist AFTER the florist has delivered it. There is no negotiation, no way to dispute. 1-800 has the “final say” and no matter what the issue, whether it is a mistake on their end or a mistake on the filling florists end, if 1-800 flowers decides they aren’t going to pay you, there is nothing you can do about it. I am recommending that any flower shop or customer who experiences issues with this company (and there are 1000’s of complaints out their on this company) please file a complaint with the NY State Attorney Generals Office AND the better business bureau. For clarification, if you experience any issue with them and accept any form of “partial payment” or “discount” for the problem, you cannot file a complaint because the issue is considered “settled”. This company needs to be held accountable for deceptive and unfair business practices and if we all band together, report the issues to BBB and NY Attorney General, we can get this company investigated. Lets stand together folks! This scam has gone on long enough!

  • Ilona Cabral says:

    Had my uncle’s funeral this morning. Ordered the flowers LAST WEEK. Got a call from 800flowers yesterday morning telling me that since the funeral was early today they would deliver the arrangement tonight. I thought —THAT’S GREAT!. UNTIL—-I got a call at 6:20pm last night telling me that my arrangement cannot be delivered in time for the funeral. I spent 2 HOURS on the phone getting the runaround from the SAME CSR, even AFTER I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was blatantly lied to…I got every excuse from the supervisor is in a meeting…to he is going to call you right now (mind you he was in a meeting), to there isn’t a supervisor on duty (I thought he was in a meeting and was going to call me right now). I finally accepted that this wasn’t going to get resolved and I was grieving my uncle enough that I decided I would handle it through corporate…..IF I COULD GET AHOLD OF THEM….which I could not. Worst business EVER!!

  • Brenda ventura says:

    First time and last time I use these people. Apparently the florist couldn’t fulfill my order so they replaced it with whatever they had, second the website gives you the option to pick your delivery date, however the florist can change that too. They just don’t tell you until you call, no email no call, they just change things behind your back. Don’t ever use this service. It’s easier to call the local florist instead save yourself a headache

  • Gloria says:

    I ordered a costly standing floral spray for a relatives funeral yesterday, 5/7/21. I was guaranteed an arrival time of 8:30AM since service began at 9:00AM. Floral arrangement wasn’t there and I spent 40 minutes on hold with 1800 Flowers to get status of order instead of being with my family. Order finally arrived a
    half hour before service was over and delivery person lied saying address was incorrect and she was lost when card attached had exact time expected and correct address. I will never order from this company again. Very disappointed!

  • Thelma Bryant says:

    I ordered a flower arrangement for my brothers funeral on 5/5/21 to be delivered on 5/6/21 at 10am. They did not come 159.00 was the cost. we had his funeral on the 6th. I received a email on 5/6/21 at 6.10 PM . saying that the flowers were delivered. customer service keeps trying to give me redelivery , what’s that then they stop chatting with me just leave me hanging
    They just stole my money

  • CG says:

    Absolutely dissatisfied with 800 Flowers – Review provided on several different sites. –
    If I could give a -10, I would. Ordered a $150+ arrangement online. 10 minutes later a representative calls and leaves a voicemail that you can’t understand due to dogs barking in background and broken English. I call the company back 4 different times (several reasons- 1 because one rep was eating her lunch and chewing food in my ear during the entire conversation, yet she couldn’t understand English , another rep had to ask me 7 different times what my order number was, another one was too difficult to understand due to thick accent; so, I asked for a Supervisor AND I was transferred to a Supervisor not even with 1800-Flowers but with Harry and David! Due to no one knowing why the rep called. Finally find someone who tells me the rep called as the item won’t be delivered until the following day- which isn’t a big deal to me, it could wait a day. However, then 4 hrs later I get an email saying the order was delivered…. BUT it wasn’t. So, I call them again and they advise they show it was delivered per the florist- I asked how it was delivered, was it handed to someone? Was it left on the porch? The reps response- we don’t know, we aren’t given any information but the florist says it was delivered….. so I explain (AGAIN) that the voicemail I received advised it will be delivered the following day. The rep said, yes it will be. BUT 800 Flowers is sending me a confirmation LONG before the order is even made that they delivered the flowers? Really? Sounds like a sh** show being run. Sounds like a company that is dishonest (as they were by sending me an email stating the order was delivered and it never was even made nor confirming it was delivered) No follow up, no way of knowing how the item is delivered, no one who speaks English that can be understood, reps who have poor customer, poor service skills and too include poor social skills and due to them sending emails saying something is delivered when it hasn’t even been made yet….
    NEVER will I use this company again. I work in management in the corporate world…. and you can guarantee I will NEVER recommend this company nor will I patronize this company in any way moving forward. Mr. McCann claims to be so ‘obsessed’ in making sure things are right and putting smiles on peoples faces, yet he is ‘no where’ to be found either when someone wants to provide feedback. In reviewing and reading several reviews on this company the above listed issues seem to have been ongoing and a long standing issue. One lesson I did learn from this process is that one should read reviews on the companies and when you see an issue that is consistently being raised and no interference from Corporate, then the fish stinks from the head down.
    So disappointed. We will see IF the item gets delivered (as they said they needed to submit a REPLACEMENT order….wonder if they were EVER going to deliver the order as their confirmation email for delivery came out a day 24 hrs in advance!

  • Joan says:

    Received flowers at 8:45 pm really!!!! This company messed up the order the previous day and forgot to deliver one of the bouquets of flowers that were ordered and delivered the bouquet the following day at 8:45 at night, flowers had broken stems and were just hanging over the edge of the vase. The delivery person was so rude he almost took my door down with his banging on the door instead of ringing the doorbell, his explanation when confronted was doorbells never work, seriously. Just an excuse, it’s a ring doorbell and works just fine. The staff at the florist were just as rude, just kept saying your flowers will be delivered and that they were out for delivery. They forgot to mention that the flowers were being sent from a store located 2 hours away…There’s a 1-800 flower shop 5 minutes from my house. Everyone should look for another florist this company is awful. Poor customer service, poor organization, poor management. They don’t care about you as a customer they only care about the money in your wallet and once they have your money they will treat you horribly. I don’t know how they are still in business the reviews for 1-800-flowers are awful. The company needs to regroup and make changes to the service they provide.

  • C. Fernandez says:

    1800flowers and the Celebrations Passport membership for one-year of no service charges/fees, well, their customer service is a hard-to-believe joke.

    I received confirmation of membership on 5/14/2020. Only was given the no service charge/fee comp with my order of the same date. Since then, whenever I’ve tried to order flowers, the system does not take my membership into account and tacks on the $14.99 fee. (I’ve passed on it and given my business to your competitors.)
    Have had an exchange of emails with “Jenna Joseph” where Ms Joseph simply advises me that I’ll be contacted when this system glitch is corrected. Our exchanges date back to June 4 2020. Prior to that, I got to communicate with “Safiya Whiskey” and “Koran?” (by phone with Koran), dating back to June 02 2020.
    Please refund the membership or fix this ridiculous situation.
    (I won’t even get into the prior poor service I was given by your Goodsey gift brand.)
    I do not enjoy having to play the part of complainer. This is new territory for me, but if necessary, I will contact Consumer Affairs and also the Better Business Bureau that covers Carle Place, LI.
    The flagrant attitude of your Loyalty Priority Services dept. is absurd.

  • Alicia stevens says:

    Please do not purchase from this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How they’ve treated me is unacceptable. I ordered an arrangement to be sent to my boss along with a fave coworker and not only did they completely screw up the recipients names but the strawberries were delivered partially melted and sent to a completely different department. $60 down the drain because complete strangers ate them!
    But wait….there’s more!
    I call and speak with Darwin and he apologizes which calms me a bit because I was pretty upset. He offers me a free delivery of their BEST DIPPED STRAWBERRIES, as sort of a re-do and a $20 gift certificate for my next order (next order…I’d rather be poked in the eye)…well, you guessed it. No email to confirm, no gift card and the tracking number is showing INVALID on the site…..
    But wait…..there’s more!
    I was charged another $57 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭, so I spent $120.00 on this crooked, misleading, overly expensed, traumatic experience . Not funny. This was a HORRIBLE and DISRESPECTFUL journey I will never go on again! I encourage all victims of this company to report to the BBB and any other social source available. These ppl are crooks and I am disgusted on how this situation has been handled.

  • Sarah says:

    Years ago I’ve ordered from time to time front is company. It’s been several years since. Until this Mother’s Day. I ordered the flowers to be sent on the day before Mother’s Day. It came and went and no flowers. On Mother’s Day I called customer service. Robot said “greater than 2 hour wait” after 4 hours a Rep called me. He said it’s “Flex” date and had until 8pm. So, again came and went no flowers. Called the next day 5/11/20 got Robot again. After 7 hours Rep called back, but I didn’t hear my phone. Today 5/12/20 after 4 hours another Rep called me back and was told the order is scheduled for mid June!? I said “No, I am staring right at the App where I ordered and paid for it and and I know the Date was before 5/12/20”
    After offering me a date this week I said “It was for the holiday” I want a refund. After on hold from speaking with her (the Reps) supervisor I would get a r fun in 3 to 5 days. Honestly, I don’t know what to believe.
    Seriously guys it was a big deal. Instead of my family member getting beautiful flowers she had to be on the look out for a fanthom order and I had to go through this nonsense. What happened to YOUR company? Are you not seeing ALL the Reviews? Their are WAY to many ISSUES like mine (and others).
    The way you all were doing business, you should go back. Not to what your doing now. Or my humble opinion your competitors are going to take over. It’s really a disgrace considering where this company was and where it’s at and going.
    Please guys CHANGE.

  • George Wright says:

    I ordered flowers on 5/7/2020, w0083455090422, the flowers were never delivered, I spent Sunday and today calling the 800-flowers no. I waited on line for 2 hours only to be hung up on. 3 calls I requested a call back, it’s now 12:58 a.m. and still have not heard back from anybody..I paid $139.00 for flowers for what?

  • Abraham Castillo says:

    James McCann’ I’m angry!

    I’m disappointed with your company! I placed 2 orders. First order they arrive after the time I requested, after my father funeral was finished, I didnt need they flowers by then. Second order never arrived at all. I’ve tried to email and call everytime their response was ‘ it’s out for delivery’ last time I called, I reach someone and they put me on hold then they hanged up. These are tough times for everyone.The last thing I need is to write how this whole situation has made me feel, due the lost of my love one an with a heavy heart. You guys have left empty, hurt,m and sad. Simply because I want to do something thoughtful for my love ones…Sincerely a hurtful, sad customer ;( 🙁

  • Joan Kerr says:

    Placed order for four Mother’s Day arrangements on 4/30/20. Since initiating the process I have been on the phone in excess of nine hours. One order, the first, has been changed 3 times . due to lack of floral availability. Poor phone connections and language differences made ordering extremely difficult. It took four hours to place the order and five hours of follow calls to straighten it out. I am still not sure it’s going to work. Please contact me and tell me how you are going to correct this. Thank you.

  • Wendy Matlock says:

    I have had the worst experience with 1800flowers…
    I want to cry…I have ordered from yall several times in the last couple of weeks and one order had to be replaced and another order is being replaced now 3 times…some surprise for my girls…thanks 1 800 flowers

  • Aleksandra K Kolson says:

    Horrible company. I ordered flowers for funeral and didn’t get there till after was over. When i tried to get my money back i was hangup on 3 times, and each time you have to wait 35 min on hold when i tried chat they just left chat. Called corporate they basically told me they do not care and i have to call customer service. So thank you so much for being such of heartless bastards. I make sure to let as many people i know about your businesses view social media.

  • Tom From Farmingville says:

    I placed an order back on 4/9/2020 for 3 dozen roses that was suppose to have been delivered on 4/10/2020 in time for Easter. My entire family was home that day and nothing was received. At 6:30pm, I received an email that my order was delivered. Nothing was. I have security cameras that picked up nobody. I have 3 dogs and not one of them barked. I called customer service on Saturday and was told that they would reach out to the florist and have another order delivered and it never was. I’ve been a long outstanding customer but no more. I will be contacting the BBB, Newsday, and my attorney to let everyone know that I was ripped off.

  • MM says:

    I received a phone call on 3/5/20 telling me that my credit card was authorized for an order, I said what order I have not used your company since December 2019. He gave me the order number and he said oh I see that it was. I told him to cancel this order and cancel my card from his computer and that I wanted an email confirmation stating that this was done. I received the email confirmation and I saw that my money was taken out of my account without my permission. I was fuming and called and demanded that my money go back into my account immediately. I was then transferred to the executive department which were very nice and told me that they could not understand how this happened and that she would feel the same way that I do. I asked her to send me an email confirmation that my money would go back into my account and that I get canceled out of the computer. I do not have an online account with them, that my order in December was over the phone. I am now waiting for my money to be put back into my account.
    When you order on the phone be careful because you do not know what country you are being transferred to, bad enough you cannot understand them, they should be more trained because the amount you get quoted over the phone is not the one that you will be billed. If you use this company make sure you call the number in the United States.

  • Lost Cutomer says:

    Your company sucks! Incompetent service reps (all offshore) that need more training in dealing with the public. Reps ask the same questions 5 times and still get the information wrong. The they say that they need to put me on hold for a minute or two several times while they try to get to the correct scripting page. I ordered flowers for a birthday and they were never delivered. Spent hours on the phone and was told that they were delivered and to the mail room. I do not have a mail room at my house. I will never use this company again and will make sure to tell my friends and family as well. Do yourself a favor and call your local florist to get flowers delivered.

  • David says:

    Just had a delivery sent to my wife. What a joke!!!! Can’t get a hold of anyone. Can’t even upload a pic of the crappy flowers that look nothing like what I ordered. This company is horrible. Correct what you did wrong… stop being another scumbag company

  • Rob says:

    How many times do I have to request removal from your emails before you finally stop? I’ve never signed up, and now will certainly never use your service.



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